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Congrats to Yvonne whose number was chosen through to be the winner of the Sansa slotMusic Player! So sorry if you didn’t win but really wanted to. Don’t worry though the slotMusic Player is well priced and can be found at almost all major retailers.


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Giveaway: Sansa slotMusic Player

Remember when MP3 players first came out? You could put like a whole 128 MB of music on them (okay, I have no idea how much the first ones could hold, but my point here is, things have come a long way since then). Anyway, way back in the day, I remember commenting that, “This would be way cooler if you could put external memory in it.” That way instead of being restricted to whatever amount of memory was considered big that day, you could add bigger memory to it, over time, rather than being forced to buy a new MP3 player altogether. I held off on buying an MP3 player for a long time, stubbornly insisting that my time would come. And okay, I totally caved and own two MP3 players now, except NOW I own THREE. Because the wonderful people at SanDisk apparently agreed with me, all those years ago, and now you can buy the most nifty little device called the Sansa slotMusic Player which uses MicroSD Cards (the same kind of cards that your cell phone or camera might use). The best part? It sells for $20 – seriously, just twenty measly dollars.

The first thing I heard about this music player is that they sell you MicroSD cards preloaded with an album of music. Being the skeptical and tech savvy momma that I am, I thought, “Oh this could go badly. That album is probably locked down with security so I won’t be able to play it anywhere else – and probably only plays THEIR MicroSD cards. How limiting. I don’t do proprietary.” I was SO wrong, thank goodness. SanDisk – they are a smart company and they know what the consumer wants. Let me tell you about this little music player and how wonderfully broad your options are with this thing:

  • First off, all their preloaded albums are DRM free, which means you can do anything you want with this music – play it anywhere you can plug in a MicroSD card, rip the music to your computer, whatever, it’s yours and you own it to use as you see fit.
  • Each preloaded album sells for $14-15, which is roughly the same cost as any CD. You can buy these albums at your local Walmart or Best Buy or directly from Sansa.
  • Even better, the album is on a 1 GB music card and only takes up a fraction of the card. You can plug the card into your computer and transfer some of your own MP3s onto the card and have several albums on one card. If you decide you want a new mix, you can delete albums from the card and add new stuff. If you decide you don’t like the album you bought, just move it onto your computer, delete it, whatever and you’ve still got a perfectly workable MicroSD card to use as you want.
  • Each preloaded album that you buy comes with a MicroSD USB adapter, that allows you to plug the SD card into the adapter and the USB into your computer (to do all that moving). That’s an amazing deal, because those little USB adapters are really cool – my dad has been bragging about his for awhile now and was so impressed when I told him I had two of them that came free with my music.
  • The slotMusic player sells for $20 and you can buy it at Best Buy or directly from Sansa. You can also buy a “bundle” which means you buy a player and an album together for $35 and the player has a fun little “skin” in the theme of the album that you bought with it.
  • So basically for $35 you can buy a music player and a 1 GB music card which has one album of music on it. You can then either buy more MicroSD cards or you can work with that first card and put your own music on it, download music on the Internet to add to it, or buy CDs if you were already doing so. So after that $35 initial cost, you can spend as much or as little as you want to. You aren’t limited to anything.

Alright now for some quick pros:

  • I love how small the player is and while it’s not heavy it feels very sturdy – you know how some things feel like there is nothing to them and they just feel flimsy? The Sansa slotMusic player is not a flimsy music player, it feels just right.
  • It runs on one AAA battery and one standard battery will give you 15 hours of playtime. You could use rechargeables if you wanted to or some of those e2 lithium batteries that have a longer battery life also.
  • The sound quality, in my opinion, was excellent. An amazing quality for the cost, I was very surprised at how GREAT it sounded.

And a couple potential cons:

  • There is no shuffle mode, so you are restricted to simply playing it forwards through each of the albums that you have on the MicroSD card. You can go forwards and backwards of course.
  • There is no display, so if that’s important to you, it may be a deal breaker. Personally, I could care less and those displays are probably the biggest battery drainer in an MP3 player, so this just means more battery life and it also probably drove your cost down considerably.
  • A minor complaint, every time you turn the player on, it will be at full volume. It’s not like shatter your ear drums loud, but it might startle you if you aren’t expecting it. I got used to it very quickly.

In my opinion, this music player would be perfect for a lot of people – if, say, you didn’t use your computer very much and didn’t know much about MP3 players, this device could be perfect since they are selling preloaded albums for you – leaves the techno mumbo jumbo out for the people who need that. At the price, I think it’s an excellent option for anyone on a budget, or perhaps a clumsy person like myself who feels a bit uneasy about carrying around an expensive MP3 player, worrying they are bound to break it. And for those of us who are simply loving the idea of external memory and being able to have full control over what and how much music goes on it, I really don’t think it can be beat.

In short, I liked the Sansa slotMusic player so much that when my husband asked if he could take it on his business trip next week, I told him to go buy his own – and he did.

Would you like a chance to win a Sansa slotMusic player? We are giving one away to one very lucky reader. Here’s how you can enter to win:

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