The Bubble Planner & Giveaway

Using the Bubble Planner is a simple two-step process. First, write down everything that is on your mind. If any of the items are connected, draw lines between the bubbles to reinforce the connections. Second, use another to page to break down the items from step one. Start with the first item and identify the “Next Physical Action” you need to take to complete the task. Do this for each item until you have a full page. Whichever item feels the most important, start working on it. When you have completed that item either cross it out or highlight it.

Here’s an example (See Diagram). I have to send out a Swap-bot package to a random person expecting fabric from a (you guessed it) swap. In order to accomplish this, I need to pick up the fabric from my store, buy a mailer, and go to the post office. While I’m at my store I might as well pic up my laptop and the dress I just finished for my little cousin. You connect the bubbles of related actions and you get the idea.

This is the Bubble Map theory. Some people do great with bubble maps because they’re supposed to:

  1. Improve Communication with the Brain.
  2. Engage Memory.
  3. Convert Energy into Action.
  4. Offload Mental Processes.
  5. Create Focus and Concentration.
  6. Spark Creativity.
  7. Establish Boundaries.
  8. Support Visual-Spatial Learners.

You can read full descriptions of this list at the Bubble Planner site.

The back of the page is a space for you to create a list – ie grocery shopping. That’s cool, except I have like 5 shopping list booklets around, with an awesome one that I actually use for that purpose. The others end up being notes to the babysitter.

Unfortunately, I’m not into the bubble map system, being more of a linear person myself. My favorite feature of this system was the ability to move pages around, as easily as you would refile a Rolodex card. One gentle tug, and the notches release from the rings. To add more paper or replace a page, just press the notches around the rings.

What I’m going to do is create my own planner pages. I think this is a trend starting in my life. I need something pretty linear with the dates and times already written out, my cleaning routine pre-populated (including daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonally specifics), my daily water intake, exercise goals, and maybe a food log. I could also add in a section to chart the baby’s routine, but I’m pretty good at remembering that stuff.

We are giving away a Bubble Planner. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Tell us which color one you want – My Daily Bubble or Bubbles for Busy Moms
  2. For an extra entry, you can follow us on Twitter. Post a comment here with your Twitter username.
  3. For a third entry you can tweet about this giveaway or post about it on your blog and leave a comment here with either the URL of your post or your twitter profile.
  4. For a fourth subscribe to our RSS feed, leaving a link here to tell us you’ve done so. We’ll be posting more giveaways on Momma’s Review
    soon so subscribing will be a great way for you to stay informed about
    all the great things you can win in the days and weeks to come.
  5. As a final entry donate $1.00 (or more if you’d like) to the I Heart Tucker fund. This can be done through PayPal and your donation would be greatly appreciated. Just visit I Heart Tucker and click on the donate
    button on the right sidebar, you can also enter raffles on the I Heart
    Tucker site with donations you have made!  Make sure to come back and
    tell us you donated.

This giveaway is open to US readers only (sorry to our international readers)!

The contest will close at 12:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday March 25th.

About the Momma:

Amanda @

Mrs. Suzzi Heartbreaker is a homemaker, roller derby vixen, freelance web architect, boutique owner, wife, and mother of two girls. She is a supermom and loves it.


About Amanda Suzzi

playful, lighthearted, patient, kind and compassionate.

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    The My Daily Bubble looks neat! Thanks.

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    Bubbles for Busy Moms and the colors i will be honest i cant find but black or tiger print if have them if not most popular sorry i cant find prints

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