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Mommas Review has an additional 5 INTENSE™ products from the makers of K-Y Brand for five lucky winners.

Here’s how you can enter to win:

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251 responses to “K-Y® Brand INTENSE™

  1. until it is gone
    you may never know how big
    a hole it will leave

  2. I like the KY his and hers kind, but haven’t yet tried this one so sign me up!

    Do I think there is less sex after marriage? NO there isn’t, but there can be if you don’t put in the extra effort required to make it work. Yes children and the stresses of life take their toll, but you have to remember how GREAT sex is and how less enriched our married lives are without it.

  3. Madeliene

    I think the kids exhaust you!

  4. Madeliene

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  6. I believe the children do make you more exhausted… seriously by the end of the day I just want to sleep!

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  8. Sara

    BOTH, but more just the kids

  9. Sara

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  11. Oh, I think there is less sex after marriage. How can you possibly keep up with your early twenties. And of course the kids do leave you exhausted. I do daycare and on the days that I have kids for 18 hours I am exhausted and just feel like laying down and sleeping.

  12. I am also a subscriber

  13. TheDreamer

    I don’t think it’s the fact that your married, I think it’s sometimes life in general can get in the way and you get too busy for the extra effort and then throw kids in and there goes the little time you do have. 🙂

  14. TheDreamer

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  16. less sex AFTER marriage. Trust me, the children came first.

  17. Karen

    I don’t think there is less sex after marriage unless you let that happen. My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years and we still have sex on an average of 5-7 times a week…..sometimes more! As for the kids getting in the way, you have to find time for just you and your signifacant other. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours while their napping or at a friends house. Your sex life is only as exciting and fulfilling as you make it!

  18. My husband and I waited for marriage, so I am not sure how to answer the question completely, as there was no sex before marriage, but I think a lot of it has to do with exhaustion from raising kids.

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  20. Angela Bailey

    Children and work make me exhausted!

  21. Angela Bailey

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  22. Christy

    I think that sex could change after having children for some women because your hormones are very diffrent after having a baby. This is something you should talk to your doctor about.

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  24. cherice

    I’m gonna go with children that are leaving you exhausted! Thanks for the chance.

    chericehodges (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. cherice

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  26. i think it depends on the people we had less but somepeople dont

  27. AJacobsen

    No sex before marriage, but now that we have kids, I’d say for me it’s that the kids leave me EXHAUSTED by days end. But, it’s still important to make the time.

  28. AJacobsen


  29. I think the longer you are married the better it gets! We are on year 15 and have 3 girls. NOthing better than having the same partner. We know what one another wants and needs. We also know what kind of surprises are needed 😛 I think once your kids get about 5 and up you are less tired. So for those who struggle with that just don’t give up!

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    “I KY! Do you? Win new K-Y® Brand INTENSE™ gel and much more.. http://www.mommasreview.com” less than 5 seconds ago from web

  32. I am on your mailing list – Momma’s Review – Products, Places, and Thing. LOVE IT!

  33. I think LIFE gets in the way no matter if you’re married, have kids, or not. Sometimes there’s just too many things to do in a day and sex ends up at the bottom of the list!

  34. I’m gonna go with yes you are exhausted after a long day watching the kids and it’s sometimes the last thing on your mind.

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  37. I do believe children just exhaust the heack out of you… leaving you LESS time to have sex at the end of the night!

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  39. Stefanie Hartman

    Definately more after marriage.

  40. My husband and I have only been married for 2 years now. Based on my own personal experience, I do believe that there is definitely less sex after marriage. Before we got married we had sex just about daily, sometimes even a few times a day. Since we’ve been married we now only have sex “maybe” once a month. I’m currently 6 months pregnant with my first child, at the route our sexual relationship is going right now we may resort to not having sex at all once the baby gets here. I’m in my mid 20’s and my husband is in his early 30’s. I’m horny all the time, but suprisingly my husband is the one who doesn’t want to have sex. I never in my life met a man who would turn down sex until after we had got married. It is a disappointing feeling. We minus well not have sex at all, instead of waisting my time. We only have sex when “he’s ready for it.”


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  43. we have more after married simply b/c we waited until our wedding night to have it…so it’s more for us, but its slowly declined in frequency over the months…but i think thats normal 🙂

  44. Sky

    I don’t know if the sex is less…well, I mean, yeah. It’s still just as good. LOL, I just don’t think we are in the “OMG, we have to do it 4 times a night, every night” anymore. KWIM?

    Plus, when the kids are older, they stay up later and you’ve got to figure out how to deal with that!


  45. Sky

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  47. It is for sure my child that makes me so exhausted!

  48. SANDY

    seriously its the kids, and the inlaws and the phone ringing that kill the mood- so shut off the phone put the kids asleep adn get in the mood- so you may fall asleep during it..oh well try again- try a breakfast quickie when all are gone- or meet up at the office. Yep there are routines and ruts but they need to be broken

  49. SANDY


  50. Marla

    its definantly the exhaustion from waising the kids.

  51. Kathleen

    I don’t think you have sex less just because you get married, however on down the road as you get older the sex will get lesser, because of age not because of marriage.

  52. Kathleen

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  53. Kathleen

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  54. c. clemens

    less sex after marriage and kids. kids leave me excaushted

  55. mlswin

    Kids & all the other pressures make it more difficult to have sex. I am often exhausted

  56. Linda White

    We didnt have sex before marriage so its more after marriage! Sex in our 20’s was amazing!!!!!!!! Then 4 children in 6 years will leave you exhausted for many years, then the teens, ugh, less sex in 40’s but the quality is MUCH more meaningful!

  57. Mickeyfan

    Sex/your partner has to be a priority. If it is not, then there will be less sex. (And the “right” amount of sex varies from couple to couple!!!!) If you seem to have no interest, please have your dr. check your hormone levels.

  58. Mary D

    Honestly, I think you do have less sex after marriage but I think (besides kids leaving you exhausted lol) it’s more a matter of body and brain chemistry – as studies have shown that the chemicals/hormones responsible for sexual arousal between the same two people decline after two to five years (so maybe the cliche “the five year itch” has some biochemical truth to it LOL)

  59. g t ashmore

    I am afraid less after marriage–I hope this will change.

  60. Jaclyn R.

    We are doing better than ever. My hormone levels seem back to normal and I’m more confident in my body after 3 pregnancies and years of nursing.

  61. I don’t know if it’s true or not because I’m not married, nor do I have kids. But I’m guessing it’s because kids wear you out.

  62. I follow you on Twitter under Meredycat.

  63. Jessica C

    The kids def tire you out! But it’s all about making some extra time for romance =)


  64. Sharon B

    It is difficult. But making a “date” with your spouse and really trying to keep it can help.

  65. Jessica

    Do you think it’s true that you have less sex after marriage, or is it the children that are leaving you exhausted? It would definitely be because of the exhaustion…not just from the kids, but from work and everyday life. It definitely will take its toll, so if you don’t work at it, it will be gone!

  66. susan varney

    always take the time for a little fun and to relax mverno@roadrunner.com

  67. desiree kelley

    would like to try it

  68. elizabeth p

    It is a combination of many things, and this will vary by woman or man even. For me it is my husbands illness and his college demands, three kids, two cats, two puppies, two birds, one house that seems to fall apart at at once. Then there is my job, which I love 99% of the time. Yes by the time I get into the shower the water is cold and I just don’t want to be a snuggle bunny. Sexy went down the drain along with the cold water and a few more grey hairs.


    not for the fiest few yrears it doesnt change, matter of fact more sex

  70. Denise

    Yes, I think you have less sex after marriage. Beforehand it was a rebellion thing for me so now its just a chore.

  71. Brian N.

    probably less but not always a bad thing as the union evolves fron strictly physical to more emotional and spiritual as well as physical

  72. Stephanie V

    We did not have less sex after marriage, but absolutely after children. Yep, tired! I work part-time for pay and full-time as a mom so by the end of the day – forget it!

  73. Jennifer B.

    Yes, unfortunately it’s true. I think we get more wrapped up in the mundane everyday stuff.

  74. Jennifer B.

    I subscribe to your feed.

  75. Jacob LaFountaine

    Yes, it becomes less after marriage. Yes, kids ruin it.

  76. Jessica Cote

    Yes there is less after marriage but its b/c most times life gets in the way….

  77. yes it’s true! I’m not married but I have a boyfriend and it has happened to us!

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  80. amy a.

    I don’t think there is less sex after marriage. After children though, our sex life has seemed to take a back burner. We need to get that back!

  81. Don

    Less sex after marriage? Yes…with kids, work and all other activities it leaves little time.

  82. Ellen Ring

    After dealing with the kids all day, both the problems & good moments. I’m worn out by evening & sex seems like more work then joy.

  83. Ugh, unfortunately I DO think it is true…. that we don’t have as much sex once we’re married. I have noticed that in my marriage & to be honest, I was scared that I was the only one who went through this. Now that hubby is in Iraq & deployed… I have no sex. Waaaaaaaahhh. Luckily he comes home soon for good. Then it’s ON! We would surely love to use this when he gets back! 🙂

  84. Janna Johnson

    I do believe that it is true that you have less sex after married. I am married and I know that since my dh and i live together we have found many other things we enjoy doing together.

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  85. Lindsay

    Absolutely not true for me, granted my husband deploys for months at a time but that doesn’t count. If anything we have more sex now then we did before…and for some reason its better!

  86. Autumn H.

    well, i came into the relationship with a child of my own…so i’m gonna say its the kids!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  87. Randall Curran

    I’ve bought this product and it’s very expensive and didn’t do what I expected. The warming gel…wasn’t very warming and I didn’t feel anything different when the two gels got together. So I don’t know. The lubercant still works though.

  88. Pamela Callahan

    It depends on the individual. I think a well-organized and well-planned family would not let everyday life keep the from enjoying each other. I think that only happens if you let the stress take over your life!

  89. Joyce

    Just what mama ordered!

  90. Susan

    I think the children are the culprit, not marriage. They’re just so exhausting!

  91. michelle lopez

    I definetley think you have less sex after maarriage and even less sex after kids. Life is busy and you are really tired.

  92. Lynn H

    Yes, less sex after kids…they just exhaust you…I just want to go to sleep when my head hits the pillow!

  93. Denyse

    Less sex after marriage and kids here. between the kids, my P/T night job, being up early to get the kids to school. Homework, my husband travelling, ect- there’s no energy left.

  94. Jennifer

    We’ve definitely slowed down since we got married, but when we make the time, it’s still great. We’re going for quality not quantity! We don’t have kids yet, but it seems like stress is the biggest thing that get in the way.

  95. Jennifer

    subscribed via reader

  96. Adrienne Gordon

    The kids contribute, but life itself is busy.

  97. Less sex after marriage cause… why? hahah just kidding.

  98. Gena

    I think there is less. It seems like there are a lot of road blocks like mortgage, bills, etc that maybe you didn’t think about. Things that stress you and keep you from being able to relax.

  99. Sherri G.

    I do think couples tend to have less sex over time, but I don’t think it can be attributed soley to marriage. Couples tend to get complacent over time. Life gets busier and busier, especially after you have children, and you tend to take each other more for granted the longer you’ve been together. The person who is your “rock” ends up last on the priority list when it should be the other way around. They should come first! I learned this lesson the hard way on my first marriage and vow I won’t make the same mistake again.

  100. cathi rushing

    after 21 years and kids and grandkids we have more and better sex

  101. Holly

    The kids are for sure exhausting!!

  102. Linda Lansford

    more and less. We have been married 38 years and now it is less

  103. Less sex after marriage… no! After Children…there can be less, yes you are tired and worn out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Sex can actual revitalize you, so it pays to make time for sex.

  104. I follow you on twitter… user name PRPLDY

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  106. I’m not married… but if I were, I’m getting mine, kids or no kids. lmao.

  107. kimberly h

    both!!! but before our son we did the whole fertility thing for 10 years so sex was less appealling.

  108. kimberly h


  109. kimberly h

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  110. Lori Walker

    we don’t have kids but for a while after we got married we had less sex…. now we’re back to normal

  111. Linda Gilbert

    Yes, everyone knows that after kids, most couples are exhausted for many many years. Wonder what it will be like when they leave home?

  112. Djp

    this we wanted to try

  113. Jacob

    Hard to say. It feels like there is a lot more now, especially compared to other married people.

  114. Deb

    after now

  115. Erica C.

    sweet…I always want to try new things!

  116. Gina

    I like fun things!

  117. Sue E

    Over time I think sex slows down in marriage, but I also thinks it slows down for everyone. Children do put a “damper” on things at times, but so does work and a lot of other things in life. Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. Dana Andrakowicz

    You have less sex after your married. Especially if your us and it’s your second marriage and your children are teenagers and their rooms are right next to yours and your kids bang on the wall because your making the bed squeak! My Boys banging on the wall? That’s a mood breaker I tell ya!

  119. Jennifer M

    The kid. She wipes us out!

  120. cranepuffin

    I think it takes alot more effort after marriage and any little helper, like this intense gel, is a great help.

  121. Chris

    I don’t even have kids to blame for our slow down. My husband is 12 years younger than me and I think my problem may hormonal. I would love to try this product. Anything that could help us in this area would be appreciated!

  122. Carla

    I definitely think kids take a huge tole on your love life, mentally and physically. So yes, definitely lack of due to exhaustion!!

  123. Gary Osborn

    Wooo Hooo Make me a winner!

  124. Monique Rizzo

    Yep Def. less sex after kids! Heck I am happy if I have enough energy for a shower!! Thanks for the chance.

  125. Definitely life gets in the way. But having kids means less opportunity – no love in the afternoon anymore.

  126. I follow you on Twitter – ntalan

  127. I subscribe to your RSS feed

  128. Jessica A

    i’m sure that these are problems in alot of marriages but we are still doing ok;)

  129. Jason

    I think it is a mix of the 2, but kids definitely put a kink in the operations. But, you get past them. Thanks for the chance

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  131. Debbie

    Children make you exhausted!

  132. rgm

    yes… less sex after marriage and exhausted by kids

  133. Cary G

    Less after marriage? What are you implying that might be true?

  134. Stephanie

    There is definitely less sex after marriage….well maybe after babies. Kids consume so much of your time but it’s very important to set aside some mommy and daddy time as well!

  135. Stephanie

    I follow on twitter-stef4916

  136. Amir

    Definately less sex after children.

  137. Alan H.

    Of course you have less sex after marriage … you work all day come home clean/cook and or run kids around. when do you have time to get into the mood??

  138. joe gersh

    yes I think you have less sex after marriage

  139. paul haddock

    Life for a family is so uptempo, sex? Not a priortity like a single person

  140. I think it has to do with the children, at least in my house that is the case.

  141. following on twitter ~ momof2dancers

  142. Kristen

    I think there tends to be less sex after marriage, due to work and mundane every day tasks leaving both parties tired and not in the mood. It seem to take more of an effort to keep things going.

  143. Rita A

    Yes there is less sex after marriage. It is the daily routines that get in the way.

  144. Tommy Johnson

    There is less sex after marriage I think, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

    Thanks as always!
    Thomas Johnson

  145. peni

    I think there is less sex after marriage but it’s not just the kids. there’s work, school, dinner, etc.

  146. I think the children leave me exhausted..when you fight to get the kids to bed..you just don’t want to be intimate..

  147. Lori Harrison

    If you work at it, it does have to be less.

  148. Michelle Sell

    I actually don’t know how to answer this question. My husband and I have 4 boys and we manage to deal with the everyday stuff, keep our marriage together, deal with the kids and everything that comes with it and still have time for sex at the end of the day. So, I’m not really sure……………….I don’t seem to have a problem with that. LOL!

  149. Heather

    No, I don’t think that’s true. I just think you remember it differently. We have four kids and have been married 15 years next month.

  150. Daniel M

    no – less sex after having kids maybe, but not just getting married

  151. Molly Capel

    I think it depends on the people. I know finding time & energy to have sex, when you have kids is hard.

  152. Christina

    Marriage and early romance are not the same, and shouldn’t be – a time and place for everything!

  153. Miranda

    I certainly believe that sex subsides after you have kids. I have been married 10 years and sex has slowly dwindled from four times a week to once every other week. The busier the kids get the less sex we have.

  154. michelle robbins

    More sex now that I’m married. It could be more often but some days we’re too tired. I find if I do it even though I’m tired, I like it anyways – kind of like exercise. It’s the getting started part.

  155. Craig Johnson

    KY??? OH MY!!!!!

  156. Nicole D.

    Speaking for myself, my kids and work leave me exhausted.

  157. 216amyc

    It’s true the most people have less sex after marriage or even after being together for years and years. But for me, it’s the kids and the job leaving me too exhausted.

  158. I think it’s a combination, but kids definitely disrupt your ability to have sex whenever!

  159. jill watkins

    I think it just happens naturally that after marraige there is less sex. Its nto like you have to find a place to fool around anymore so maybe its less exciting?

  160. jill watkins

    I also sub to your blog!


  161. Heather M

    I really can’t say… I’m not married, but I do have a 2 yr old. It’s my SO that doesn’t want Sex… I want it all the time. so it doesn’t go away just after Marriage!

  162. Kathy Scott

    CHILDREN!!!! They are all consuming.

  163. The children can leave you exhausted.

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  166. Gabriel J.

    Sadly true 😦

  167. leah cole

    yes, you totally have less after marriage! Its work after marriage

    thanks for the offer

  168. Kathy D

    Less after the rabbit time in the beginning You learn there is more to a relationship the just Sex if not the relationship will never last

  169. Jammie

    It slowed way down after our daughter was born now that shes getting older is picking back up

  170. Wendy Wallach

    Its the children for me.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  171. Thomas G

    Kids definitely wear you out!

  172. Christine R.

    The kids exhaust you but as they become less dependent on you it can increase.

  173. christopher h

    i think that you just have less sex after marriage

  174. vicky

    Kids can put a damper on your sex drive thats for sure. Most nights the only thing I want to cuddle up with is a a good book

  175. mskayz

    I definitely think sex gets less frequent after the arrival of children. Couples have more responsibilities and stress to deal with and it can be difficult to switch from parent mode to lover mode.

  176. Kimberly M

    I think there is more sex after marriage but that the stresses of keeping up with the bills and family and everything can get in the way.

  177. Samantha Miller

    I think it’s the children that make you exhausted!

  178. Samantha Miller

    follower on twitter. imaclutz89

  179. Samantha Miller


  180. Samantha Miller


  181. Suzanne Lewis

    I think sex is just more infrequent after marriage in general.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  182. NAOKO Y


  183. Jodene Gildea

    I have been married almost 16 years and didn’t have a child until after 10 – it’s not the being married, it’s the kids or so I think anyway – your life changes.

  184. Jennifer Hedden

    less sex after children

  185. Jessica

    It the children that are leaving you exhausted. My littlest one is still sleeping in a cradle next to our bed.


  186. Jessica

    I follow you on twitter (MacMomof3)

  187. Jessica

    I subscribe to your feed.

  188. Lisa Chamberlain

    We could use all the help we can get!

  189. Marianna

    WAY less. I think it’s both. Kids DO leave us exhausted but also we’re mored bored with each other… less time, spontaneity, stressful jobs, a mortgage…. *sigh*

  190. Lauren

    It is an unfortunate truth that marriage puts strain on any relationship. This is especially true when adding children into the mix. Instead of gearing our emotions solely towards our significant others we have the little ones to be concerned with.

  191. Laura G

    Sometimes is does, but it’s up to both partners to keep things fresh and exciting even with work, bills, kiddos and all the other stresses…

  192. Joyce Jacobs

    I think you have to make an effort NOT to let day to day life get in the way of intimacy. We all lead such hectic, busy lives that it’s easy to say “I’m too tired, maybe tomorrow.” For me it’s hard sometimes to dredge up enough energy at the end of a busy day, but afterwards I always remember why it’s worth it. 🙂

  193. tabatha cazel

    around our house, it’s not children causing
    exhaustion, it’s the kid’s perfect timing, just
    when the mood just to heat up, “mommy, i don’t feel good” or our oldest ” mom, i don’t have anything clean for school tomorow”,get the picture
    it’s like they sense something almost like
    Christmas eve,

  194. ktanjatk

    I don’t think that marriage per se has anything to do with less sex, it’s more how long are you together…married or not, and are you willing to make an effort and spice it up a little, so it doesn’t become just a routine which you often skip.

  195. ky2here

    Oh yea, less sex! No doubt – at least with each other!

  196. Susan P

    busy schedules and kids get in the way…

  197. I think it is the kids leaving you exhausted!

  198. I am a subscriber!


  199. I am following you on twitter.

    Username: wastebasket

  200. Jennifer g.

    I think that taking care of children for 12 hours a day or more leaves you more than exhausted! That doesn’t include all the other duties we perform. Or for women that work at a paid job all day then rush home to kids, pick up the house, cook, etc. Yea, that’ll lower anyones sex drive!

  201. Jennifer g.

    I follow you (jenbutterfly).

  202. Jennifer g.

    I subscribe to your feed.

  203. Lisa G.

    For our first 8 years of marriage the answer was no. Even with 3 children we kept up an active sex life and always made sure to make time for each other. During the past 2 years the answer is yes because our small business has grown and we are now working 12-15 hours days 6-7 days a week. There is so little time left in our hectic schedule and I’m sure it’s the same for many couples.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  204. Lisa G.

    I’m following you on Twitter user lisalmg. Thanks!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  205. Lisa G.

    I Tweeted this giveaway too. http://twitter.com/lisalmg/status/1530047135
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  206. Lisa G.

    I’m subscribed to your feed in google reader. Thanks!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  207. Salleefur

    No question children wear you out to the point that sleep sounds more enticing than sex. As children grow and life becomes more complex and involved you often have to “work” to make sure you have the time, energy and passion to keep it ALIVE and HOT…

  208. Karen M

    There is not always less sex after marriage. Making time for each other is the key to a long and happy marriage. At times other things are a priority but take the time to reconnect with your spouse.

  209. Beverley Justice

    Less sex after marriage, even if the marriage is “child free.” Another desperate housewife complaining….

  210. Vicki Andrew

    way less after marriage

  211. Sarah Stern

    It’s not that the kids exhaust you, it’s that their presence kills spontaneity. Nighttime only sex means less sex.

  212. Carla

    I don’t have kids yet, so I’m not sure what a damper that will have, but I don’t think marraige has any effect on sex.

  213. Lindsey Safford

    I don’t think that people have less sex after marriage but then again it depends on the couple. If both partners are helping in a relationship where they have children then their sex life won’t necessarily be different than before marriage and kids. Every relationship is different and it all depends on communication and cooperation in a relationship.

  214. Douglas

    great prize.. thank you !!

  215. Bev

    Less sex after kids–alas, it is true. If the kids don’t exhaust you, work, house cleaning, laundry, etc. will do the trick.

  216. jjean

    for me the answer is no. I think the may overgeneralize.

  217. Jennifer gersch

    I say yes. I certainly do and it’s because I am exhauseted from work and all of my household cleaning

  218. Yes to less sex after kids, exhaustion takes over!

  219. I follow you on twitter, mom2anutball!

  220. Lily Kwan

    I’m going to go with the children are causing exhaustion.

  221. Veronica Garrett

    In general I guess there is less sex after marriage. You have the responsibilitty of family and making everything work. You have to put it in perspective with everything else. The number isn’t important unless it is too low. You have to make time for each other.

  222. Heather C

    Kids, for sure… It’s only ten in the morning and I’m about to nod off!

  223. Martha J

    I believe the statement is true……after 5 years or so have passed.

  224. Jane Hoh

    The ultimate in time management. You need to plan their days and nights so that you have time for yours 🙂

  225. Catherine KingChuparkoff

    Initially , after the birth of our children, the sex became the least of the priorities, but now that they are school age, it is back to the good times again!

  226. susan

    I think the kids can exhaust you.. but you have to make time.. It can be tough but it is doable.

  227. Paul

    Your attention is to the kids and so your spouse unfortunately receives the short end of the stick. This becomes routine and years pass.

  228. Kristina E

    yes I think it is true, weird but true

  229. Kristina E

    followed on twitter

  230. Kristina E


  231. Kristina E


  232. Melissa Resnick

    great contest

  233. Amanda Perron

    AWESOME CONTEST…Please enter my name. Thanks!

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