Weekend Diversions: A Blogiversary Special

In honor of my 1 Year Blogiversary @ mommablogsalot.com, this week’s Weekend Diversions will all be somewhat blogging themed. They aren’t quite as divertive as usual, but they are cool. And it’s my party, I  can do what I want to.

First order of business is to avoid being productive and see which celebrities are on Twitter now. Some of my favorite celebs to follow are @danecook, @MarthaStewart, @johncmayer, @TheEllenShow and @jimmyfallon. But Blissfully Domestic just did a post listing even more great celebs now on Twitter like: @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher), @MrsKutcher (Demi Moore), @BritneySpears, @MishaBarton, @TheRue (Rumer Willis), @LilyRoseAllen, @JaneFonda, @FranDrescher, @iamdiddy (P. Diddy), @BrodyJenner, @RyanSeacrest, @MCHammer, @ElijahWood, @Jamie_Oliver, @Michael_Phelps, @LukeWilson, @TinaFey, @JimmyKimmel and of course @PerezHilton. That should keep you happily diverted for awhile… When you’re done updating your following list (you are following @mommablogsalot, right?) we’ll continue. ::waits::

Wasn’t that fun? But now you’ve been sitting on your arse twittering for god knows how long, eating god knows how many delicious snacks (I’m drooling just imagining it, and I have a very good imagination when it comes to snacks). Time to burn some of those blogging calories with the ProBlogger’s 10 Ways To Get Fit While Blogging. I’ll give you a sampling to get you started, but then you’ll have to click that link for the rest:

1. Cyber Squats – Who says you have to sit when you’re online? Set your chair aside for a few minutes and instead do squats as you write your next blog post, comment, or when you cruise around the Web. I’m squatting as I write this post – ouch!

2. RSS Raises – As you’re sitting at your desk, straighten your knees and lift your legs out in front of you. Do this as you catch up on your favorite blogs on your RSS reader.”

Alright now that you’re feeling toned and fabulous and probably thinking about jumping on Twitter to see if @johncmayer has updated recently, let me entice you with… money. Yeah it’s a low blow I know, but seriously the ProBlogger is at it again with New Blogger Jobs Available. So now you can call all this bloggy diversion the most worthwhile activity you engage in, because when you aren’t being entertained or sharpening your writing skills, you’re getting in a stellar workout and making money, too! So be sure you check out that article, too before moving on to my last diversion which sounds suspiciously like work except with a huge payoff…

Another gem from Blissfully Domestic this week: Free College Tuition (if they’re willing to work for it). How cool is this? Apparently the new campus trend is offering students free tuition and/or room and board in exchange for their manual labor. Sound too good to be true? I was actually very impressed with the deals they were offering – things like working 10, 20 hours a week will get your kids free tuition in some of these schools and one college of engineering is simply offering free tuition to it’s students. Seriously. I know you’re checking that article out right now for links to your kid’s future college dreams. Your welcome.

That’s actually all for this week – sorry no funny videos (try YouTube) or games (okay there is this one) but I’m suspecting this was worth your time anyway. Have a greet weekend guys!


Love the one your with!


Or you could stay connected to your love when you aren’t with them with the Peek. The Peek is a mobile emailing device that allows you to access a multitude of email accounts all in one place and you can take it anywhere. This is a must-have mom accessory! This small electronic device allows you to access email accounts such as Gmail, Charter, Hotmail, Aol and Yahoo. Oddly enough, those are all ones I use!  You can showcase your personality by picking a color that matches you the best. I chose the Black Cherry, but there is also Charcoal Gray and Aqua Blue. This device fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The pictures on their website make it seem huge and not easy to travel with. But the actual size is not too big and not too small. It’s just right!

Here is how the Peek works: When you receive the Peek all you do is pop in the battery and turn it on. The device provides you with an easy to follow tutorial on how to use it. At the end of the tutorial it allows you to setup your first email account. I began with Gmail since that is what Mommas Review uses. Almost immediately the blue mailbox in the top corner of the Peek began blinking and voila! I have mail.

The Peek is currently on sale for only $49.74 and can be purchased on line at GetPeek.com or it can be found at Target’s nationwide. It is only $19.95 a month to use the service in an unlimited emailing capacity. Don’t worry! There is no contract so don’t fear. Having no contract is very important to me, especially in a tough economy. What I can afford this month may not be what I can afford next month.

I did find one downfall with this device and it’s one I should have thought of ahead of time. The Peek does work like a cell phone. There may not always be coverage. When there is no coverage there is no email. I would check first to ensure that you would have coverage if you live in the middle of nowhere, like me. It worked perfect in all major towns/cities near me!

Want to give the Peek a try yourself? In honor of Valentines Day we are giving away the gorgeous Black Cherry Peek to one lucky winner (value $49.74). Just follow the below steps to enter:

  1. Go to GetPeek.com and tell us something cool about the Peek you learned, leave a comment to tell us! This is mandatory, if not done all other entries will be null and void.
  2. For a second entry you can tweet about this giveaway or post about it on your blog and leave a comment here with either the URL of your post or your twitter profile.
  3. For a third entry, subscribe to the Momma’s Review RSS feed, leaving us a comment here to let us know. We’ll be posting more giveaways on Momma’s Review soon so subscribing will be a great way for you to stay informed about all the great things you can win in the days and weeks to come.
  4. For the last entry follow uson twitter and leave your user name so we can verify. Make sure to leave a comment here to get this last entry.

This giveaway will close on Valentines Day (2-14-2009) at 12:00pm! We will post the winner at 1:43pm. This is open to all US Residents – sorry international readers. The Peek Giveaway at Mommas Review will only run for 5 days, so hurry and enter!

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