Tootsie Roll I think I’m in love with you

tootsie-rollTootsie Roll is a family name in our household. It is one of the first candies we grab when we are in the need for a chocolate fix. At Halloween time this is the candy we all fight over! 

Since 1896, Tootsie Roll Industries has grown to become one of the worlds biggest candy companies. They make some of the most popular candy including (but not limited to):

  • Blow Pops
  • Tootsie Rolls
  • Andes
  • Junior Mints
  • and more

The Easter Bunny will surely be filling baskets for my girls with Tootsie Industries candies. For the holiday we always do an egg hunt. This year we are planning to fill plastic eggs with tiny candies. Wouldn’t the Tootsie Roll Midgets fit so well in those plastic eggs? I can’t wait to see my daughters faces when they open them up to see the candy inside.

Who else gets reminded of this video when you think of Tootsie Roll?

This LIVE giveaway begins April 3rd, 2009 @ 6:00pm EST. Comments will be closed until this time.

The rules:

  • You must leave an initial comment telling us what candy from Tootsie Industries is your favorite. Include your email address in this comment, if this is not done all other comments will not be considered for winning.
  • The person to be comment number 414 will win the above pictured 14lb box of Easter Candy!
  • Commenting opens at 6:00pm EST on Friday April 3, 2009.
  • If you are the only one commenting you better start twittering the contest and shouting out to your friends to get the party going.
  • You cannot have two comments in a row, if you do then the second one will be deleted
  • Comments must be more than one word.

About Andrea @ Red Knows How

I am a telecommuting professional and a Mom of two young girls.

474 responses to “Tootsie Roll I think I’m in love with you

  1. Kari A.

    I am old school … love the tootsie roll pops. How many licks??? Never found out.

  2. Commenting is now live. We are going to comment 414, so lets make this happen.

  3. Sugar Daddy is the BOMB of all candy

  4. Hello!

    Tootsie pops

    jillandmike2 at yahoo (dot) com

  5. Karin

    Andes Thins: Crème de Menthe Mints are my favorite.

    karin56381 (at)

  6. Kari A.

    I was number one… I rock!

  7. Jammie

    i love the carmel apple suckers

  8. I tried to post the “how many licks” commercial but it is copyright protected. BOo!

  9. Caramel Apple pops for shizzle!!


  10. I love candy and candy loves me!

  11. Kari A.

    Hey I don’t know these names…

  12. I tweeted this 3 times in the last hour-hope people show up ’cause I only have one hour before I leave work! 🙂

  13. Karin

    Yummy in my tummy!

  14. Here we go as my mom likes to say….

  15. michelle

    I absolutely love junior mints….thanks!

  16. Anyone remember that how many licks song ??? Bad taste…

  17. Karin

    I adore candy

  18. I like the Caramel Apple lollipops!

  19. Hmmm candy a dentist nightmare or dream come true?

  20. I buy candy for work, so this would be awesome to have for everyone! I think they would love me forever

  21. This is great andrea!

  22. Candy, Easter Bunnies, all sorts of fun stuff

  23. michelle

    yummy candy, was just at the dentist yesterday….shouldn’t eat it, but I do

  24. Kari A.

    I Christine wins I will NEVER enter a Live giveaway again!!

    nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

  25. Tootsie rolls are awesome, too

  26. Thank you busta!

  27. Karin

    I want to win andes thins!! Yummy!

  28. Let’s do this ladies – again a mom statement!

  29. I also love the plain ole tootsie rolls and also dots are great!

  30. How much candy does it take to fill a easter basket anyways?

  31. michelle

    this would be great for easter

  32. Jammie

    i love toosie rolls

  33. I love, love, love candy!

  34. OMG – I’m telling my mom!

  35. Not sure if you got my tweet but I love the idea of this contest!

  36. Jammie

    yummy 14 pounds of sugar

  37. Andrea-got my Sak purse, thank you very much-it’s very pretty! and very small…have to carry it with my diaper bag or something, LOL 🙂

  38. Kari A.

    My son wants to be relieved from baby duty.

  39. michelle

    how big is your kids basket?

  40. This would be a blast in this house, the favors I could get from my brothers….. do my laundry – want candy? Wash my car – want candy?

  41. Jammie

    my daughter will be in heaven

  42. Karin

    I like candy so much! But not as much as ice cream!

  43. Kari A.

    Jakey of course – has a poopy diaper. Every live giveaway he poops… without fail.

  44. This is too much fun!

  45. Jammie

    yummy chocolate

  46. Friday afternoon…have lots to do this weekend…

  47. Kari A.

    I would love a blow pop!

  48. Okay how far do we have to go again? 414?

  49. Jammie

    who is it gona be

  50. Kari A.

    Though I could eat tootsie rolls all day!

  51. My daughter turns 2 on Sunday!!!

  52. Sami where is christine?

  53. michelle

    What are some items you are putting in your kids easter baskets?

  54. Jammie

    supper is cooking oops

  55. we are cooking now!

  56. Charlie’s basket is waiting to be filled with candy … for momma and daddy. She’s a bit too young!

  57. Kari A.

    I tweeted…. gotta get this moving.

  58. Jill I am so glad you got that purse! It is small, I don’t think I could fit all of my stuff in it too. LOL But never fear we have more purse giveaways coming up.

  59. i love the vanilla tootsie rolls and york mints

  60. Hmmmmm I wonder what Frankie wants for Easter?

  61. michelle

    this is going quick!

  62. Karin

    An Easter basket full of candy—how fabulous!

  63. I have nothing planned for her birthday…it’s supposed to be nice out, so maybe we’ll all go have a picnic…

  64. Jammie

    lets win some candy

  65. I just failed my blood glucose test by one point so my preggo eating now has to NOT include such yummies as these but I still wanna win!

  66. I heart candy too JenReg

  67. Jennifer

    My fav is the reg Tootsie Roll! great giveaway thanks!

  68. Kari A.

    My neck hurts… need chocolate. It fixes everything.

  69. I’m eating Andes from my very own box right now. YUMMMMMMM

  70. This looks like it’s going to go fast!

  71. Lots of comments flying 🙂

  72. I’m so hungry…this is hard to look at!

  73. Jammie

    i will be in heaven

  74. wow – really really fast!

  75. michelle

    this would fill up our candy dish for the next year

  76. Kari A.

    I hope one of the sorority sisters win… I am seeing some new names here though.

  77. Comments are going like the wind!

  78. Jammie

    yes we all want candy

  79. Karin

    I heart candy too! Agree with the above poster—

  80. This rocks andrea. Toni? is that you?

  81. Candy for a year – that sounds good!

  82. It certainly is a ton of candy. The box is ginormous.

  83. Am I a bad mom for not planning a 2nd bday party?

  84. HI Sami…a year? how about a month!

  85. Kari A.

    I love Mommas Reviews… I love Andrea…. I wanna win… I am kissing butt…

  86. Teeth are overrated, I want candy!

  87. Jammie

    mm cotton candy

  88. Who wants to win this as much as I do – or my mom does – who is telling me to type faster!!

  89. Jennifer

    my kids would love this!

  90. im here and i want candy

  91. I’m going as fast as I can ….

  92. Candy just in time for Easter, LOL!

  93. Hi kari! I’m kissing andrea too

  94. My favorite is the Caramel apple pops. I’m addicted. Been through caramel rehab twice 🙂

    Can’t stay long but hopefully will be back later!

  95. Jammie

    mine too jen

  96. Kari A.

    My teeth are pretty much shot already… why not live it up for now?

  97. I don’t know…she won’t remember it or anything!

  98. Karin

    I need a sugar fix.

  99. Why isn’t Christine playing 😦

  100. Jennifer

    fun giveaway!

  101. Of course not, do something fun for the b-day instead. They won’t remember it anyways, lol.

  102. MMMM candy…MMM

  103. Too bad I have no Easter basket to fill, yet!

  104. Let’s do this thing…

  105. michelle

    alrighty time to party, my 6 month old is now asleep

  106. Kari A.

    Wonder if I can convince big brother to change Jakey.

  107. Jammie

    the easter buny will get a break if i won

  108. Hey Collyn aka Toni!

  109. Typing as fast as my fingers will let me

  110. okay here we go…good try kari!

  111. Kari A.

    I haven’t bought any Easter stuff.

  112. It would be great to have this candy…lots of people want it!

  113. michelle

    definitely will save some money if I won

  114. Jennifer

    i need this

  115. i am typing fast too

  116. I hope Luv naps through this 😀

  117. I wonder – after this going to the movies

  118. My little girl is due this June so Easter candy isn’t in her immediate future… Yet 😛

  119. michelle

    wow, going faster

  120. Fast and the Furious taking the brothers too – give mom a break!

  121. Who is making out with me? I’m confused.

  122. Karin

    I bought tootsie pops at the Dollar Tree recently~~

  123. Jennifer

    LOL my family is thinking I am crazy right now!

  124. Jammie

    my dinners gonna burn

  125. Kari A.

    I need to do a basket for the big kid I guess. One more year til he is 18.

  126. yes…it it speeding up!

  127. I like live giveaways on word press-I will never do another one on blogger again

  128. You guys are rocking this big time

  129. i think this one will go fast

  130. More for you talinan

  131. Jammie

    oh well need candy

  132. michelle

    this is great, but I need to start dinner soon…so type even faster….lol

  133. When is Easter anyway?

  134. Popcorn and ohhh DOTS!

  135. It crashed too many times!

  136. Hi Knitty – I missed you!

  137. Kari A.

    Speedy wrote a comment with Speeding in it… LOL

  138. Jammie

    next sunday

  139. I think this one will go very fast!

  140. Easter is April 12… on a sunday 😉

  141. Jennifer

    hi everyone!!

  142. michelle

    next sunday

  143. All this candy talk is making me hungry!

  144. Of course I say that now, but then there will be something I really really want…

    Easter is 4-12

  145. hmm i should be making dinner but candy is more important haha

  146. I love candy and candy loves me

  147. Kari A.

    Is Knitty here… I don’t see her.

  148. Jammie

    i love junior mints and popcorn

  149. here I am again….you’re right sami

  150. Must not reach for the candy, need to eat something better for the baby…

  151. Candy is good for the soul.

  152. Oh no – no crashing allowed

  153. We have to start potty training…

  154. i bought some candy but this would be filler for the eggs and baskets

  155. Jennifer

    I need to do a fun giveaway like this!

  156. Jammie

    thank you momma for a great give away

  157. Crashing is not allowed at all!

  158. very good for the soul!

  159. michelle

    baby is back up now

  160. Karin

    What a wonderful giveaway!

  161. Hmmmmm next favorite Andes Mints! YUM

  162. I can never keep the dates straight!

  163. Kari A.

    MIL coming and should be cleaning. instead I am trying to win Candy!! Priorities….

  164. It’s time…but we have a road trip coming up, so I really want to wait 6 more weeks!

  165. Candy makes my heart smile

  166. Jennifer

    Hi jammie I see you!

  167. Jammie

    need tootsie rolls

  168. I love this – candy priorities right!

  169. i did a live giveaway didnt go this well though but had fun

  170. L-e-t-s-g-o let’s go let’s go!

  171. Where’s christine???

  172. Yes, this is a very fun giveaway idea!

  173. Candy makes my whole body smile

  174. Jammie

    we getting closer

  175. michelle

    this would be great to fill eggs with. I am laggin with easter AND we are leaving town

  176. isn’t there a song – named Candy?

  177. Kari A.

    Luke needs to be saved from his brothers.

  178. I would love this, oops, I mean MY DAUGHTER would love this.

  179. It’s amazing, there’s even cotton candy in there and everything!

  180. hahahahah Sami!!!

  181. wordpress live giveaways mess with my mojo

  182. Wow – you all are going

  183. maybe I should of adding chocolate haha

  184. Toni, How did you advertise for yours?

  185. I’d like this candy please

  186. Mojo – needs to be working better for ya

  187. Karin

    Stop posting everyone so I can win!!! ha ha

  188. Jennifer

    family is lookin @ me like i have lost my mind!

  189. Sami…is your mom okay?

  190. Why do they mess with your Mojo Erin? I think they are easier.

  191. Jammie

    mm candy love blow pops

  192. I am here via a tweet I saw…

  193. michelle

    I am trying to find out how to hide my kids baskets so they don’t see them

  194. Kari A.

    I want a candy bar right now…

  195. Hows it working now?

  196. Sigh oh Christine??

  197. wow i am trying to read comments but going too fast for me

  198. let’s do this…. mom is telling me

  199. Well, welcome Talinan!! We love tweeting the goodness!

  200. mmmm, did someone say chocolate?

  201. Jammie

    I have no money for easter so this would be wonderful

  202. Got to type faster

  203. My favourite candy by Tootise Industries is Junior Mints.

  204. im craving candy too

  205. Aw sh*t she’s stirring

  206. Kari A.

    Jake is scaring me.. he is sitting very nice… in his poopy diaper…

  207. Got to really type faster

  208. Chocolate…is heavenly

  209. Michelle-
    Hide them in the trunk or garage.

  210. Jennifer

    wow its getting closer!

  211. Karin

    Who feels lucky!?

  212. go candy, go candy! go Momma’s Review!

  213. Jammie

    over half way there

  214. Kari A.

    I need to write 11 more reviews today… instead I am here.

  215. michelle

    Sugar, sugar sugar rush…I need one

  216. swedish fish and vanilla tootsie rolls yummy

  217. And now whining in her sleep…

  218. I feel pretty darned lucky

  219. Jennifer

    I feel lucky!

  220. Mom has 6 baskets to make this would make her day – and my 21st birthday – on Sunday – thank you!

  221. mommas review rocks, too, of course! 🙂

  222. I am not trying to win this.

  223. Yup I’ll be 21 on Sunday – my mom is OLD!

  224. Kari A.

    I am having bbq pork tonight… will taste better if I know I have candy coming.

  225. I have lots of sucking up to catch up on.

  226. And now, fussing… still in her sleep.

  227. mOMMAS REVIEWS does rock as my mom says!

  228. Awwww…sami loves her mom

  229. I have no money for anything, I should be trying to win baby supplies right now…

  230. Yah!! Thanks Janet! Go ladies go, we are already halfway there only 15 minutes into it. We’ll be done in another 15 and have a winner!

  231. Jammie

    had to check dinner

  232. I’m going as fast as I can mom!

  233. i got 67 baskets to make too but none for me except em basket swap im excited

  234. Kari A.

    Is Sami calling her mother old???

  235. I promised someone I would enter who needs the candy.

  236. What I reallllllllllllllllllllllly want is the GPS system Andrea! I have tweeted and tweeted my life away! I hope loves me tomorrow! It’s tomorrow, right?

  237. Y’all are fast typers, Yippeeee!

  238. Let’s go go go go go go go

  239. michelle m

    kI can’t believe how fast the holidays are flying by!

  240. is your mom bugging you sami LOL

  241. Karin

    Crossing my fingers that I get lucky and win!

  242. Mmm, BBQ pork sounds amazing!

  243. Fast typers is right –

  244. Jammie

    dinner is gonna be yummy need dessert now

  245. Jennifer M

    I love Junior Mints!!!! mmmm…mint and chocolate!

  246. Kari A.

    Christine is entering via her daughter… I wonder if Sami has the magic touch too?

  247. Jennifer

    I need to start making my kids baskets! wow time is creeping up

  248. My fingers lalredy hurt

  249. this is fun when you don’t have to refresh…

  250. Oh, I’m so glad this is going fast-have to go home for the weekend soon!

  251. I always keep my promises.

  252. Dinner can wait – candy is calling

  253. michelle m

    before we know it, there will be xmas giveaways

  254. I have a big sweet tooth now

  255. annnnd threw up afk a min!!

  256. Jammie

    this is fun

  257. I want some candy!!! I want candy!!!

  258. Kari A.

    If Sami wins I will totally think this is fixed!! 🙂

  259. Wow, this is just speedin’!

  260. That’s the song! I want Candy!

  261. I need to win some cloth diapers bad! GPS systems make me mad. They always get me lost 😦

  262. Isn’t that GPS gorgeous??? I swoon over it everytime I turn it on. I use it to go down the street because it makes me so happy!

  263. RedHatty

    Original Tootsie Rolls are my Fave!

    Wow a long way to go to 414 😦

  264. doesn’t look like elizabeth is going to make it, poopy…

  265. I should have rebooted my computer before now.

  266. Jennifer

    I have 3 baskets to make

  267. Jennifer M

    Dinner time! can it wait???

  268. It’s movin now!

  269. Karin

    I have not had a Charms sucker lately–

  270. Kari A.

    I just want to win this… just one live win, that is all I ask.

  271. You are sweet sami…tell mom hi for us

  272. michelle m

    easter traditions anyone?

  273. Candy makes me swoon

  274. I’m lost all the time anyway. Couldn’t be much worse.

  275. Mmm cereal sounds like a good snack idea!

  276. my parents LOVE LOVE LOVE their gps-and I love borrowing their car because of it!! LOL!

  277. Jennifer M

    why so rainy & windy in ohio???

  278. Candy is delicious – candy is good!

  279. Jammie

    we getting closer lets go

  280. That is a lot of candy.

  281. Jennifer W\

    LOL its waiting here!

  282. Call me old fashioned but I REALLY love the original tootsy roll!


  283. RedHatty

    Wow comments are coming in pretty fast, I guess I have to keep on trying 🙂

  284. Kari A.

    I had to log out of Skype to do this!

  285. I’m having hotdogs and smiley fries. Can you tell it was kids choice tonight? What’s everyone else having?

  286. so what’s for dinner?

  287. my son lost carnival games for the wii then they wonder why i dont buy more haha

  288. Candy is the stuff dreams are made of

  289. Jennifer M

    mmmm candy

  290. I am too darn lazy to cook and can’t pull away from the computer… LOL

  291. Jammie

    that candy looks so yummy

  292. Sugar Daddy is for me!

  293. michelle m

    Live ones are hard to win, so I found out

  294. Kari A.

    Oh it is coming to an end soon!

  295. Jennifer

    lets go!!

  296. let’s see…almost done, I’m sure…so exciting

  297. is she okay erin?

  298. Mom just yelled – told her candy sugar daddy!

  299. We’re going out to eat – friday’s fish nite.

  300. Erin I need to ask you something.

  301. RedHatty

    Blow POPs are my daughter’s favorite

  302. What number are we going for again?

  303. one handed commenting now

  304. Jennifer M

    my son is in love with godzilla!

  305. Jennifer

    We are getting close!

  306. Kari A.

    I am excited but a little sad too. This is fun.

  307. Jammie

    im excited too

  308. I’m thinking greek salad…

  309. wow one hand – it’s taking everything I’ve got

  310. no crashing on wordpress, thank goodness!

  311. michelle m

    Most of the time I forget about live contests, so today I left this up on my screen

  312. slow going for me 😦

  313. here we go ladies… go go go

  314. RedHatty

    less than 100 to go

  315. four something is the magic number

  316. I love tootsie rolls

  317. Jennifer

    LOL We all are excited!

  318. Jennifer M

    hopes for no crashing

  319. Jammie

    its a rush and i havent even had no candy today

  320. Sour patch kids kill my mouth

  321. I need to know about Erin’s hoodie

  322. More people should do giveaways like this! If they have the bandwidth for it.

  323. but myt brothers love em

  324. good idea – one hand what words fit one hand?

  325. Kari A.

    My computer is so slow!

  326. oooooh, sour patch kids-yummy!

  327. michelle m

    I am cooking something really easy tonight. so tired from spring cleaning…yard sale Saturday

  328. Karin

    I found a penny one day recently—– lucky me!

  329. Is this really slow for you too?

  330. Jammie

    i like tootsie pops too

  331. Jennifer

    I love sour patch kids!

  332. this is fun – I see why mom likes it so

  333. oh well I’m trying

  334. almost there ladies.

  335. What in the world are smiley fries!? That is the 2nd time I have heard about them today!

  336. RedHatty

    okay now I’m craving candy – my hips thank you 😛

  337. Jennifer M

    snow caps!

  338. going like a wild fire now

  339. Erin, where did you buy that hoodie?

  340. i had a brownie today, it was yummy

  341. Man, this blog is on FIRE, WTG!

  342. ooo chocolate cover strawberries

  343. Kari A.

    It is going to end and I am going to still be waiting for the page to load.

  344. Jennifer

    My computer is slowing omg! NOOO

  345. Loving this actually

  346. I heart wordpress! After this giveaway be sure to visit the other girls giving away the same prize. I’ll link to them in the winners post!

  347. Karin

    Love their candy.

  348. how fast can we get there

  349. we’re almost there! yay!

  350. We are doing some BBQ chicken… what should I make with it?!

  351. Jammie

    im trying too this is alot of fun even if i dont win it was great

  352. It will be a quick live one

  353. michelle m

    we are all just trying…lets split it up…lol

  354. tootsie pos chocolate

  355. This is sooo much fun!

  356. Wow this is moving nicely

  357. chocolate tootsie pops!

  358. We are going to 414

  359. RedHatty

    Better buy a new toothbrush to go with all that candy 😉

  360. snowed this morning-nice this weekend!

  361. Jennifer

    this is fun!!

  362. I love candy –

  363. Jennifer M

    easter candy!

  364. Jammie

    almost there i smell a chocolate winner

  365. Kari A.

    I think we are close to crashing her site.

  366. Thanks Mommas Review!

  367. Ooo yes, share more of these fun giveaways.

  368. quick and painless

  369. skittles the smoothie ones

  370. I think Sami is now addicted to live giveaways.

  371. RedHatty

    Oh so close!

  372. Jammie

    lol i hope not

  373. This is Soooo fun, never been on one so fast. Wheeeee!

  374. I should have a live giveaway

  375. It’s going by waaaay fast now! When I started we were still at 200 comments!

  376. DH just got home.

  377. Jennifer M

    fun fun!!

  378. we are so close now

  379. Karin

    I want some candy! Please—

  380. Jennifer

    I need a candy fix right about now

  381. Jammie

    yea this is great

  382. getting closer now

  383. almost there-too much fun!

  384. RedHatty

    so very close

  385. michelle m

    yummy, coming to and end

  386. Kari A.

    I am not going to win this am i??

  387. I will have to ask Erin later.

  388. I am a giveaway addict, does it count as nesting?

  389. Jennifer

    ok we getting closer!

  390. We need to email each other and meet again for the next live giveaway, you girls are awesome.

  391. me me me…I want candy!

  392. Jammie

    and whos gonna be the winner

  393. Karin

    Yummy candy….love it!

  394. michelle m

    great stuff

  395. Can I win Can I win?!

  396. Jennifer

    Hurry let it be me

  397. RedHatty


  398. Please! pretty please

  399. Jammie

    not much longer

  400. Kari A.

    Please me!

  401. Jennifer M


  402. the easter bunny’s comin’ to our house

  403. Jennifer

    Come on

  404. We are going for 414 right?

  405. Jammie

    and we win

  406. Karin

    Junior mints are movie fare— tasty!

  407. Almost there?

  408. RedHatty

    WTG SAMI!!!!

  409. Jennifer

    wow so close

  410. ME ME ME ME!

    [wait… i will just get fatter with more candy]


  411. Jennifer M

    oh, so close

  412. i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! work will be so happy with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks andrea

  413. Ah, it is going too fast!

  414. Jammie

    wtg CandG

  415. Kari A.

    I officially suck

  416. crapola ….oh well. congrats

  417. Karin

    Tootsie pops are one of my faves!

  418. thanks for letting me be so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  419. Jennifer

    CONGRATS!! to 414

  420. michelle m

    did I get it?…

  421. Alright ladies, I am now going to moderate the comments. Numbers MAY change. I will announce momentarily!!

  422. candg~jill w i think you won congrats

  423. Fun, stuff! Thanks for the good times and the opportunity to enter!

  424. This was so much fun! Thank you!

  425. michelle m

    So, funny because I thought it was post 411 we were aiming for….lol

  426. I am emailing work people to tell them the good news!

  427. Wow that is a lot of candy! Im all about the tootsie roll pop or the flavored tootsie rolls.

  428. This was SO fun. Even if I didn’t win!

  429. This was a lot of fun, even if I don’t win, either…I’m glad I have not emailed the work people yet… 🙂

  430. well if we minus the one word comment it would be jammie

  431. Wow, it’s changing a lot-it seemed like everyone was following the rules!

  432. my 414 went to 439…oh well, thanks andrea-it was fun! and I love my purse! 🙂

  433. my computer keeps stalling!

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