Movie Review: Yes Man!

Based off the comedic memoir of Danny Wallace, Yes Man tells the story of Carl, played by Jim Carrey, a man who decides to start saying “Yes” to everything in his life, in an attempt to cure his overall unhappiness with life. My husband and I are both big Jim Carrey fans and also absolutely love Zooey Deschenal who also stars in this film, so we were very excited for this movie and were not disappointed.

I’m going to start by saying that this is probably better suited as a date night movie, and not a family film. It’s rated PG-13 for crude sexual humor, language and brief nudity and while your older children might not have a problem watching this movie, I certainly wouldn’t want to watch it in the same room with them. You can check out the parental guide at for a more detailed account of the movie. This feature on IMDB allows parents to “describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.” If you haven’t heard of this before, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, back to my review. Unlike Bedtime Stories, which we also watched last week, I found Yes Man to be a perfect example of a character who is flawed but changes for the better by the end. I really thought the script was well thought out and that Carrey did an excellent job bringing his character full circle by the movie’s end. The concept of saying yes to everything or no to anything is really well fleshed out in the movie. They do a great job visualizing for you what your life would look like if you did either, and the good and bad aspects of both. All of the acting in this film was superb and aside from telling a really good moral story, it’s a typical Jim Carrey film in that it’s just hysterical. I enjoyed every minute of this movie, never feeling bored by it at all (which I’m prone to lately in my “old age”). I would definitely recommend it to anyone, especially Jim Carrey fans.

I’d give Yes Man 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Book Review: Here’s The Story by Maureen McCormick

Grade: A

I originally decided to read Here’s The Story, a memoir by Maureen McCormick, simply because it was the ‘memoir of Marcia Brady’ or rather the actress who played her. I was curious about her life, liked the book cover and thought the Brady references would be fun – a nice, light read. Yeah right. I ended up loving this memoir because it wasn’t just those things at all – it was so much more, far from light and because of that, much more satisfying and riveting to read. You forget sometimes that these celebrities are more than the characters they play – and where Maureen McCormick is concerned I had no idea. It was like finding out that the pretty, seemingly perfect girl from high school has real feelings, a real story, a real life – that in some ways, she’s just like you.

Now, I’ve never suffered from an eating disorder, I’ve never been a drug addict, I haven’t suffered from depression – I’ve had a much easier go if it than Maureen McCormick, but still I can relate to all these shocking things and more. It’ the bits and pieces that made her human, that make me human, too – and those I think are universally relateable. McCormick’s memoir is long in the sense that a lot of stuff happens, seemingly each chapter becomes worlds different from the chapter before, as her life was a roller coaster of new things, new places, new people and new experiences and all of it was fascinating to me.

The “story” has a relatively happy ending, although being her real life and the fact that it’s still going – not everything is resolved by the end and of course it isn’t really an ending at all, just a stopping point. This memoir has everything – you’ll want to laugh and cry along with her throughout her tale and by the end of it, I was truly sorry to finish the book and move onto something new. I’d consider it a must read.

Did you watch the Brady Bunch growing up? Who was your favorite character? Have you heard of Maureen McCormick’s memoir or the life she’s led post Brady?

About the Momma:

Jen is a Stay at Home Mom and Loving Wife. She spends her time online reading RSS feeds and posting in her blog. If you haven’t heard from her in awhile, she’s likely lost in a good book, sleeping or watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Book Review: Revenge of the Spellmans

Grade: A+

Next Tuesday, March 10, Revenge of the Spellmans by Lisa Lutz hits bookshelves everywhere. This is the third installment in a truly addictive series about a family of private detectives, namely one Isabel Spellman. Izzy could be considered the black sheep in her family. Despite her good intentions, things never really go the way she hopes and she frequently finds herself a bit in over her head, getting caught up in her own curiosity and sometimes letting normal people details escape her. And while you may not always be able to say you’ve “been there” when reading about her escapades, in spirit you have. I think we’ve all kind of felt like the black sheep of our lives at one point or another (or constantly).

And that’s one of the things I love about this series. You will find no unrealistically good looking, smart, savvy people who you could never dream of being. I hate those people. Talk about an ego suck. Like Stephanie Plum in Janet Evanovich’s Plum series, Izzy Spellman is a girl like you, even on your worst of days, who pulls through in spite of herself. Now, don’t get me wrong, in a lot of ways Izzy is one smart chick. She is a talented PI, in a family of talented PIs, and can usually sniff out a mystery with her nose plugged. It’s turning that curiosity off that’s usually the problem. Imagine being unable to stop yourself from reading that diary, following that car, running a background check on all your boyfriends (and all your family and friend’s significant others, too). She seems to lack an off switch, which makes the people around her crazy sometimes. But to be fair, I don’t think anyone in her family has an off switch either. It’s a family trait.

Anyway, in Revenge of the Spellmans Izzy is forced to endure court-ordered therapy, unemployment, a not so preferable living arrangement, a mountain of secrecy, mysterious blackmail letters, an unintelligible Irish bartender, oh and the guy she’s pretty sure she’s in love with but can’t quite bring herself to tell him? He has a girlfriend now, who despite all her best efforts, she can’t seem to dislike. Amidst all of this is the usual circle of mysteries, in which Lutz weaves the worlds biggest whose duping who and seriously whodunnit web of awesomeness. I actually never figured out any of the mysteries in this book before Lutz wanted me to and I’m GOOD at figuring plot lines out. It’s a talent.

I really cannot complain about this latest installment of Spellman goodness, except to say that, “Lisa, that kiss – and you know which kiss I speak of – was heart breaking. And I’m not sure I’m okay with it.” Oh, and, “I can’t wait for book four!”

Are you new to the Spellman series? You’ll want to start with book one, The Spellman Files (now in mass market paperback!), then move on quickly to Curse of the Spellmans (now in paperback), before finally devouring Revenge of the Spellmans (comes out in hardcover March 10).

If you are already a SpellmanAddict like me, have you gone to Lisa Lutz’s website yet? You can sign up for her quarterly newsletter here!

SimAnimals – Review and DS Giveaway

SimAnimals is the latest Sims game that reminds me greatly of the Pets Animals games. My daughter absolutely loves playing Pets Dogs 2 on the Playstation and Pets Horses on the Wii. SimAnimals was right up her alley! The game brings wildlife to life and has you feeding squirrels and entertaining the birds. I spent a good half an hour playing this game on our Wii.

The beginning was slightly irritating while learning each of the steps of the initial process. My seven year old got stuck on feeding the squirrels for quite awhile and did get frustrated. Once I walked her through the process, she was immediately satisfied and was able to continue the game without any further frustrations.

I found the graphics better on SimAnimals then I found then on the Pets Animals series of games. Though ease of play is certainly easier on the latter games.  SimAnimals does take quite a bit of time to learn the correct steps to accomplish your tasks. At least for me and Cay, it did!  I love the way that with the Wii controller the game becomes interactive. You must motion the controller for the animal to move, which is always really neat.

“Venture into the wild world of animals like never before. Embrace all the adventure, fun, and mischief that await you in the vast forest. Feed a bear what he craves. Pick up a rabbit or hedgehog, and bring him to his friends. Discover what other creatures lurk in the wild. You have the power to reach out and touch, pick up and move everything in the forest from squirrels and foxes to trees and flowers. Make your wild animals happy and maintain a forest that lets them flourish as you venture further into the forest than you’ve ever been before! Engage wild animals, experience life in the forest, and let your creativity run wild in SimAnimals™.”

We are giving away a SimAnimals game for Nintendo DS. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Tell us your favorite video game of all time – it could be on any gaming system. Bring out the memories for all of us!  Not sure what your favorite game is? Then visit SimAnimals
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This giveaway is open to US readers only (sorry to our international readers)!

The contest will close at 12:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday March 11th.

Book Review: Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde

Grade: A +

It’s no secret that I love me some Jasper Fforde. His Thursday Next series just blows my mind every time with brilliant awesomeness. From the first book, The Eyre Affair, I was absolutely hooked and I’ve been devouring them ever since, most recently with book four, Something Rotten. These books have a little bit of everything – the literary references are never ending and wonderful, the worlds he creates inside and outside of literature is fascinating, detailed and wonderful even when absurd. There is a science fiction angle involving things like time travel, cloning, eradications and being able to jump inside (and out of) books. There are wonderful commentaries on religion, politics, marketing, big business and more. There’s even a love story thrown in for good measure.

It’s hard to go into great detail as any number of details from this book would be a spoiler for books prior to it – and you really don’t want any mysteries spoiled going into this. I will say that the Thursday Next series, while wonderful, is not as easy a read as the other books I typically read. I can usually read any standard book (okay fine, young adult and chick lit) in under a week. Thursday Next books take me at least two (the first one took me even longer, as I had to acclimate myself with Fforde’s hugely detailed plot lines, not to mention the complex world he’s created). But I love every minute of it. My husband frequently gives me strange looks when I laugh out loud in the middle of the night (when I should be sleeping but instead am up reading justonemorechapter) and has enjoyed several passages that I’ve quoted for him out loud when I just couldn’t stand keeping the brilliance to myself.

So if you like science fiction, literature, love stories, satire, and funny, intelligent plots with a never ending twist, I highly recommend the Thursday Next series, including but not limited to Something Rotten, book four.

Review: Roku Digital Video Player

I recently had the opportunity to review the Roku, a digital video player that allows you to watch any of the 12,000+ movies and television shows from Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature right on your television. I’ve been intrigued by this idea for awhile, loving the idea of being able to watch a movie or tv series on the spur of the moment when there are lags between DVDs from my queue and nothing on tv (we have a very small, inexpensive cable plan so this does happen frequently and we have no movie channels or On Demand options to fall back on).

I was really impressed with the Roku – the set up was so simple, I never even glanced at their instruction manual during set up (but glancing through it afterwards, I did see that the manual was very straight forward and easy to understand). Just connect the box to your internet connection via wireless or wired Ethernet and you are good to go. Literally within minutes of opening the box, we were up and running and watching a movie (Gattaca).

The picture quality and speed were excellent – honestly I can think of nothing to complain about in regards to the Roku, which sells for just $99 and works seamlessly with your current Netflix subscription (meaning that if you have Netflix already, you won’t have to sign up for a subscription) and the movies and tv shows you watch won’t affect your queue or billing at all. And the good news doesn’t end there. You’ll be able to use the Roku with Amazon on Demand in the near future, gaining you access to over 40,000+ movies and tv shows available for purchase or rental.

There are currently a small handful of devices that you can use to watch Netflix’s Watch Instantly shows on your television (including your XBox 360, a TIVO or an internet connected blue ray player) but nothing is as inexpensive as the Roku. For just $99 you’ll have access to all 12,000+ shows available on Netflix and all 40,000+ shows soon to be available on Amazon on Demand. I think that’s quite a bargain, especially considering the excellent quality of the device.

Have you tried the Roku yet? What did you think of this digital video player?

T-Mobile – Motorola MOTOZINE

The first thing I noticed when I got the MOTOZINE in my hands was that one side was all Kodak. Kodak is one of the only other camera brands I trust, so this was very exciting. The camera on this mobile phone is 5 mega pixels with a sliding lens cover that takes photos with a better quality than I’ve seen most phones take. I loved the way this phone felt in my hand. It was solid and had a strength that I just knew could endure through the many beatings my children can give telephones.


The MOTOZINE features CrystalTalk technology that provides a clear and and crisp communication. Unfortunately I was unable to test this feature since I am out of range of T-Mobile service. The screen, which is 2.4” 240×320,  is fantastic and very clear. All of the others phone features match up to standard mobile phones – I was very satisfied with this phone.

T-Mobile is providing their customers with an introductory offer for a fantastic new plan for parents. What this plan allows is the parent to go on-line upfront and allow their child certain monthly time usage allowances. This is only $2 extra a month for all lines on your plan. Never go over your minutes again from an over talkative teenager. I could certainly use something like this!

T-Mobile is currently offerring the MOTOZINE for only $99! This is the perfect phone/camera to throw into your purse and bring anywhere. You would never miss a shot of your child doing something adorable.

About the Momma:

Andrea from Red Knows How
Andrea is a WAHM of two young girls ages 7 and 2. 
She is never found without a book or some new product
to play with. She spends too much time watching
reality tv and surfing the web. She is our resident marketing and social networking girl.

The Slanket – Review and Giveaway

The Slanket is a humongous fleece blanket with sleeves. It allows the user to be curled up in a blanket but still be able to use their hands for other reasons. I will fully admit when the Slanket arrived on my doorstep I did a dance for joy. The concept of the Slanket is everything I could want for a work at home mother with two kids who are always asking me to open things or to pick them up.

ruby_lrgI pulled my Slanket out of the box, it was a fantastic red color called Ruby Wine that suited me quite well. The fabric was relatively soft fleece, not baby blanket soft, but soft enough for my liking. I decided to do the ultimate test and play the Wii (Dr. Mario). I curled up into our gaming chair and pulled the sleeved blanket over my arms and tried to maneuver myself into it. At first I was expecting a huge challenge but the simplicity was right there. I curled up in the chair with plenty of blanket to spare on my 5’3” frame. After playing the game for about 10 minutes I began to sweat! This blanket allowed me to play my video game with fully comfortable heat temperature.

My daughter also received the Slanket the same day. What’s wonderful about this product, that the competitors don’t offer, is they not only have the adult size they have a children’s size as well. My seven year old daughter and I have a tendency to curl up with our Slankets and relax together on the couch. Mine is large enough that I can fit myself and my two year old daughter under the blanket too without losing any coverage. This size does become slightly dangerous when I attempted to walk. This may be because of my horrible shortness. I found that when walking I could comfortably fit into the children’s size. Though, when laying down I certainly wanted my adult size back.

Critics claim “Why not throw on your robe backwards?” Do you want to know why you shouldn’t do this? It won’t be as long, warm, and comfortable. It’ll be bulky and awkward. The Slanket is not like that, it rocks.

It seems the child Slanket is now much cooler than any toy and my daughter has taken to bringing it in her backpack whenever we go anywhere. We even brought it for Super Bowl Sunday at my parents’ house. The best part is that it is machine washable so there is never any fear of your child dropping something on it and not being able to get it clean.

Would you like a chance to win a Slanket for you and for your child? We are giving both away to one very lucky reader. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Leave a comment telling us what Slanket color you’d choose if you could from the many that are available. This is mandatory to be entered.
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This giveaway will run for 2 weeks.  It is available to US residents only.

Giveaway will close at 12:00pm EST on February 18th. Winner will be announced same day.

Winners will be chosen at random using

Giveaway: Sansa slotMusic Player

Remember when MP3 players first came out? You could put like a whole 128 MB of music on them (okay, I have no idea how much the first ones could hold, but my point here is, things have come a long way since then). Anyway, way back in the day, I remember commenting that, “This would be way cooler if you could put external memory in it.” That way instead of being restricted to whatever amount of memory was considered big that day, you could add bigger memory to it, over time, rather than being forced to buy a new MP3 player altogether. I held off on buying an MP3 player for a long time, stubbornly insisting that my time would come. And okay, I totally caved and own two MP3 players now, except NOW I own THREE. Because the wonderful people at SanDisk apparently agreed with me, all those years ago, and now you can buy the most nifty little device called the Sansa slotMusic Player which uses MicroSD Cards (the same kind of cards that your cell phone or camera might use). The best part? It sells for $20 – seriously, just twenty measly dollars.

The first thing I heard about this music player is that they sell you MicroSD cards preloaded with an album of music. Being the skeptical and tech savvy momma that I am, I thought, “Oh this could go badly. That album is probably locked down with security so I won’t be able to play it anywhere else – and probably only plays THEIR MicroSD cards. How limiting. I don’t do proprietary.” I was SO wrong, thank goodness. SanDisk – they are a smart company and they know what the consumer wants. Let me tell you about this little music player and how wonderfully broad your options are with this thing:

  • First off, all their preloaded albums are DRM free, which means you can do anything you want with this music – play it anywhere you can plug in a MicroSD card, rip the music to your computer, whatever, it’s yours and you own it to use as you see fit.
  • Each preloaded album sells for $14-15, which is roughly the same cost as any CD. You can buy these albums at your local Walmart or Best Buy or directly from Sansa.
  • Even better, the album is on a 1 GB music card and only takes up a fraction of the card. You can plug the card into your computer and transfer some of your own MP3s onto the card and have several albums on one card. If you decide you want a new mix, you can delete albums from the card and add new stuff. If you decide you don’t like the album you bought, just move it onto your computer, delete it, whatever and you’ve still got a perfectly workable MicroSD card to use as you want.
  • Each preloaded album that you buy comes with a MicroSD USB adapter, that allows you to plug the SD card into the adapter and the USB into your computer (to do all that moving). That’s an amazing deal, because those little USB adapters are really cool – my dad has been bragging about his for awhile now and was so impressed when I told him I had two of them that came free with my music.
  • The slotMusic player sells for $20 and you can buy it at Best Buy or directly from Sansa. You can also buy a “bundle” which means you buy a player and an album together for $35 and the player has a fun little “skin” in the theme of the album that you bought with it.
  • So basically for $35 you can buy a music player and a 1 GB music card which has one album of music on it. You can then either buy more MicroSD cards or you can work with that first card and put your own music on it, download music on the Internet to add to it, or buy CDs if you were already doing so. So after that $35 initial cost, you can spend as much or as little as you want to. You aren’t limited to anything.

Alright now for some quick pros:

  • I love how small the player is and while it’s not heavy it feels very sturdy – you know how some things feel like there is nothing to them and they just feel flimsy? The Sansa slotMusic player is not a flimsy music player, it feels just right.
  • It runs on one AAA battery and one standard battery will give you 15 hours of playtime. You could use rechargeables if you wanted to or some of those e2 lithium batteries that have a longer battery life also.
  • The sound quality, in my opinion, was excellent. An amazing quality for the cost, I was very surprised at how GREAT it sounded.

And a couple potential cons:

  • There is no shuffle mode, so you are restricted to simply playing it forwards through each of the albums that you have on the MicroSD card. You can go forwards and backwards of course.
  • There is no display, so if that’s important to you, it may be a deal breaker. Personally, I could care less and those displays are probably the biggest battery drainer in an MP3 player, so this just means more battery life and it also probably drove your cost down considerably.
  • A minor complaint, every time you turn the player on, it will be at full volume. It’s not like shatter your ear drums loud, but it might startle you if you aren’t expecting it. I got used to it very quickly.

In my opinion, this music player would be perfect for a lot of people – if, say, you didn’t use your computer very much and didn’t know much about MP3 players, this device could be perfect since they are selling preloaded albums for you – leaves the techno mumbo jumbo out for the people who need that. At the price, I think it’s an excellent option for anyone on a budget, or perhaps a clumsy person like myself who feels a bit uneasy about carrying around an expensive MP3 player, worrying they are bound to break it. And for those of us who are simply loving the idea of external memory and being able to have full control over what and how much music goes on it, I really don’t think it can be beat.

In short, I liked the Sansa slotMusic player so much that when my husband asked if he could take it on his business trip next week, I told him to go buy his own – and he did.

Would you like a chance to win a Sansa slotMusic player? We are giving one away to one very lucky reader. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Leave a comment telling us what slotMusic microSD card you’d choose if you could from the many that are available. This is mandatory to be entered.
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This giveaway will run for 2 weeks.  It is available to US residents only.

We’ll announce the winner here on Friday February 13.

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This giveaway is open to all US Residents.

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls

How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls
By Zoey Dean

I picked this out on recommendation from a good friend of mine, and I think we have very different ideas of what a good book entails. I’m not a fan of the chick lit genre, preferring the classics myself.

Product Description: Recent Yale graduate Megan Smith comes to Manhattan with big plans for a career in journalism and even bigger student loan debt: $75,000. When she flails at her trashy tabloid job, she’s given an escape hatch: tutor seventeen-year-old identical twins Rose and Sage Baker–yes, the infamous Baker heiresses of Palm Beach, Florida, best known for their massive fortunes and their penchant for drunkenly flashing the paparazzi — and get their SAT scores up enough to get into Duke. Impossible job — yes. But if she succeeds, her student debts are history. Unfortunately for Megan, the Baker twins aren’t about to curtail their busy social schedules for basic algebra. And they certainly aren’t thrilled to have to sit down for a study session with dowdy Megan. Megan quickly discovers that if she’s going to get her money, she’ll have to learn her Pucci from her Prada. And if she can look the part, maybe, just maybe, she can teach the girls something along the way.

My thoughts: This book is pure chick-lit: a smart, sassy heroine in a lighter-than-air plot that makes for a fun, quick read.

I didn’t really like this book but finished it quickly because of the writing style. I have a ton of issues with it that started bugging me shortly after I finished.

Issue #1: I stopped believing fairy tales a long time ago and I guess I?m kind of irked that Megan had to have a total Cinderella makeover before she started believing in herself. C?mon! She?s a Magna Cum Laude Yale grad! She should be smarter than that!

Issue #2: [A bit of a spoiler ahead] Megan spent only 8 weeks with the twins and yet she manages to fix all of the psychological trauma associated with the death of their parents at an early age and being raised by their cold and distant grandmother while still managing to tutor them enough to pass their SATs. This one is really pushing the envelope of belief – she?s not psychologist, nor a teacher. Granted, she was a good student herself, but nothing leading up to this except for a slightly competitive relationship with her own sister leads us to believe she would have the wisdom or skill to pull this off.

Issue#3:The ending is totally unrealistic and I saw it coming from miles away. I won’t give it away here, but you’ll know exactly what I mean when you read it.

Bottom line, if you can suspend your disbelief a little bit and you love stories about high society, you?ll love How to Teach Filthy Rich Girls, but if fairy tales and living happily ever after aren?t your thing you might want to pass.

About the Momma:

Mrs. Suzzi Heartbreaker is a homemaker, roller derby vixen,

freelance web architect, boutique owner, wife, and mother of two girls. She is a supermom and loves it.

Don’t forget to check out our giveaways: a SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer. The winner for this giveaway will be announced Wednesday February 11! And two Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds DVDs. The winner will be announced Monday February 9!

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