Snorg Tees – Review and Giveaway


Snorg Tees creates shirts for a universal audience that are random, pop-cultured inspired, and just downright funny. The shirts range from saying things like “That’s what she said” and “I’m kind of a big deal” to saying:


 When given the choice of shirts from Snorg Tees, my husband had a battle with himself because every shirt made him laugh out loud or made him go “What!” in a amazed tone, he definitely had a challenge deciding. He ended up with a beige t-shirt that said “My Other Ride is Your Mom.” Since he is an avid “Your Mom” joker this shirt was perfect for him.

myotherride_fullpic_2Novelty shirts like theirs are created by not only the employees but by their customers too. The shirt is soft and very comfortable on the skin. My husband declared that this is his new four wheeling t-shirt, and has already covered it in mud. Luckily the fabric is an easy clean and it came right off.

Snorg Tees is giving one of our lucky readers a t-shirt of their choice. Here is how to enter, we are shaking it up this time:

  1. Visit Snorg Tees and tell us what t-shirt you think is the best of them all. This is mandatory, if not done you cannot win!
  2. Fan our NetworkedBlog on Facebook. If you already follow us there or if you just started following be sure to leave a comment telling us.
  3. Tweet the following “Snorg Tees make the best graphic t-shirts around. They are funny, witty, and downright entertaining. Win one at” Leave a comment with the link to your Tweet.

That gives you three chances to win! Hurry and enter, this giveaway ends on April 15th @ 12:00pm EST

US Residents Only.


About Andrea @ Red Knows How

I am a telecommuting professional and a Mom of two young girls.

191 responses to “Snorg Tees – Review and Giveaway

  1. love the “im kind of a big deal” t.

  2. I follow on facebook.

  3. I tweeted and follow

  4. Nina

    I absolutely adore the Friday the 12th t-shirt!

  5. I love the one that says I have the Body of a God! lol too funny and very true!

  6. Nina

    My tweet:

  7. Heather D.

    I love the Milk, I am your father t-shirt. Hilarious!

  8. Raked

    PB&J = BFF!

  9. Katie C

    Wow there are too many that I love!! I love the friday the 12th one, the rumicube one, the go green witch one, the tie one just to name a few 🙂

  10. I love Snorg!!! I like the “Looking Good” shirt!!!

  11. I’m following on FB!

  12. Melissa

    My husband’s favorite is the Empire Urban Regeneration T-shirt and if I won I’d probably get one for him because loves t-shirts like these. I think the “Go Green” and the “It’s all Gouda” are funny, among others. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Jackie

    My favorite is “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself…and Spiders.” Great shirts…thanks for the review and giveaway!

  14. Jessica

    My husband would love Friday the 12th. He is a huge fan of the movies and loves to watch the movies when its Friday the 13th.

  15. Jessica

    I am now following you on facebook.

  16. It was so hard to pick… I was busy laughing!
    I’d have to go with Chillin’ Out, as a big Fresh Prince fan, it’s kinda hard to resist. (But Ice,Ice, Baby was a really close second!) Wow…I am really putting my age out there, aren’t I?

  17. and now I’m a Facebook Fan!

  18. Jessica

    I love these tees already (I have several)! I love the “she was a ho – fo sho!” (inside joke with my sister and I!)

  19. Jessica

    I am following on facebook!

  20. JD

    My favorite is called: The Chicken or the Egg.


  21. Nancy

    I especially like the haiku shirt – what a hoot!

  22. liza767

    I like the one that says I’m giong to come at you like a Spider Monkey”

  23. Patti Hess

    I the one that says “you look funny doing that with your head”

  24. cherice

    Loving the “I Need To Get My Drink On” shirt! Thanks for the chance.

    chericehodges (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. cherice

    I subscribe!!!! Thanks.

    chericehodges (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. It’s so hard between Your epidermus is showing and Hold on I’m on my hamburger phone (loved that movie).

  27. Emily

    I like the “With Our Powers Combined’ shirt.

    eeohlin at gmail dot com

  28. valerie m

    i like the sex panther tee:)

  29. valerie m

  30. I lovvvve the Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese tshirt! SO TRUE! :-)~

  31. I like the “my butt hurts” with the two chocolate bunnies.

    nbmars AT yahoo DOT com

  32. Jennifer M

    I have always wanted the “Platypus” shirt .I crack up every time I see it.

  33. susanlanai

    The best tee is My Butt Hurts ~ hilarious!

  34. susanlanai

    I’m following on Facebook.

  35. Angela Bailey

    I like Friday the 12th, lol. Thanks.

  36. Harli

    Know your Cranes!

  37. I have two faves, since I tend to quote Billy Madison ALOT!! The Vernonica Vaughn so hot… tee and Stop Looking at me Swan!! Two lines I love!

  38. I have to enter and try to win the “My other ride is your Mom” shirt for hubby. XXL!

  39. Denise Proulx

    Ok this t-shirt is really cool. I would love this shirt It would makke a nice b-day gift

  40. TheDreamer

    I like the ‘that’s what she said’ one for my friend who says it all the time!

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  42. Madeliene

    I like the two nails that say “Let’s get Hammered”.

  43. Amber L.

    I love the “Save The Clocktower” tee

  44. I’d go with the much over-used saying by my hubby “That’s what She Said”

  45. Kenna Rogers

    I like the Looking Good shirt!

  46. I like the “Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed” shirt. LOL!

  47. Christy


  48. AJacobsen

    Wow, can’t decide between the “Rawr means I love you” or the “Smores” tee. Both are so cute!

  49. Weapons of Math Destruction is the shirt I love! I have a math nerd in my house! LOVE IT! Thanks.

  50. I just Fan-ed your NetworkedBlog on Facebook!!! I”m Susan A Chambers Buetow

  51. I”m susieqtpie on twitter and I just tweeted this…
    “Snorg Tees make the best graphic t-shirts around. They are funny, witty, downright entertaining. Win one at”less than 5 seconds ago from web

  52. Can I pick my top 3 faves? LOL!

    I liked Scarebear, Go Green and Make Like a Tree


  53. My tweet.


  54. I absolutely love the It’s Okay Pluto t shirt! Soo adorable 🙂

  55. Fan of your NetworkedBlog on Facebook.

  56. I tweeted about the contest!

  57. Haha! I’d get the “If You Read This It’s Too Late” ninja tee shirt for my husband.

  58. FB Follower too!

    Thank you for the chance{s}

  59. Sometimes alcohol is the answer is perfect for my brother. Great site. too funny

  60. SANDY

    save the clocktower

  61. Deanna Diebler

    Milk, I am your father t shirt!

  62. Claire

    I love the Free Hugs shirt!

  63. Linda White

    RAWR means I love you in Dinosaur! And This shirt is NOT black!!!!!!! And My butt hurts!!!!!!!!! Love them, cool shirts!

  64. ReggieMann

    My favorite is Let’s Bee Friends 🙂

  65. McKim

    I like the Friday the 12th shirt.

  66. Amber G

    I would be ecstatic if I won the “Communists Have No Class” tee!!

  67. Rachel

    I would choose “Choose Wisely” in Cranberry for my fiance. He’s always “Wanna Rock Paper Scissors for it?”

  68. Vicky H.

    “I Was Not Aware That the Bird Is the Word” is one of my faves, aside from all of the ninja shirts.

  69. arielle

    I love the Looking Good and Will Work For Shoes shirt!! SO cute!! 🙂

  70. Alicia Webster

    “Communists Have No Class”

  71. I LOVE “Blood Drive Vampires”, it’s so cute!

  72. Mary D

    Oh I love these T’s … GREAT sayings LOL
    Okay, I would like the Blood Drive Vampires

  73. Valerie

    Best Tee-Your Mom Goes to College
    The new FG one is pretty good ( i was not aware that the bird is the word)

  74. susan varney

    I Need To Get My Drink On” shirt ,

  75. Randy Bailey

    We Will, We Will Rock You

  76. Denise

    I like Chillin’ Out and the Go Green witch shirts.

  77. The ‘That’s What She Said’ tee is my fave! Hubby & I love The Office; He ALWAYS says this if I make say something that could have a double meaning. He’d love it!

  78. Lindsay

    I love the empire urban regeneration tee

  79. christopher h

    love Empire Urban Regeneration

  80. Autumn H.

    i like the “my butt hurts one” hilarious!!

    autumn398 (at)

  81. Carol Lawrence

    I like the flip the bird tee.

  82. david basile

    Rawr Means I Love You

  83. Nanci K

    A lot of good t-shirts. I love the “Catnip” t-shirt

  84. Christina G.

    My favorite is the “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” shirt. Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Christina G.

    I followed on facebook, bayside99

  86. Sylvia Belle

    I want a Friday the 12th T shirt.

  87. Vicky Boackle

    i like the ambulance with the vampires.

  88. Elena

    I love “Get Real, Be Rational”! Thanks for the contest!

  89. Pamela S

    I’d pick “Let’s Bee Friends”

  90. Roxanne

    I love the pirate doctor kit – too cool

  91. Christine V

    Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese

  92. Erica C.

    i’d love the “that’s what she said shirt”

  93. Jennifer Short

    I LOVE “Save the Clocktower”

  94. israel y

    my favorite is the Assistant Regional Manager

  95. Belinda

    My favorite is the Get Real . . . Get Rational tee.

  96. Gina

    These t-shirts are great!!!

  97. I would love the Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts shirt for my husband

  98. Jennifer M

    From SnorgTees, I’d choose I Heart NY…literally. White, men’s XL.

  99. Anika Knight

    i LOVE the “i was not aware the bird is the word” t-shirt i quote that song with my friends all the time!!!!

  100. Anika Knight

    I faned our net work blog

  101. Monique Rizzo

    Free Hugs is my favorite!! Thanks for the chance.

  102. Danielle

    The nothing to fear but fear itself and spiders is my absolute favorite!

  103. Robert Moseley

    We Will, We Will Rock You

  104. Dave

    As a Star Wars fan, I love the Empire Urban Regeneration Program t-shirt. Thank you for the fun give-away.

  105. Sarah

    i love the platypus shirt!

  106. “I have the body of a god”

  107. Tweeted

  108. Rosey

    My all-time favorite shirt from the site, is: The Awesome Meter Never Lies

  109. Mia J.

    I love the chicken or the egg t-shirt.

  110. I love the Your Epidermis Is Showing shirt. I’m in a medical field, and we pull that line on folks sometimes. Some of them really flip out :o)

  111. Amy G.

    So many good shirts to pick from, but I’d have to go with the I am McLovin t-shirt.

  112. Leslie


  113. Robin Stephens

    My favorite is the I’m Not Afraid of the Dark, I;m afraid of the ninjas that hide in the dark t=shirt

  114. Melissa Butler

    I heart PB&J BFF ~ way cute.

  115. Sarah Z

    I like the Rock, Paper, Scissors tee!

  116. Jennifer Blanton

    I like “that’s what she said”

  117. Jennifer Blanton

    following you on facebook

  118. I LIKE THE Our Powers Combined…

  119. Following the facebook network

  120. Catherine

    My fave is:
    With Our Powers Combined…We Are Platypus

  121. Michelle Sell

    I had a great time just looking at the tees and laughing. I love tshirts like this. I personally like the spider monkey tee. That is soooooo funny. I am glad I checked out this sweepstake. Even if I don’t win, I had a great time here. LOL!

  122. Bryanna P.

    I love the “Smile If You’re Not Wearing Undies” shirt…lol

  123. Aisling

    My favorite is “Pi Be Rational”.

  124. Miss Heidi

    I like the Pi Be Rational ladies tee. Thanks.

  125. Sherry Chupka

    I follow on Facebook and like the shirt “everyone knows hoverboards don’t work on water”

  126. Cassie

    I like the Go Green! It reminds me of Elphaba from my favorite musical, Wicked! I would wear this shirt to softball practise!

  127. Susan B

    Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese!

  128. Kyndra Sherman

    The “Go Green” witch shirt is the best from SnorgTees!

  129. Wendy Wallach

    I like the ” scotty doesn’t know” shirt.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  130. ky2here

    Let’s go with ‘know your cranes’.

  131. Edward Valente

    “Milk I am your father” T-Shirt

  132. sandra

    my favorite is the Don’t Act Not Impressed tee

  133. zoey

    The “Pi Be Rational” is my favorite.

  134. Lisa Taylor

    My butt hurts t is my fave

  135. shawna

    I love the Go Green one

  136. Ellie W

    I would love the “You’re my Boy Blue” t-shirt.

  137. jill watkins

    I can haz catz is my favorite- I love those pics!

  138. Carla

    I’d love the Friday the 12th tee!

  139. Lisa G.

    My favorite is the Unlucky Unicorn tee! Thanks!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  140. Lisa G.

    I Tweeted!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  141. Paula H

    I like, I’m Not Afraid of the Dark, I’m Afraid of the Ninjas that Hide in the Dark.

  142. chastidy

    I like Gravity, It’s the Law, Thanks 🙂

  143. Jennifer Hedden

    the “Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed” shirt

  144. Amy B.

    HA, those are some funny shirts! I’ll have to say the “frankly my dear….I don’t give a dam” shirt is my favorite! Thanks~

  145. I CAN HAS CATZ? is my favorite!

  146. I am following you on facebook

  147. I like the “Don’t tell Scotty” tee shirt.

  148. Fan of your NetworkedBlog on Facebook.

  149. Sharon

    It was really hard to pick just one but I’d have to say that my favorite is Pi Be Rational

  150. Mimi the kitten

    I like the women’s “I can has catz?” tee in small.

  151. Samantha Miller

    I like the I’d Hit That tshirt.

  152. Samantha Miller


  153. I love the Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts shirt!

  154. Robert R

    i like the “I like it on top” t-shirt

  155. Helen

    My favorite is Sometimes Y tee.

  156. I like the shirt that says “I drink your milkshake” since Hubby’s a huge fan of that part in There Will Be Blood.

  157. Donna K

    I like Rawr Means I Love You

  158. Crystal F

    I like the Let’s Bee Friends tee! Thank you!

  159. Heather C

    Ha! I just saw their new shirt “I’d hit that” with a 5 and a 6 card on it. Hilarious!

  160. Melissa V

    the You Spin Me Right Round tee is really cool!

  161. Jennifer Jozwiak

    I absolutely love the my butt hurts shirt! HAHA Though i am still wistfully looking at the better than bad it’s good shirt. Gotta love ren and stimpy references.

  162. Veronica Garrett

    I’m Kind Of A big Deal is the best.

  163. Connie

    Dyslexics are teople poo is my favorite T!

  164. Lily Kwan

    I love the Our Powers Combined… shirt!

  165. Lily Kwan

    I became a fan of your NetworkedBlog on Facebook.

  166. jayne

    i love-im kind of a big deal!

  167. Suanne Giddings

    My favorite is the I Love Happy Endings. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

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