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Did you hear the news?

j0439831Hugh Jackman is one of our favorite actors. Well he tweets. Did you know that? I didn’t. I’m now following him after hearing about his recent tweet:

RealHughJackman: “I will donate 100K to one individual’s favorite non profit organization.Of course,you must convince me why by using 140 characters or less.”

He has broadcasted to the twitter world his philanthropy, this 100K will be in Australian currency. There are many deserving charities who could really use these funds. Especially with the horrible economy.  There are no other terms on this, so perhaps it could be a charity anywhere across the globe.

It was announced that Hugh will be declaring the winner on Ryan Seacrests radio show on Friday April 24th. So hurry and get your tweets in!

Kudos to you Hugh Jackman for stepping up with this great way to get knowledge of needy charities on Twitter, and for offering your financial help. I just hope this isn’t some marketing ploy, or trying to make up for a recent slip of the tweet where he incorrectly termed a famous Australian landmark. I hope that it is really Hugh saying to himself “I want to help!”

What charities do you think deserve it? @RealHughJackman if you have a great one. Some I love are I Heart Tucker and March of Babies. Though there are many other deserving charities out there that 100K could be a huge help.

Stride Rite – The Right Shoes for Us

I find it difficult to get comfortable, attractive and durable shoes for my children. Sure, there are plenty shoes out there from many companies. I find that when I shop for shoes I tend to pay less. When going cheap the shoes seem to not last longer, get dirtier easier, and not be as comfortable. The “Rue” from Stride Rite was the answer to all my issues.


The Rue style from the Playground Collection is perfect for my active 7 year old.  All of the shoes in the Playground Collection are machine washable, moisture wicking and fast dryers.  Also this style features:

  • Single-strap closure
  • New lightweight, flexible outsole
  • Antimicrobial for fresh feet
  • Machine washable (air dry only)
  • Water-friendly, fast-drying upper

    Here is Cayleigh’s input on Stride Rite’s shoe.

    Thank you to Extraordinary Mothers for this great review opportunity!

    Exergen TemporalScanner Review

    When my children are sick and sleeping I hate having to wake them up every few hours to take their temperature. For my youngest it requires undressing her to get her underarm reading, and for my eldest it requires her to open her mouth and stay awake long enough for me to do it. This could cause either of them to wake up and then stay awake. Which is the last thing a tired mom wants!

    exergen-temporalEXERGEN has solved that issue for me. They have developed a way to take your child’s temperature on their forehead. Using the TemporalScanner you drag it across your childs forhead for about 3-5 seconds. Going from the center to the temple. After lifting the scanner you get an accurate temp for your child. My children have found this easy way of taking their temperature the best. They have been asking me on an almost daily basis to let them try it on themselves.

    “The TemporalScanner Thermometer is a totally non-invasive system with advanced infrared technology providing maximum ease of use with quick, consistently accurate measurements. Advanced, patented technology measures temperatures with a gentle stroke across the forehead.”

    – Exergen Website

    It was a learning experience to learn the right motion to make it work. The first 5 times it kept telling me I had such a low temperature that it was not readable. Though, I have now mastered the motion and how to maneuver this thermometer. I like that it’s a larger device as it is less likely to get lost in our household and I find my children are more receptive to having their temps taken with something that is less evasive.


    Thanks to Extraordinary Mothers for allowing Mommas Review to participate in this Mega Review opportunity.

    Happy Easter Everyone

    I hope everyone has a Happy and Hoppy day! We will be celebrating with egg battles, Easter egg hunts, and eating lots of candy.


    How to have an “Egg Battle”

    This is a family tradition in our household and is always cause for yelling, cheers and good times. There really is no structure to the game but you can make up the rules as you go. Here is how it happens in our house:

    Round 1

    1. Everyone picks an egg from your supply. This can be any one you feel will “win” with
    2. Then match up with someone else in your family to battle
    3. Grip the egg around the widest part and match up your eggs top (or bottom) to your nemesis’ top (or bottom)
    4. Hit the eggs together at any force you deem nessecary to win
    5. Whomevers egg breaks is the sent packing (and loses this round)
    6. If you win move to Round 2

    Round 2

    1. Winner uses current egg (No Replacements!)
    2. Repeat steps 2-5 with other winners

    More Rounds may be nessecary. Last Egg standing is the winner!

    Note: Be wary of those bringing their own eggs. We have had an experience with family members bringing wooden painted eggs. Of course this person was disqualified after winning all rounds and dropping the egg without it breaking. That was when we noticed it was WOOD!

     What are your easter traditions?

    Do you have any plans today?

    DLL Rainwear – Mommy and Me Boots


    I hate to be the bearer of bad news (or obvious news) but it is that time of year! The rain is falling, the roads are muddy, and it’s just plain wet outside. It’s April, folks. and as the old saying goes:

    “April showers bring May flowers”

    mommy-and-meUp here in Massachusetts it is raining on an almost daily basis. A cold and yucky rain. I have been going to the stores every weekend trying to find a pair of rain boots for me and my two year old Gabrielle. Unfortunately, I could not find a pair I liked.  DLL Rainwear helped solve that problem for me. They provided me and Gabs with a pair of Mommy and Me“Raining cats and Dogs” boots. These adorable boots have cat’s and dogs raining down on them. Gabrielle loved pointing out and counting the animals on them. With an easy pull up handles, which is a feature on many of their boots, she can pull them on and off very quickly and easily. The boots for me had the fun little kid design, but they also had a buckle at the top and I know they will look great with not only jeans but capri’s as well.

    For only $35.95 (discounted from the original price of 84.90) these matching boots are stylish, adorable, and let not only your kids puddle jump but let you join in too! Add in a matching waterproof coat and umbrella and you get a whole outfit that everyone will love and compliment.


    Fuel Belt – Endurance Sports Products

    rnb_gogo_stackI will be the first to admit that I’m not much of a sports fanatic. There are a few things, though, that I really enjoy doing. One of the main “sporting” things I love doing is biking with my family. When the weather gets warmer and the roads dryer we have a tendency to spend every weekend on our bikes even if it’s just going up and down the street. It brings the whole family up and outside.

    Fuel Belt makes products for the most avid endurance sport participants. Their products are great for those who love to run and bike.  They make water bottles, accessories, backpacks, music carriers, dog collars, and more! Fuel Belt helps make being outside doing what you love easier, more enjoyable, and of course stylish.

    Did I mentioned that Fuel Belt’s adorable race wear even comes in Pink? That’s the most important thing to me as all of my current accessories are in pink. Be sure to check out their waist packs and see the adorable pink ones they have.

    My favorite other product they carry (besides the cool shaped water bottles) are their dog collars and accessories. My black lab will be so stylish in Fuel Belt’s animal active wear.  They even have portable water dishes for animals. This would be great for not only long bike rides, or running with your dog, but also for long road trips.


    Check out Fuel Belt for your next sporting accessory purchase!

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