Giveaway: Party like a [Belkin] RockStar


My iPod Nano 4th generation has become a third limb to me every since I was given it as a Christmas present.  Now I’m addicted to accessorizing it thanks to companies like Belkin. Belkin makes great products that are not only for the iPod brand, I can use many of them for my other Sansa MP3 players.

One of the products that jumped out at me when I checked out the Belkin website is their Sport Armband Plus with Fast Fit. When the package came I immediately tossed out the directions and fit my iPod Nano into this sport sleeve. The iPod fit slightly off, more to one side of the holder. It wasn’t an exact fit, though the buttons all worked fine through the plastic covering. I was able to wrap my iHearSafe headphones around the small tab that clips onto the armband so they weren’t bouncing around and without looking I pulled it onto my arm and with a quick tightening it stayed right in place. I wish I ran, because I would be using it right now during a nice jog.

Belkin’s most unique product has to be the RockStar. This is the perfect gift for any tween or teen in your life. The RockStar lets you create your own mini concert with you and your friends. The small star shaped device is about the size of the palm of your hand. It plugs into any mp3 player headphone jack, then allows up to five headphones to listen in! You can even plug in multiple mp3 players and mix songs together. I ended up sharing this with my 16 year old brother in law who loves having new electronics that no one else has. He’s been using it nonstop to share music with his friends. It does not seem to hurt the sound quality at all the more people who listen in.

Not sure what you need for your iPod or MP3 player? Belkin provides their customers with a Product Wizard that helps you figure out exactly what you can use for your specific MP3 Player. I put my iPod Nano through the product wizard and was able to figure out what I could get. My favorite is the What’s Hot section which told me that the best accessories would be:

Sonic Wave Two-Tone Silicone Sleeve for iPod nano (4th Gen)

Remix Metal for iPod nano (4th Gen)

Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

RockStar for iPod and MP3 Players

We are giving away a Belkin RockStar for the iPod and other Mp3 players. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Visit the Belkin website and tell us what your favorite product is. Not sure what to get? Use the Product Wizard to help! This is mandatory to enter this giveaway. If this is not done all other entries are null and void.
  2. For an extra entry, you can follow us on Twitter. Post a comment here with your Twitter username.
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This giveaway is open to US readers only (sorry to our international readers)!

The contest will close at 12:00 p.m. EST on Friday March 20th.


About Andrea @ Red Knows How

I am a telecommuting professional and a Mom of two young girls.

148 responses to “Giveaway: Party like a [Belkin] RockStar

  1. adrienne Gordon

    i love the ipod classic armband

  2. I like the classic armband.

  3. susan

    I love the product wizard ~ it helped me to pick out the Conceal Surge Protector. Just want I need!

  4. susan

    I subscribe.

  5. B.W.

    I like the N+ wireless router.

  6. susan varney

    the ipod classic armband

  7. Denyse

    I love the :
    Washable Mouse

  8. Brian N.

    Nano armband – great for working out

  9. Margaret Smith

    I love the Sport Armband for iPod nano. I could really use one of these. Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  10. Malissa Cochrane

    It’s for gaming and my husband and son would love it.

  11. Karen Gonyea

    Nano armband – wonderful idea 🙂

  12. Kiara

    I like the classic armband.


    washable mouse is adorable

  14. Marilyn Wons

    The Holster Case for Zune is my favorite product!

  15. Terri G.

    I like the Flora Sleeve for my Laptop.

  16. Terri G.

    I follow on Twitter.

  17. Terri G.
    I tweeted about giveaway

  18. I would LOVE the Rockstar for my 3 boys…what a help that would be at the doctor’s office!

  19. Janna Johnson

    I’d like to have the Cushtop for my laptop!

    Thanks for entering me! Great Contest!

    Janna Johnson

  20. Leather Pull-Tab Holster for iPod touch (2nd Gen)is one and the Retractable Travel Mouse.

  21. michelle

    I like their flora laptop sleeve.


  22. michelle

    I subscribe


  23. Randall Curran

    I have an Ipod, but no accessories so this would be great to win.

  24. Cynthia C

    I really need the Screen Overlay for my IPod Classic. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. Florence Bellamy

    I love the classic armband.

  26. clenna in NH

    I really need the Leather Folio for iPod classic.

  27. david basile

    nano 3g

  28. Sylvia Belle

    I qould like acessories

  29. Amy

    I like the Ipod nano travel case. My son has a Nano & I know he could use something like this.

  30. Amy

    I follow you on Twitter.

  31. Denise B.

    I could use a wireless travel mouse.

  32. LeRoy Thomas

    The router looks cool!

  33. The sport armband is cool!@

  34. jayne

    I love the sport armband!

  35. Katie

    the connector is pretty sick 😛

  36. Claudia

    i like the CushTop … the laptop can get pretty hot :0


  37. Claudia

    subscriber 🙂

  38. djp

    sign me up

  39. Gary Collister

    I really like Belkin products because they are quality.

  40. the sport armband for ipod nano would work great for me.

  41. Elizabeth Moore Reye

    I like the Tunestudio!

  42. I love the sports armband!

  43. I like the Laptop Cool Strip…I have been meaning to get one of these for my laptop. We have a Belkin router in our house, but I had no idea they have so many cool products! Thanks for the great info.

  44. I follow you on Twitter: EightyMPHMom

  45. I’ve tweeted:

  46. I’m a happy subscriber!

  47. Yvonne Huff

    I like the Flythru Laptop Case. I don’t do a lot of flying, I just like the case.

  48. love the retractable travel mouse!

  49. twitter follower

  50. Jacob LaFountaine

    Sonic Wave Two-Tone Silicone Sleeve for iPod touch (2nd Gen)

  51. Sandra Chapin

    I soooo need this.

  52. My fave is the FlyWire!

  53. Follow you on Twitter (aitmama).

  54. keith reardon

    i like the ipod classic armband

  55. Sarah

    i like the flora laptop sleeve!

  56. Jason

    I like the retractable travel mouse

  57. Holly

    I like the leather folio to put my IPOD Classic in.

  58. auntdebbie

    I like the laptop cool strip is the best

  59. Gina Falco

    This stuff is cool and comes in very handy

  60. Ashley K.

    I like the rockstar! 🙂

  61. Wendy

    I liked the rockstar accessory. I bothers me when my kids shrare headphones. This will take care of that problem!

  62. I really like the wireless mouse!

  63. I really want the Leather Folio for iPod classic!

  64. Following on twitter ~ momof2dancers

  65. paul haddock

    classic armband

  66. Rosanne

    I would get the Surge Protection Wizard for my laptop as we get a lot of electrical storms here and sometimes I forget to unplug it.

  67. Rosanne

    I’m a subscriber

  68. Christine

    I like the sport armband for the IPOD shuffle. thanks.

  69. Christine

    I am a subscriber. Thanks!

  70. James Jenkins


  71. Jeff Donahue

    HDMI™ 3-to-1 Video Switch AV24502tt

  72. Ken Robinson

    I like the FlyWire™ wireless HD interface. It would make wiring a two story house unnecessary. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  73. Vicki Wurgler

    I’d like the Flythru Laptop Case

  74. JDS

    I would love to have the Cush Top for my laptop.

  75. JDS

    I subscribe and follow through Google Reader

  76. cherice

    The Belkin’s Conserve Energy-Saving Surge Protector looks great! Thanks.

  77. cherice

    I subscribe via e-mail. Thanks.

  78. liza767

    ipod 5g

  79. liza767

    liza767 follows you

  80. liza767

    i get RSS feed but cant get there everyday you need newsletter

  81. Andrea @ Red Knows How

    Liza, if you look in the top right hand corner you’ll see a link that says “Subscribe to Momma’s Review – Products, Places, and Things by Email” by clicking that you can get a daily email with Mommas Review’s posts! Here is a direct link for you. Subscribe via Email

  82. John Urbigkeit

    Looks like a real cool product… thank you

  83. julieh

    I have sadly dropped my ipod a few times, though it still works! So, this would help my clumsiness tremendously!

  84. reva skie

    I like the Remix Metal for iPod nano case.

  85. Sarah Z

    I like the Laptop Hideaway!

  86. christopher h

    id get the Leather Folio for iPod touch

  87. I would like to have the Leather Folio for iPod nano (4th Gen).

  88. The Armband for the ipod shuffle would be perfect for when I’m running. But that rockstar accessory looks really cool and perfect for plane or train rides. Thanks!

  89. Timothy Sternberg

    I love the ipod classic armband.

  90. Leather Folio for iPod touch 🙂

  91. I subscribe 🙂

  92. I follow on Twitter (Lori72) 🙂

  93. Laura

    I like the cush top for laptops.

  94. I’m loving the Cushtop

  95. Paula H

    I love my Leather Pull-Tab Holster for iPod touch.

  96. Jennifer Blanton

    leather folio for ipod nano (4th gen)

  97. Jennifer Blanton

    I subscribe

  98. Jennifer Blanton

    following you on twitter

  99. Megan Martin

    The Surge Protector with the Remote Switch sounds like a great money-saving product, but a girl can always use a few good iPod accessories. It’s a toss up. 😉

  100. Gabriel J.

    I like the wireless mouse.

  101. Jammie

    I like the palmone cell phone

  102. Yvette

    The classic armband is by far the best!

  103. Karen

    I love the TuneCast Auto for iPod, just what I need for in the car!

  104. Maybe if I get the Sport Armband I’ll start running! (again).

  105. Paula Harmon

    My fave product is the laptop Cushtop. I have never seen anything like that before. They really have cool and different things.

  106. Kathy Scott

    the classic armband would be awesome to have.

  107. Marion B

    I like the washable mouse!

  108. Jennifer Hedden

    the FlyWire

  109. Dani B.

    I LOVE the classic armband!

  110. Brianna

    Remix Metal for iPod nano.

    Crimsonpawprints (at)

  111. Diane Baum

    The classic armband is very cool.

  112. Rachel S.

    I like the Sport Armband Plus. I already have an armband, but this one looks a lot more comfortable and looks neater!

  113. Laura G

    The N+ wireless router is nice.

  114. Linda Moeller

    I like the sports armband

  115. My favorite product on their site is the n52te. this will definitely make the competition look differently at you!

  116. Robert Moseley

    Nano armband

  117. I like the Cushtop for my laptop. (in black, of course)

  118. I like the Wireless Travel Mouse.

  119. I’m following you on Twitter (username ThriftyJinxy)

  120. Sherry R

    I would love the Sport Armband for iPod shuffle!

  121. Sherry R

    I subscribe in Google reader.

  122. Robert R

    Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger

  123. Suanne Giddings

    My favorite is the N1 Wireless Router # F5D8231-4 . Thank you so very much for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  124. Heather

    I like the Wireless Travel Mouse!

  125. Heather


  126. Molly Capel

    I would love to have the Sonic Wave Two-Tone Silicone Sleeve for iPod touch (2nd Gen). This would be perfect for my Ipod Touch.

  127. Helen

    I like the Sport Armband for iPod shuffle.

  128. Roxann

    I like the TuneCast Auto for the Ipod.

  129. Trudee Carreiro

    I love the sports armband for the iPod shuffle

  130. Roxann

    I follow you on twitter. My name is ladyt64 on Twitter.

  131. Charles Eartly

    Classic armband for sure. Could use one of those!

  132. Peggy Doty

    What I love and need is the Formed Leather Case for iPhone.

  133. Veronica Garrett

    The Acrylic Case for Zune is my favorite.

  134. Lily Kwan

    I love the Universal Media Reader!

  135. R Hicks

    I love their Flythru Laptop Case. A must have if you fly a lot!

  136. R Hicks

    following you on twitter


  137. R Hicks


  138. Heather C

    OMG! FlyWire is awesome!

  139. Heather C

    I follow on twitter.

  140. Linz

    I have just discovered (and it is now a favorite) the FlyWire – thanks to this giveaway site – The FlyWire sounds really exciting … the way it enables one to relocate or hide components and mount the flat-panel HDTV anywhere -even outside of the house. I want one of those !

  141. D Johnson


  142. T

    I like the Leather Folio for iPod touch – it would be nice to store it in that when it’s not in use.


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