Cleaning just got prettier – Thanks Clorox

picture-701I despise cleaning. It is the one task in my household that I occasionally go on strike for. There is nothing satisfying it in for me. I put in alot of work and determination only to have it back to the same point it was only a short few minutes ago. Sometimes you just need motivation.

I love motivation that is pretty and functional. Clorox has realized that with a new package design and feel. So that their customers can have a great looking product that can sit out at all times, and they can have disinfecting wipes that can keep the house clean and germ free. I love products that multi-task!

The redesigned Clorox Disinfecting Wipes come in a variety of colors and patterns. The one I was lucky enough to try is flowery and fun! They have a suggested retail price of $5.49 for a single canister or $8.99 for a twin pack. Not too shabby.

Perhaps you don’t like any of the patterns they have available? Well, never fear dear readers, you can submit your very own pattern or design. Clorox is hosting a Design it Your Way contest, that allows you to Redesign Clean! Hurry and submit your design by March 15th for your change to win a trip for two to New York City, a $1000 shopping spree from Macy’s and the opportunity to shadow Macy’s talented creative team.

Make sure to answer the below Aloha Friday question. Five commenters will get a little treat!

I’ll finish this off with some questions for Aloha Friday @ An Island Life:

  • How about you? Do you like to clean or loathe it?
  • Have you tried Clorox’s disinfecting wipes? Do you like their new design?
  • What’s the must-have cleaning product in your household?

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19 responses to “Cleaning just got prettier – Thanks Clorox

  1. I do not like to clean, yet I like a clean home. So I clean.
    I adore Clorox Disinfecting wipes. Their knew packaging is attractive looking and could be left out in the bathroom.
    My must have cleaning product would be Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, since I have 3 boys….

  2. Alex

    I totally use wipes all the time (though my bathroom is real dirty right now since I ran out like a month ago). I’m glad the packaging is prettier cause I’ll leave them out for the rest of the family to clean now too.

  3. I too do not like to clean but like a clean house! I use the clorox wipes all the time, especially for my kitchen and bathroom countertops.

  4. like to clean when I am in the mood for it.

    I have not tried them yet but I love the new design of Clorox’s disinfecting wipes

    Clorox is my must-have cleaning product , I use it to clean the kitchen and bathroom.

  5. I do not like to clean at all.

    Yes, I love the new Clorox Wipes. The new containers are pretty and so much easier to get a wipe out of.

    Must-have for us – wipes to clean up messes from little ones quickly.

  6. I hate cleaning! I have the new Clorox Wipes and the new container is wonderful!

  7. I hate cleaning but LOVE when the house is clean.

    I have to agree with everyone else–disinfecting wipes are the one must have product.

  8. I hate cleaning but it feels good to do a down & dirty Spring cleaning, we are about to do this.

  9. Yep, love me some Clorox wipes although I need my Lysol Kitchen counter cleaner more. I use that all of the time!

  10. Kari A.

    I love to clean when I don’t have the time… there is something about my personality there…
    I love Clorox wipes and have them in each bathroom, kitchen and car.
    My must-have cleaning product is Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner, Lemon.

  11. Deborah R

    I don’t like most cleaning tasks, but I don’t like a dirty or messy home, so I just bite the bullet and do it.

    I love Clorox wipes, especially for small, quick jobs like cleaning all the doorknobs or light switches. I haven’t tried the new canister design yet.

    My must-have cleaning products are Clorox wipes and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

  12. No I do not like to clean, I feel it’s pointless when it only lasts for a good 5 minutes.

    I of course use Clorox Wipes

    My must have is a good multi purpose cleaner that will do surface, floors and windows all in one. I’m kind of cheap when it comes to buying cleaning stuff. The less I need to buy the better.

  13. I’m reviewing this, too! Love it!

  14. Jackie

    Most of the time, I don’t mind cleaning. It’s when someone calls and says that they are stopping by and I have to speed-clean that I don’t like it as much.
    I have tried Clorox’s disinfecting wipes and I love them. I havent purchased them in the pretty container yet though.
    I think the must-have product in my house is Windex. I use it quite a bit on mirrors, window, the stovetop, etc….

  15. I’m not a fan of cleaning, which you would clearly notice if this was a video comment. That said, I love the new design; those Clorox folks are smart!!

  16. cherice

    Not a big fan of cleaning, yet I can’t stand a dirty house! I have tried (and love) the clorox wipes, but not in the new beautiful designs they just came out with. These would be great to keep in the bathroom (the old ones were under the sink, but with the new print you can’t tell what they are). I use them on everything because they are really easy to use! Thanks.

  17. I’m not a great “deep” cleaner – ha – that’s probably an understatement! My kids used to write their name in the dust on the furniture! But I do like a “picked-up” house – I don’t love the clorox wipes, but there is another brand made for granite counter tops and stovetops etc that I really like for the kitchen and bathroom.

  18. SANDY

    # How about you? Do you like to clean or loathe it? loathe unless I am in a mood
    # Have you tried Clorox’s disinfecting wipes? Do you like their new design?yes I have tried..nope not the new deisgn
    # What’s the must-have cleaning product in your household? actually these wipes in the yellow and green containers are all over- bathrooms- by computer, by the front door, in car, in kitchen so these are- germs yuck and using these are not like cleaning- but I guess it is

  19. Gina Falco

    It’s pretty and clean!

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