Weekend Diversions: Movie Making, Cake Wrecking & Fairy Tales

This weekend’s diversions come courtesy of Jean @ Working Momma 247, VSL: The Very Short List and my Google RSS Feed.

My good bloggy pal Jean pointed me in the direction of this fun quiz which tells you Which Cake Wreck You Are. If you haven’t been to Cake Wrecks before you’ll want to go there first and have yourself a good laugh – it’s one of my favorite blogs and always makes me smile. Here’s my result:

result image

( http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/2008/05/cake-that-started-it-all.html )

You’re an oldie, but a goodie. You can take things a wee bit too literally, sometimes.


Have you ever wanted to make your own movie? With the text-to-movie app at xtranormal.com you can make your own little cartoon movies in minutes. Here’s an example of the fun that can be had with this fun website:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Episode The Lay Off“, posted with vodpod

You write the script, cast the actors and add in music, expressions and more. It’s so easy and rather addicting.


Lastly, from VSL, a version of Little Red Riding Hood you’ve probably never seen before. VSL writes:

Tomas Nilsson is a design student at Sweden’s Linköping University, and his modern take on the Little Red Riding Hood story started out as a class project. We’re giving it top marks.

Inspired by an equally brilliant video by the Norwegian duo Röyksopp, Nilsson turned the old fairy tale into a story about 21st-century information flow: He breaks the Hundred Acre Wood down by Wildlife Density (12 moose, 9 deer, 3 wolves, 25 hares). He gives Granny a nutritional-facts label (she’s high in trans fat, low in calcium). And when the hunter arrives and fires his rifle, we’re treated to a CSI-like internal view of the wolf’s brain as the bullet enters. The end.

Here’s the video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If you have any tips or suggestions for a weekend diversion you can email me at mommablogsalot (at) gmail (dot) com.

About the Momma:

Jen is a Stay at Home Mom and Loving Wife. She spends her time online reading RSS feeds and posting in her blog. If you haven’t heard from her in awhile, she’s likely lost in a good book, sleeping or watching Grey’s Anatomy.


MMM Giveaway: JVC Everio Series G Camcorder

I’d like you guys to meet the video camera of my dreams – slim, compact and easy to use (not to mention oh-so-pretty in ruby red) – this JVC Everio Series G camcorder has a built in 60 GB hard drive and also takes Micro SD cards to add even more storage for longer events. Even at the highest quality setting this camera gets 14 hours of film time (which seems like a TON to me) but you can get as much as 75 hours on the economy setting (and more if you have external memory).

I was very happy with the video and audio quality of this camcorder and once I learn all the bells and whistles (or my husband shows them to me) I am pretty sure there will be nothing this camcorder can’t do – like any piece of technology you’ll find that it starts out good and gets better and better the more you play with it. The things my tech savvier husband can do with this camcorder are drool worthy – but for the normal people out there like me – you will still be able to use this camera in any basic capacity and get a video you can be proud of.

Load this camcorder into your high range video editing software and go to town – but if you don’t have that expensive software (I know I don’t) you can edit these videos using the included Everio software or iMovie for you Mac users. I edited some videos using both iMovie on my Mac and the included software from Everio on my in-laws Windows machine and both methods worked well for me – I think you will find the Everio software simpler to understand – perfect for beginner users – with a very easy upload to YouTube option. I think this is great because just getting the camcorder and uploading some videos shouldn’t completely baffle any first time users – it’s simple and to the point (although on a slow computer, keep in mind that the software will be just as slow – this is movie editing after all) and gives you everything you NEED to get started. Then the day that you say, “I love this and want to do MORE!” you can invest in some expensive software.

Here’s a video I took of my son at the park, edited in the Everio software and uploaded directly to YouTube. You will notice a little bit of wind noise, but I found a function in the camcorder which will reduce that noise (wish I’d found it while I was filming!). Still even with the noise, I found my son’s voice was still easy to hear and the video quality was good (although much better in the original high quality – you have to reduce the quality a little bit to upload to YouTube just because of file size – but you’ll find that’s true with any camcorder I think).

It’s all about versatility in my mind – have the file size you want – make the movie lengths you want – make it as complicated and simple as you want – and you can have your choice in color, too! This model camcorder comes in Onyx Black, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red. They have other higher end models that come in different colors, with slightly different specs (zoom capabilities and memory storage options). And of course JVC makes all sorts of products that can suit any of your gadget needs.

Want to win one of the JVC Everio Series G camcorders? We’re giving away one camcorder to one very lucky reader!

Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Tell us what other JVC product you would most like to own (besides this camcorder). This is mandatory to be eligible and all other entries will be null and void if this is not done.
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  5. For a fifth entry subscribe to our RSS feed, leaving a comment to tell us you’ve done so. We’ll be posting more giveaways on Momma’s Review soon so subscribing will be a great way for you to stay informed about all the great things you can win in the days and weeks to come.
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This giveaway is open to US readers only (sorry to our international readers)!

The contest will close at 12:00 p.m. EST on Friday April 3rd.

For another chance to win a JVC Camera be sure to check out my friend Kristin at An Ordinary Life!

This giveaway is now CLOSED! Thank you to all who entered. The winner will be announced momentarily.

Weekend Diversions: Just Dance, Free Fonts, Free Movies, “Healthy” Sodas & Springing Forward

Last week I blogged about an adorable video of John Mayer and Elmo talking about nothing cute. Not long after Ange @ Red Knows How sent me a link to the following video with combines John Mayer with another one of my favorite people, Ellen Degeneres.

I’m officially a John Mayer funny video junkie so if you come across one you think I’ll like, please comment to let me know or send me an email at mommablogsalot (at) gmail (dot) com.


Have you ever wanted to make your own font but had no idea how to go about it? Yourfonts.com is a free online font generator that lets you create your own fonts in minutes. You’ll print a sheet that you will fill in with your handwriting, then scan it in and within 15 minutes you’ll have your very own font that you can use on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You can make as many fonts as you want!


Speaking of free stuff, RedBox is offering a coupon code for a free movie every Wednesday in March. Just visit their blog, RedBlog on Wednesdays for the code. The blog itself is pretty cool, too, with articles about upcoming movies, DVD reviews, behind the scenes info and other fun things for any movie fan. I added it to my RSS feed and have been having a lot of fun perusing their archives. Definitely a great read!


Have you heard about the new Pepsi Natural (or maybe seen it in a store)? Sold in glass bottles for the slightly exorbitant price of $4.69 for a four pack of 12 oz. glass bottles, they do look very pretty and might intrigue people with the information that these versions of Pepsi contain no high fructose corn syrups and are sweetened with plain old sugar (42 grams of sugar I might add!). Still I’m not sure I’d spend that much for something that, at the end of the day, is still soda and still not great for you. How about you? Would you spend $12.50 per gallon (regular pepsi runs for $3.69 per gallon just to compare) for “natural” pepsi? For more great information about the new Pepsi Natural, check out keacher.com for a great review.


That’s all for this weekend – don’t forget Sunday is Day Light Savings time – time to Spring Forward! For more information on DST check out this neat article at Blissfully Domestic and also timeanddate.com for some easy information.

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