Giveaway: Zero Water : Measure and Taste the Difference

Now you can get the taste and quality of purified bottled water right out of a pitcher – Zero Water is the only filtered water that meets the FDA definition for purified bottled water. And you can test it yourself too with a handy Z-Tester Electronic Water Duality Tester, or a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter, that lets you see just how clean your water really is. You’ll find that on a range of 0-9990 that tap water typically reads between 75 and 300, conventional filtered water ranges between 030 and 500, bottled water ranges from 000-350. Zero Water should read as close to 000 as possible. In fact, they say that if you get a read out of 006 or higher in your Zero Water pitcher, it’s time to change the filter.

We tested all the water in our house and found that the tap water and our Brita filter had very close readouts (340 for tap and 290 for the Brita water). And of course our Zero Water measured 000. Now what exactly is in the Brita and tap water I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is that the only thing in our Zero Water, according to this tester, is water.

So how does it taste? I’m going to be honest with you – I don’t love it – it’s so pure, that for me, it was almost unsettling – but my son requests it over our other water and my husband is joining his side, too. Initially he also preferred the Brita, but after drinking a couple of glasses of Zero Water, he found he could drink either without complaint. I’d compare it to training yourself to eat healthier – it doesn’t always taste better initially to go from say white bread to wheat, but when the evidence is there that it’s better for you, sometimes you try – and usually you find yourself accustomed to the taste after awhile. I know I’ll be the last one to be won over, because I just barely like water at all – whereas my husband and son both love it – so it’s just not as far of a leap for them. And in the meantime, I know I’m giving them the purest quality water I can.

One thing I love about the Zero Water pitcher is the pitcher itself. First off, it’s incredibly cool looking. It’s also much narrower than our standard Brita pitcher, despite holding equal amounts of water – this means it would fit more comfortably into your refrigerator or take up less counter space, depending on where you keep it. It also has a bush button dispenser on the bottom of the pitcher so you can dispense the water from the pitcher while it’s standing – so handy! At $29.99 for a two pack, the cost of replacement filters for the Zero Water is almost double the cost of a Brita filter (which retail for $7.99 each), but for those who consider this 000 water an importance, it’s still not astronomically expensive. The pitcher itself is $39.99 as compared to $20.99 for the standard Brita pitcher. You can buy Zero Water products at Target, Walmart, Walgreens and Home Depot or buy directly from their website.

Even better – we’re giving away a Zero Water pitcher to one lucky winner! Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Answer the following question: What kind of water are you drinking in your house? Tap, bottled, filtered – and if bottled or filtered – what brand? This is mandatory, if not done all other entries are null and void.
  2. For an extra entry, you can follow us on Twitter. Post a comment here with your Twitter username.
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This giveaway is open to US and international readers!

The contest will close at 12:00 p.m. EST on Friday April 24th.


About Jen E @ mommablogsalot

Mom to an 11 yr old son & a 7 year old daughter. I'm almost always found behind the camera, in front of the computer, lost in a good book or dragging my family on another new adventure.

300 responses to “Giveaway: Zero Water : Measure and Taste the Difference

  1. Katie Cluff

    We drink filtered RO water

  2. I”m drinking the refrigerator water. think it’s a little filtered maybe?

  3. I follow on twitter. 1amypugmire.

  4. I entered eighty mph moms starbuck giftcard.

  5. jjc22

    Been drinking tap water, with lots of ice for a while. Time for me to go back to filtered.

  6. I tweeted. 1amypugmire. don’t know how to link.

  7. Ellen C.

    Right now we are drinking which ever bottled ater is on sale. I’m trying to cut us back from drinking so much bottled water. It’s a work in progress. Thanks for the chance.

  8. Ellen C.

    I’m a google subscriber.

  9. We refill gallon-size jugs using the machine at the grocery store. So, I guess we drink filtered water

  10. I entered the Starbuck gift card giveaway at @ Eighty MPH Mom

  11. Amanda

    We drink filtered tap water we use a Brita but it is way to small I have to fill it up all the time.

  12. Amanda


  13. mindy

    tap water and it is really poopy lately thanks for the giveaway

  14. AmandaK

    I drink tap water, and to be honest, I am getting sick from it. I hate the tap!

  15. Our tap water is not drinkable so we have to take jugs into town and get them filled at a water station.

  16. Following on twitter

  17. Entered Starbucks at Eighty MPH Mom

  18. cheryl kellery

    We drink bottled water – no favorite brand truthfully whatever is on sale is what I buy. Nice giveaway

  19. We drink tap water mostly, sometimes I buy the bottles for work but I don’t like all those bottles filling up our landfills so this pitcher would be great to win!

  20. Shellie Seering

    We drink straight from the tap.

  21. SANDY

    pur sink filter..this would be for son at his place

  22. jacque

    I drink tap water. thanks

  23. jacque

    feed subscriber .

  24. jacque

    I entered the starbucks giveaway.

  25. Gayle

    I drink tap water

  26. Deborah R

    We used to drink bottled water, until we found out that the bottles would last longer than we would. We now drink double filtered tap water. I have a Brita filter on the faucet and a Brita pitcher. It’s probably overkill but since I haven’t gone to the water company to review their testing results, I’m more comfy that way.

  27. Thank you for the giveaway. We use tap water since bottled water is expensive.

  28. Stefanie Hartman

    Hi, We drink from the tap. We’ve been planning to filter. Our fridge is filtered. Thanks and blessings, Stefanie Hartman

  29. We drink Aquafina mostly. Thanks for the giveaway:)

  30. I follow you on Twitter(ANGELASBITS)

  31. Jennifer M

    We drink right from the tap water. I think it tastes fine, but my mom says it has a “funny taste”

  32. Jennifer M

    I follow on Twitter (sleeky_meerkat)

  33. Jennifer M

    I subscribe via email

  34. Jennifer M

    I entered the Starbucks Gift Card giveaway on 80 MPH Mom.

  35. Emily

    We drink tap water- and it’s sooo hard, too. We could really use a filter- I look at the level of hard water buildup in our shower and I shudder to think that we drink it.

    eeohlin at gmail dot com

  36. Emily

    I follow you on twitter (@emmycantbemeeko).

    eeohlin at gmail dot com

  37. Emily

    I subscribe to your RSS feed.

    eeohlin at gmail dot com

  38. Julie

    We buy Walmart drinking water for home and bottled Aquafina for going places. We have a well and the water is not good.

  39. MM

    I am drinking tap currently. I can’t afford a water filter like this on my current budget so I would love to win this and be able to enjoy real filtered water!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  40. We typically drink bottled water from Ice Mountain. I have been wanting to stop drinking bottled though and get something like this!

  41. Harli

    We drink the water from the fridge, it has a filter inside but I’m not sure what brand it is.

  42. valerie m


  43. valerie m


  44. Harli

    I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  45. We mostly drink tap water out of our filtered fridge’s water dispenser.

  46. I have already entered Eighty MPH Mom’s Starbucks $15 give card giveaway.

  47. Carol

    We drink water straight from the tap, unfiltered, and it’s not bad.

  48. Carol

    Twitter follow cdziuba

  49. Carol


  50. Carol

    Entered the Starbucks giveaway at Eighty MPH.

  51. Sharon Fairclough

    I dry bottle water usually dasani I often add crytal light to give it some flavor, I really don’t care for the flavored bottle water. Thanks for the giveaway

    sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

  52. I drink Ice Mountain water but my daughter and Hubby drink the city water that we have out here in the country.

  53. I am a subscriber.

  54. We drink tap and bottled water. The bottled water we use is Dannon. Thanks.

  55. I follow on Twitter

  56. I entered 80mph Mom’s Starbuck GC giveaway.

  57. Becky Grady

    We drink water filtered through the refrigerator. I like it, but it is expensive to replace the filter. I would love to have a pitcher like this to use for drinking water. Thanks!


  58. We drink filtered water from our refrigerator. But this sounds so much better

  59. I follow you on Twitter: EightyMPHMom

  60. I have tweeted:

  61. I am a subscriber of course!

  62. Cindi

    Hi, Our family drinks tap water. Please enter me in your delightful giveaway drawing. Many thanks! Cindi

  63. I’m not a big water drinker either-Everybody else drinks bottled water-not that we mind tap water overall, but our tap water has such a strong chlorine odor to it that we buy bottled for drinking, usually Poland Springs or whatever is on sale.

  64. I follow you on twitter as southrngrl

  65. Cindi

    I am subscribed to your Rss Feed via my Yahoo Reader Page!
    Thanks, Cindi

  66. Cindi

    I entered the Starbucks Card Giveaway at 80 MPH Mom’s Site!
    Thanks, Cindi

  67. judy brittle

    I just received my new Pur water faucet filter in the mail today and we will be using that to drink our tap water. I now hope it tastes a litter better. Thank you so much!

  68. judy brittle

    I’m a subscriber.

  69. judy brittle

    I follow on Twitter

  70. judy brittle


  71. judy brittle

    I entered the $15.00 Starbucks giveaway @Eighty MPH Mom

  72. We drink either tap or bottled. No particular brand on the bottled, just whatever is on sale at the time of buying.

  73. I follow on Twitter (talonsmom731)

  74. We drink filtered (pitcher) tap water. We have very hard well water and I cannot stand the taste of it. Our pitcher gets rid of most of the coppery taste, at least. I would *love* to be able to try one of these!

    Or, you know, my mother-in-law could really benefit from this. She has a daycare in her home but cannot be licensed because of the water quality. This thing would be great for her!

  75. I’m following you on twitter. My username is allthatblooms

  76. I usually use a Brita Pitcher, but just tossed my last filter so we’re drinking straight tap water…ick.

  77. I follow on Twitter.

  78. Toni

    We drink tap water, it is cold in the fridge, but it’s still tap water.

  79. notebookable

    i drink tap water.

    sundaygirl at gmail dot com

  80. Toni

    I’m following you on Twitter @tonibelle

  81. Toni


  82. notebookable

    just left a comment for an entry on eighty mph’s giveaway!

    sundaygirl at gmail dot com

  83. Toni

    Subscribed to your feed

  84. Toni

    Lastly, visit Speedy @ Eighty MPH Mom and enter into her $15.00 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway.

    Entered! Thanks

  85. Emilie S

    I drink both tap and bottled (Poland Spring, Fiji or store-brand seltzer).

    emvark at gmail dot com

  86. Emilie S

    Following on Twitter (Emvark)!

  87. Emilie S

    Entered 80mph Mom’s Starbucks giveaway…

  88. Carol S

    We drink Arrowhead (home delivery) water or Arrowhead 1/2 liter bottles-but I could switch very easily. Thanks.

  89. Carol S

    Entered the Starbucks giveaway at Eighty MPH Mom. Thanks again.

  90. Jennifer

    I drink mostly filtered water, we have a Pur faucet filter. I also drink bottled water on occasion and I usually buy whatever is on sale. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. Pam

    In our house we drink filtered Brita water and we also have a water cooler with Culligan water. At work, I tend to drink bottled water – Aquafina or Dasani.

  92. To save money, I’ve been drinking tap water. Although, I do prefer bottled water.

  93. I’m a follower!

  94. I tweeted!

  95. I subscribed!

  96. I entered the Starbucks gift card giveaway.

  97. LT

    We drink basic tap water, I do buy store brand water bottles about 2 times a year and then we wash and refill them. I would love to try water this way!

  98. LT

    I entered the Eighty MPH Mom $15.00 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway

  99. LT

    I follow on twitter as coloradomommy

  100. Diane A

    I drink tap water. We have a well.

  101. Gina Falco

    We are drinking tap and Brita

  102. Jason

    I have Glenwood Inglewood water delivered. Living in the country, well water tastes horrible

  103. Tamara B.

    We drink Poland Springs bottled water and we recycle the bottles.

  104. Tamara B.

    I am a subscriber.

  105. Tamara B.

    I entered Speedy @ Eighty MPH Mom $15.00 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway.

  106. kim v

    We drink Dasani bottled water.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    kimspam66(at) yahoo(dot)com

  107. michelle m

    We drink bottled water, depends on what is on sale

  108. michelle m

    following on twitter

  109. michelle m

    following on twitter yzgirl4

  110. michelle m


  111. michelle m

    entered the starbucks giveaway

  112. TheDreamer

    Filtered from the tap with a PUR filter

  113. hazel

    We are drinking tap water straight out of the faucet

  114. beth shepherd

    Thank you for a great giveaway. I would love to win. We drink tap water mostly. THank you

  115. I follow on Twitter (lori72)

  116. Melissa

    We drink filtered water out of the fridge. However, I can’t remember the last time we change the filter on that thing. I’m sure it is long overdue.

  117. Melissa

    I subscribe through google reader. camelfam (at) hotmail (dot) com

  118. Melissa

    Entered to win the Starbucks card giveaway!

  119. We have a Brita filtered water container and we also buy Desani bottled water.

  120. I follow you on Twitter…..justjen76

  121. I entered Jenn’s Starbuck’s giveaway on 4/9.

  122. Sharon A

    We drink filtered water from the refrigerator (PUR) and bottled water when we travel.

  123. Pingback: Don’t Miss Out On Our Giveaways! « Momma’s Review - Products, Places, and Things

  124. Alexandrea M

    I drink mainly tap, but do have a brita filter pitcher – its just so heavy when it’s full I don’t always want to try to get it out of the fridge!
    I had a nutrition teacher tell me one you should have half tap/half filtered, and I try to stick with that!

  125. Terra Heck

    We drink regular tap water in my home. If we go somewhere such as camping, I will buy a case of whatever bottled water is on sale and take it with us.

  126. Terra Heck

    I’m an e-mail subscriber.

  127. alison

    I drink from a Brita pitcher — I keep it in the fridge 🙂

  128. Tom

    I drink aquafina water bottled normally

  129. BRINDA


  130. pam reimer

    We drink bottled water, usually Superstore brand

  131. Eliane

    I am drinking tap water.
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  132. Eliane

    I am a RSS subscriber.

  133. Amity JohnsonVetere

    Mainly we drink tap water, but if I buy bottled water it is from Aldi, uuuuhhhhhh, Camelot I believe is the brand name….Thank you for the chance!

  134. hminnesota

    we use Brita filter pitcher.

  135. hminnesota


  136. McKim

    We drink the tap water, which is great. I would like this pitcher for my water at work. I drink the tap water there also, but can see the impurities floating in it! Yuck!

  137. Tatiana Cho

    I drink tap water. I refuse to drink bottled water.

  138. Linda White

    we use a filtered picture but it doesnt test for you! That is really handy! Id like to win this for my family!

  139. Linda

    We drink both tap water & bottled water – we fill up our own bottles at the store.

  140. Esther

    I’m drinking from a Brita pitcher at home.

  141. Valerie

    Lately, tap..

  142. Margaret Smith

    Right now, we’re using tap water. My kids for lunch at school, bring in bottle water, usually store brand and we refill them for a day or two.
    Thanks so much.

  143. Margaret Smith

    I’m subscribed.
    Thanks again.

  144. adrienne Gordon

    pur filtered water

  145. Ann Fantom

    We drink tap water now.

  146. Joy F

    We drink bottled water, either Zepherhills or Publix brand. Thanks.



  148. Denyse

    We drink filtered water.

  149. Denyse

    I entered the Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway.

  150. shannon Baas


  151. Erica C.

    I’ve been drinking tap water…and have been thinking about filtering lately. thanks

  152. Peter D

    tap water. thanks.

  153. Debbie B

    We drink Dasani Bottled Water or Ozarka bottled water –
    whichever is on sale

  154. Debbie B

    following you already on twitter : bellows22

  155. Debbie B

    tweeted about your giveaway

  156. Debbie B

    i entered the starbucks giveaway @Eighty MPH Mom

  157. We drink tap water. Thanks!

  158. Follow on twitter- Naddez

  159. Visited Speedy @ Eighty MPH Mom and entered into her $15.00 Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway.

  160. Anne Taylor

    We drink water from a Brita in our house.


  161. Anne Taylor

    I follow you on Twitter

    greeeneyedwhwom (twitter name)


  162. Anne Taylor


    greeeneyedwhwom“How clean is your water? Win a Zero Water pitcher @”

    greeeneyedwhom (twitter name)


  163. Anne Taylor

    I’ve subscribed via RSS feed to your blog!


  164. Anne Taylor

    I wanted to enter the Starbucks Card giveaway, but its a US only giveaway…which makes me very very sad!! lol Please delete this if you need too; I just needed to get my two cents in.


    (the above was all said with tongue in cheek!!)

  165. ky2here

    We use the filters that go with our GE refrigerator.

  166. nicole

    I either drink tap or bottled

  167. Sue

    We drink water from the tap. I’d love filtered water but haven’t sprung for that yet.

  168. tung ton

    microwaved tap water

  169. We usually drink filtered, but there are enough people in the house that sometimes it just runs out… and I can’t stand the taste of the tap water around here :-/

  170. Chris

    We use a pitcher, but I would love to try this one out. It looks pretty cool.

  171. I drink water straight out of the tap, sometimes with a squeeze of lemon or lime. Yummy, refreshing and the price is right! 🙂

  172. allan

    i grew up drinking out of the hose big change

  173. Elizabeth Howard

    I drink tap water at home. When I am out and about I usually buy whatever brand of water that is available.

  174. Jessica B

    We drink bottled water, mainly safeway brand purified water and occasionally we filter through the pure water filter pitcher we have, although the taste isn’t very good so I keep buying the purified water from the grocery.

  175. Amy Bradshaw

    We sometimes buy bottled water, and it’s usually just the cheapest brand we can buy, to save on expenses. Because of that I am lately just drinking straight from the tap unfiltered I have to admit.

  176. David

    We have a watercooler with those big jugs, I don’t know what kind of water it takes but it refills for $2 and it tastes good, the brand is Ultra Pure.

  177. linda

    We have a filter on our fridge, so that is what we use. Thank you

  178. jelly15301

    We have recently gone back to tap water,too many plastic bottles were going to the landfill.

  179. jelly15301

    I subscribe to RSS feed.

  180. jelly15301

    Twitter follower. jelly15301

  181. Cynthia C

    I’m drinking Brita filtered water right now. Thanks for the giveaway.

  182. Ali

    We use a btita pitcher as of now, but I’d prefer a zero pitcher 🙂

  183. We drink well water at home

  184. I follow you on twitter

  185. Following on twitter: pricousins

  186. I subscribed, but I don’t know what link you want?

  187. I subscribe via email: pricousins{at}aol{dot}com

  188. I commented on Eighty MPH Mom’s Starbuck GC giveaway

  189. wisekaren

    We drink water from a countertop Brita filter dispenser. And also right out of the tap.

  190. I just drink plain tap water, on a special occasion I add ice.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  191. I follow on Twitter (ptowngirl).
    smchester at gmail dot com

  192. Connie K.

    We drink Ice Mountain bottled water or water from a Brita Filter.

  193. jayne

    We drink nestle bottled water!

  194. serena

    britta filter but they are too expensive to replace

  195. James Coyne

    I drink the store brand water

  196. Sharon A

    Filtered PUR water from the refrigerator and Brita water for our tea.

  197. Kathy D

    I drink tap at work and filtered at home Old Farm house scary water even when filtered LOL

  198. Rita Johnston

    We’re drinking filtered water from the refrigerator.

  199. patricia skinner

    We are drinking bottled water – Krogers.

  200. Alice C

    we have a brita pitcher, it’s really old and needs to be replaced

  201. Denise B.

    We’re drinking mostly bottled, and our tap and refrigerator are filtered. We live on Long Island were the ground is contaminated from WWII military dumping. So, we try not to use tap water when possible.

  202. Courtney S

    Right now we drink bottled water (usually Nestle) and we also hve 2 Brita pitchers.

  203. Angela J

    Tap, from a nearby lake.

  204. Ken Robinson

    I grew up on my town’s Tap water and don’t think it has harmed me. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  205. djp

    sign me up

  206. Linda

    I am a subscriber.

  207. LA

    Both tap and filtered water using Pur water pitcher.

  208. We are drinking bottled water where we have our own 5 gallon bottles and take to a refilling station where the bottles are sanitized, filled with reverse osmosis purified water and a new cap put on.

  209. following on twitter – bloggyfinds

  210. tweeted here:

  211. RSS feed subscriber through Google Reader at:
    jeanilynne at gmail dot com

  212. I entered 80 MPH Mom’s Starbucks giveaway
    jeanilynne at gmail dot com

  213. Terrisa Swift

    love to win

  214. Linda Short

    We drink Nestle “Pure Life” , bottled water.

  215. chris

    tap and deer park bottled mostly for us

  216. Betty

    We drink tap water that has been through the built in filter in the refridgerator.

  217. Jaque

    We use bottled water as drinking water, the brand is Niagra.

    Thank you. 🙂

  218. cathiem

    we drink tap water-our town has always had good water.The teenagers in the house buy their own bottled water,usually aquafina

  219. Elena

    I generally drink Brita filtered water at home. Thanks for the contest!

  220. Patricia Treskovich

    I use a pur water filter on the sink tap

  221. Catherine

    Plain old tap water here

  222. Pam Tufts

    Mostly tap water, but do buy Ozarka bottled water for convience

  223. Claudia M

    We drink the tap water but i have to use crystal light or koolaid because it has a funky aftertaste 🙂 sure hope i win!

    thanks bunches!

  224. We drink tap water.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  225. I follow on Twitter:

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  226. We usually drink tap water but I occasionally buy bottled: Poland Springs.

  227. I follow on twitter (username:auntiethesis)

  228. Tweeted:

  229. Subscribed via google reader

  230. It’s closed now, but I did enter the 80MPH Mom Starbucks giveaway a few days ago (username:shel)

  231. Danielle

    We normally drink sparklets water. We buy it in the big gallon thing and pour it into cups or waterbottles too minimize waste.

  232. Judith

    I’ve got a cast iron stomach so I drink tap water.

  233. Jean F

    I drink Poland Spring bottled water

  234. Linda F

    We are drinking filtered water from a Brita pitcher.

  235. Linda F

    I had entered the Starbucks giveaway at EightyMPH Mom.

  236. Heather Erwin

    We have a pur water filter on the faucet.

  237. Kimberly

    We drink tap water in our house,

  238. Kimberly

    I follow you on Twitter. (winsome6)

  239. Kimberly

    i subscribe to your Rss feed,

  240. Thomas I.

    I drink bottled water from Costco. (much better than tap!)

  241. Bonnie S

    We have well water that is filtered through our refrigerator.

  242. Christine V

    I drink tap water

  243. Bev

    We drink water filtered through the fridge or tap water.

  244. We drink tap and botteled water, normally whichever kind is on sale! Thanks for the chance!!

  245. I follow you on twitter, mom2anutball!

  246. I also subscribe! And since I forgot it, here is the link to my tweet!

  247. tricia

    I drink tap water

  248. Autumn H.

    we just drink of of the tap!

    autumn398 (at)

  249. Cynthya P

    We drink bottled water because even though we have a water filter on our faucet (we’ve tried three kinds) the water still tastes bad. We use whatever brand is on sale, they all taste better than our filtered tap water. So I would LOVE to try this and be able to break the bottled water habit.

  250. Dawn C

    I drink tap (very hard water) with ice.

  251. Dawn C

    I follow you on twitter dmcalgaro

  252. Dawn C

    I sub to your feed dmcalgaro

  253. Martha H.

    I take my water straight from the tap.

  254. Selinda McCumbers

    We drink a Brita pitcher filtered water.


  255. she

    i’m drinking tap water at home & at work. work’s water tastes HORRIBLE & i’d really love to win this!

  256. Evelyn

    yummy for cleaner water

  257. Xiomara

    My family drinks tap water, just because of the cost and convenience.

  258. Xiomara

    I am a subscriber!

  259. brandlyn

    Our water is filtered from Brita water pitcher or we always bring home bottled water by the case. I never drink tap.

  260. It’s well water and we have a softener.

  261. Jennifer M

    We have an aquasana sink filter.

  262. M.A.

    well water

  263. Robert D

    Tap water…

  264. kerry

    Looks cool and refreshing!

  265. Carla

    Well, since my car’s broke down & I can’t get to the spring, I’ve been buying jugs of water, mostly Polar Spring or Crystal Lake.

  266. Molly K

    We have a water filtration system in our fridge but I don’t really trust it.

  267. Molly K

    I am a subscriber.

  268. Sarah

    i usually drink deer park bottled

  269. Damla

    We use bottled water called “Buzdagi”.

  270. Daniel M

    nothing, just tap

  271. joanmurraycefalu

    Ice cold Tap Water! 🙂

  272. Monique Rizzo

    We use a Water Dispenser in the Kitchen. Thanks for the chance.

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