Allergaroo Ready Made Pasta Dishes

It seems li celiac disease is the new lactose intolerant. Growing up, doctors never mentioned cutting wheat, barley, and rye out of your diet, preferring to blame milk and cheese for an upset stomach. Now, times have changed and allergies to gluten, milk, soy, nuts, corn, eggs, potato, and fish are common. Allergaroo products are free of the 8 most common food allergens, plus some.

The country’s only allergy-free, gluten-free brand of ready-made dishes, Allergaroo is made with high-quality, all natural and GMO-free ingredients. The contents include rice pasta with a sauce made of tomato paste, vegetable puree, olive oil, sea salt, and spices. They’re low calorie, low fat, high protein, high fiber, and cholesterol free – all this in a microwaveable pouch.

There are three different varieties currently available – Spyglass noodles, Spaghetti, and Chili Mac. All of them are super easy to prepare – cut open the pouch, heat for a minute, and serve.

The Spyglass noodles are penne with ground chicken in the sauce. Unlike other rice pasta, this isn’t gummy or sticky. The soft, delicate noodles are delicious and you can really taste the spices (but there’s little to no hot spices).

The spaghetti noodles are a little al dente (slightly hard) and the sauce is a little thin. The flavor is full bodied and peppery, which more than makes up for it not being a chunky sauce.

As for the chili mac, it’s elbow pasta with chicken chili sauce and pinto beans. The noodles are harder than the spaghetti noodles, which isn’t pleasing. The flavor is great, and cooking it further might soften up the noodles. A very mild chili flavor with hints of tex-mex origins makes this a great dish for adults and children.

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Amanda @

Mrs. Suzzi Heartbreaker is a homemaker, roller derby vixen, freelance web architect, boutique owner, wife, and mother of two girls. She is a supermom and loves it.


Mom-in-Chief by Jamie Woolf Review


The Mom-In-Chief’s main declaration [to me] is:

“If you’ve ever thrown your hands up in frustration over a pesky toddler… then Mom-In-Chief is a must read!”

My toddler’s middle name might as well be trouble. I have recently learned that her pesky side comes from boredom. Having this knowledge is certainly helping our relationship but prior to this knowledge things have been difficult for me and her.  Though, I still feel like I need certain tools to help her and me.

Working Mother magazine is one of my favorite ones I subscribe to. I love reading about other professional mothers who thrive on business and family life.  During a recent issue of Working Mother they showcased Jamie Woolf’s Mom-in-Chief. I knew I had to give this self help book to try to incorporate my business skills with my home skills.

Mom-in-Chief states that it will help with things like:

  • How to maximize the learning opportunities that come from mistakes
  • How to stay connected with a pesky toddler or testy teenager
  • How to create rituals that strengthen the family’s esprit de corps
  • How to feel less like a maid or short-order cook and more like a skilled leader capable of unleashing the potential of others
  • When to step in and when to step back
  • Why working with your spouse or partner is crucial to executive function and team happiness.

I found this self help book to have some great tips. I felt, though, when Woolf began breaking down the type of parent you may be, called Mom Modes that it made me zone out. After taking the online test since the book version was too long and confusing it was determined that I am a: Foster Individuality – Liberators type parent. Which means that it is important to me to foster my daughters individuality and uniqueness. It seems I care more about that than I do about emotional attachment and achievement.

The best part of the book was hearing the stories of other parents’ experiences with their children. The stories explain what they did right and wrong. Also, they explain what could be done different next time. These made the biggest impact on me.

For business oriented moms who need help with running their households and raising their children the way they want them to be raised, Jamie Woolf’s Mom-In-Chief might be the must read. Purchase your copy today at Amazon for only $15.61.

About the Momma:


Andrea is a 26 year old work at home professional and mother to two beautiful little girls, Cayleigh (7) and Gabrielle (2). She is married to her one and only love Marc. Andrea currently runs Mommas Review and handles the marketing and publicity for it. She is addicted to reading, social networking, and reality television.

HP Digital Picture Frame – Winner

The second giveaway of Mommas March Mania has now come to a close. The HP Digital Picture Frame’s winner has been picked. Here is their randomly generated number:


So congrats are in order to…. Cindy from the Babbling Brooks.

When I notified Cindy of her win she was very excited. This is her response:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m so excited to win this. I have thousands of photos I love and can’t possibly display them all to enjoy. This is perfect!!”

If you didn’t win but still want an amazing picture frame be sure to check out HP they have great products for every member of the family!

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