Weekend Diversions: Are You A Likaholix? Can you KenKen? Make NetDisasters!

I kind of feel like pulling up the covers and hiding today – but I get the impression that my absence would be noticed, so instead I’m going to share with you some of my current favorite distractions – sure to brighten up your weekend or at least provide you with new things to attempt to call “work” when your kid asks what you’re doing – will they be fooled? Or will they beg to “work” with you?

Have you heard of Likaholix? It’s basically a website devoted to stuff you like – search for products, places, blogs & websites – and tell people why you like them – it can connect to Facebook for easy connection to all your other diversions (and friends). The more people you connect to on Likaholix the funner it is. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. (Let me know if that invite link doesn’t work for you – and I’ll see what I can do ::winks::)

Speaking of nothing related to that, can you KenKen? Do you know what a KenKen is? Apparently it’s the new big in math puzzles, similar to Sudoku but like on crack. Jen @ Stuff Jen Says wrote a post about it recently and I’m all sorts of intrigued and petrified by this new craze.

According to Wikipedia, KenKen “is a style of arithmetic and logical puzzle sharing several characteristics with sudoku. The name comes from Japanese and is translated as “the square of wisdom” or “cleverness squared.”

“The objective is to fill the grid in with the digits 1 through 6 such that:

  • Each row contains exactly one of each digit
  • Each column contains exactly one of each digit
  • Each bold-outlined group of cells is a cage containing digits which achieve the specified result using the specified mathematical operation: addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×), and division (÷). (Unlike in Killer Sudoku, digits may repeat within a group.)”

Think you can KenKen? Try it out online here, here or here.

Okay, last diversion, and I promise this one doesn’t involve nearly as much thinking – no, this diversion focuses more on destruction – mayhem – breaking things – but without the messy clean up. Go to NetDisaster, type in the web address of your favorite website, choose your poison and then watch the magic happen. It’s severely addicting and easy. I spent far too much time than was probably necessary flooding my blog & making protesters picket up and down it (but not at the same time, which could have been awesome… hmmm….)

That’s all for this week – have a great, diverted weekend guys!


Crafty Nation: Inspire, Empower, Create

Crafty Nation is just another social networking site like Craftster, Craft Bubble, My Craft, Designs to Love, and Indie Public.

How many people have time to catch up in the hundreds of forums and social sites out there? It’s bad enough that facebook and myspace take over your life when you sign up, but add flickr and twitter to the mix with blogging and you have a monster. If you’re a crafter and/or run a business, it gets worse. You’re expected to have an Etsy site – and now it’s knockoff Artfire. You have to blog, tweet, and post bulletins. You have to promote on craft forums. You have to promote on forums in your niche (for me, it’s pin-up lifestyle and punky moms). When does the madness end?

To be successful, you need to be everywhere at once – both on the web and off. This can quickly burn someone out. I do craft shows in between raising a family and sewing til my fingers bleed. There’s simply no time for social networking. When I even try, I get so bombarded that my face gets glued to the computer for days. I tried having my husband take some of the burden off, but he’s not much in the way of forums and chatting people up about my products online.

The biggest offender: Ning – where you can create your own social network for anything. For someone like me, who’s into everything and nothing, I feel like I need to join all the networks. No good! I’ll elgg my own, thank you very much.

So, that’s my solution. I’ll have my own shop – no etsy or artfire). I’ll have my own community (no myspace or facebook – though I already have the sites and I’m not going to go closing the accounts). I’ll keep twitter because it’s cool. I’ll keep blogging and reading blogs. I’ll have conversations via email instead of forums. If I need to find a cool tutorial I check Sew, Mama, Sew and Purl Bee before googling.

People will come to you if you’re in a good niche and have great things to offer. People will come to you if you’re SEO. People will come to you if you hand out flyers and business cards whereever you are. If you build it, they will com.

As for Crafty Nation, they built it, and people come. I, however, won’t. I don’t like the site layout and a lot of the projects are junk or can be find elsewhere. The bad part of these social networks is that there’s no filter. Anyone can join and anyone can post what they make. If it’s junk is a matter of opinion, but mine stands. I won’t make a thing posted. I prefer the filters of certain like minded bloggers that only post quality designs and tutorials.

I do like that they have an events page, but I also don’t like the layout and prefer something a little more directed towards my crowd: Indie Craft Fair Guide.

If it’s your thing, cool. It’s not mine.

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