Giveaway: See Kai Run (Urban Footwear For First Steps)

I don’t know about you but I’m always on the lookout for the perfect shoe for my son’s ever-growing feet. I want something that fits well and is healthy for his developing feet – and it’d be cool if they looked nice, too. It’s kind of sad to walk into the shoe department and see rows upon rows of pretty pink shoes for pretty pink-loving girls and about three options for your little boy. What if I don’t like options 1, 2 or 3? And are any of them the right shoe? Will they foster good foot development, be easy to run, jump and play in and last as long as his feet will fit them?

In 2002 Cause Haun gave birth to a little boy named Kai. In 2004 she created See Kai Run, a line of shoes (for boys or girls!) that match the description of my little wish list in the previous paragraph – they are healthy for developing feet boasting flexible soles, wide openings and plenty of toe box room (room for tiny toes to breathe and grow), and a leather lining that is breathable and durable. Not to mention that these shoes ooze style. I recently received a pair of Dominic shoes from See Kai Run for my two year old son and I was very impressed.

From the fun shoe box that my son commandeered for playtime, to the adorable shoes inside with an adorable sole featuring tiny little letters on tiny blocks, spelling words like jump, dance and dream (all of which they can do with ease while wearing these shoes). To put it simply, these shoes are fun! And they fit my son very well – I love that they are so thin and breathable, very easy to move around in, something that I have found is not common in a toddler boot. These are not the stiff, bulky boots that we so often find that make walking with him an even bigger pain than usual. These boots were made for walking and they’re so stylish! They have dozens of styles, with sizes ranging from infants to toddlers to 8 year olds.

Want a chance to win a pair for your own little one? We’re giving away a pair of shoes from either the See Kai Run (6 months – 3 years) collection or Smaller (0-18 months) collection to one lucky reader. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. To be eligible to win check out the See Kai Run collection or the Smaller collection and tell us which style shoe is your favorite. You must do this to be entered into the contest.
  2. For an extra entry, you can follow us on Twitter. Post a comment here with your Twitter username.
  3. For a third entry you can tweet about this giveaway or post about it on your blog and leave a comment here with either the URL of your post or your twitter profile.
  4. For a fourth subscribe to our RSS feed, leaving a link here to tell us you’ve done so. We’ll be posting more giveaways on Momma’s Review soon so subscribing will be a great way for you to stay informed about all the great things you can win in the days and weeks to come.
  5. For a fifth entry you can sign up for the See Kai Run email newsletter (sign up can be found on their home page). Post a comment here telling us you’ve done so.
  6. As a final entry donate $1.00 (or more if you’d like) to the I Heart Tucker fund. This can be done through PayPal and your donation would be greatly appreciated. Just visit I Heart Tucker and click on the donate button on the right sidebar, you can also enter raffles on the I Heart Tucker site with donations you have made!  Make sure to come back and tell us you donated.

This giveaway is open to all US and Canadian Residents (sorry international readers)!

The contest will close at 12:00 p.m. EST on Friday March 6th.

Want yet another chance to win a pair of shoes from See Kai Run? Cause Hun is celebrating the release of the new spring / summer line by giving away a pair of shoes from the Smaller or See Kai Run collections every day for the month of February!


About Jen E @ mommablogsalot

Mom to an 11 yr old son & a 7 year old daughter. I'm almost always found behind the camera, in front of the computer, lost in a good book or dragging my family on another new adventure.

264 responses to “Giveaway: See Kai Run (Urban Footwear For First Steps)

  1. ellen cunningham

    I like the henry pair. Thanks for the chance.

  2. ellen cunningham

    I am a subscriber.

  3. Amy

    I like the Grayson pair. Cute shoes!

  4. Amy

    I follow on twitter – @playhereoften

  5. Michael Capp


  6. Karen

    The Spencer in size 7!

  7. susan varney

    i love the kian

  8. Lindsay

    I love the Grayson sandal

  9. Destiny

    I absolutely love the Kaya, it’s fantastic!


    love the melody- they are adorable

  11. Carol

    I adore the See Kai Run Clara shoes.

  12. Carol

    I follow you on Twitter. (cdziuba)

  13. Carol

    I subscribe.

  14. Carol

    I get the See Kai Run email newsletter.

  15. I love the Carter shoe!

  16. veronica svatos

    Sylvia in size 5 is fabulous!

  17. I’ve always liked the Bunny Booties from the smaller collection. But the Celeste shoes are cute too 🙂

  18. Following on Twitter {MrsCox}

  19. Google reader subscriber: erinstargirl{at}msn{dot}com

  20. See Kai Run newsletter subscriber: erinstargirl{at}msn{dot}com

  21. I donated to Tucker previously – erinstargirl{at}msn{dot}com

  22. C. clemens

    i like the Isabella

  23. Sheila H

    I love teh Gavins from the smaller line!!

  24. Sheila H

    I follow on twitter, mom2anutball

  25. Sheila H

    IM subscribed to your feed!

  26. Sheila H

    Im on See Kai Runs mailing list!!!

  27. adrienne Gordon

    The Isabella

  28. Denise

    I’d love the cream/brown trainers.

  29. Margaret Smith

    I love the Jayce Shoes. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

  30. ecky

    i love the sylvias

  31. ecky

    i get the newsletter

  32. Mary Jenkins

    The Nancy shoes are super sweet!

  33. Mary Jenkins

    I subscribe to your feeed!

  34. well i realy like all the girl shoes and one of them i like is cameron sky shoes please enter me infor this thanks

  35. Stephanie V

    So hard to choose – love Jayce, Ocean, and Kenso just to name a few.

  36. Stephanie V

    I subscribe to See Kai Run’s newsletter.

  37. susan

    I love the Peter.

  38. susan

    I subscribe.

  39. susan

    I subscribe to see kai run’s newsletter.

  40. Donna

    I like the Isabella sandals.

  41. Vicky H.

    I like the new Maverick design~

  42. Rose

    The Jude shoe is my favorite. Thanks!

  43. I love the SKR Cameron Sky sandals and the Melody shoes.

  44. I follow you on Twitter (simplyandreah)

  45. I subscribe to the See Kai Run newsletter.

  46. Carol Donnermeyer

    would love these for my granddaughters.

  47. I heart the Anne and Rhonda ~ very cute.

  48. Erin Solano

    I like the Grayson pair.

  49. Erin Solano

    I subscribe.

  50. Those are so adorable, I’d have to pick Dominic for my boy!

  51. subscribe via google reader

  52. Amanda U.

    I’d love to get the Nancys from the Smaller line.

  53. Amanda U.

    I’m a twitter follower (amandatinkerbel)

  54. Amanda U.

    I’m a subscriber.

  55. Amanda U.

    I subscribe to See Kai Run’s newsletter.

  56. I love the Finn Shoes.

  57. I follow you on Twitter.

  58. I get the See Kai Run newsletter.

  59. Cynthia C

    I like Anne from the Smaller Collection. Thanks for the giveaway.

  60. Kristi C

    My favorite is Jackson.

  61. Zeliha S

    Would love to win this!

  62. Lillian Grace are my favorite – so cute!

  63. I follow you on Twitter – name is mtejen

  64. I’ve donated to I Heart Tucker!

  65. Love the Yuna shoes for my grand-daughter.

  66. Following on Twitter


  68. Gina Stratos

    I like the Lilly Jean shoes

  69. Gina Stratos

    Following (gkstratos)

  70. Gina Stratos

    Signed up for See Kai Run newsletter

  71. Denise B.

    I like the “Larkin” in Size 9.

  72. Arin

    I love the JAYCE shoe, so cute!

  73. Jean

    Love the Astrid shoes from the Smaller line!

  74. Kate

    I like the Henry, they would go with everything and would be great for my son

  75. Kate

    following on twitter – kdkdkd

  76. Kate

    email subscriber to see kai run

  77. I love the cute little flower on the Jennae shoes!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  78. I am following on Twitter. My name is ptowngirl.

  79. Rachel

    The Kaya in size 4 are too cute!

  80. laura

    love the kenso


  81. Andria

    I love the Grayson

  82. ReggieMann

    My favorite shoe style is “Clara” 🙂

  83. Nicole A

    My fav style is the Peggy – its SO cute!!!

  84. Kari A.

    My favorite is the Beckett in the smaller line!

  85. Kari A.

    I follow on Twitter (username: kariellen).

  86. Kari A.

    I tweeted.

    user profile

  87. Kari A.

    I am signed up for See Kai Run’s newsletter.

  88. Tina Sylvester

    following on twitter ://

  89. Tina Sylvester

    I like the june shoe toddler size

  90. Simone

    My fav is the Becket. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  91. Simone

    I subscribe to the See Kai Run newsletter. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  92. Simone

    I follow you on twitter. @bluenude3 Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  93. Simone I tweeted! @bluenude3 Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  94. I follow on twitter

  95. i follow on blogger

  96. I am already in See Kai Run’s email list

  97. Shawn

    I love the Elaine shoes for my little girl!

    correaohana at gmail dot com


  98. Shawn

    I signed up for the see kai run email list.


  99. kristi blackstone

    Peter are my favs! I’d love to win them for my son!

  100. Christy G.

    My favorite is the Anne. Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Christy G.

    I followed on twitter, christygold

  102. Christy G.

    I subscribed via reader.

  103. Christy G.

    I signed up for the See Kai Run newsletter.

  104. Kirsten

    My favorite pair: June!

  105. Kirsten

    I follow you on twitter

  106. Kirsten

    I subscribe to the see kai run newsletter

  107. Kirsten

    I subscribe

  108. Sky

    I love the Clara shoes. Who wouldn’t love pink shoes??

  109. Sky

    I follow you on Twitter, I’m SeeryUs.

  110. Sky

    I tweeted about the contest on twitter…

  111. Sky

    I’m a subscriber to Momma’s Review!

  112. I like the Sasha boots from the Smaller line.

  113. I follow you on Twitter (ReizaM).

  114. I’m signed up for their newsletter.

  115. i love the dorthy style

  116. andrea v

    I would love to win Kaya pair. thanks

  117. andrea v

    I’m already a subscriber to see kai run.

  118. I love the Sasha boots in the Smaller collection

  119. Evelyn

    I have 3 faves I’m trying to save for:

  120. i like the paddy shoes for my little toddler!
    great product!
    charm 32 @ y mail . com

  121. charm32 follow mammasreview in twitter

  122. Karmen Kiler

    I love the Anne in the smaller collection!


  123. Joni

    I love the Jennae’s. They are so adorable!

  124. Stephanie

    I like the Jackson. We have the Paul, and my son LOVES them.

    mommy2mylilboy {at} yahoo {dot} com

  125. Sarah

    I love the June!!!

  126. Sarah

    I am subscribed to the see kai run newsletter.

  127. Kerry

    I love the Elaine from the See Kai Run line

  128. Kristin A

    The Sofia is my favorite.

  129. I like the tamar shoes in smaller section

  130. following on twitter name is shopannies

  131. twittered about the giveaway

  132. My fave shoes are the Clara.

  133. Follow you on Twitter (aitmama).

  134. Subscriber to the See Kai Run newsletter.

  135. I like the Celeste. Thanks for the chance!

  136. I follow you on twitter. I’m @evolvingmommy .

  137. I receive the See Kai Run newsletter. Thanks again!

  138. Sarah

    I like the Jayce shoes

  139. Jennifer

    I like the Indria shoes

  140. Jennifer

    I signed up for the See Kai Run newsletter.

  141. Barbara J

    I like the Cameron Sky – it’s a little funky but cute as heck!

  142. Barbara J

    I subscribe to the See Kai Run newsletter. Thanks for the chance to win.

  143. Megan

    I like the Ashley Maija pair. Thanks! 🙂

  144. Megan

    I subscribe to the SKR newletter.

  145. Sue

    I just love the Forrest shoes. Thanks for sharing~

  146. Vicky Boackle

    i like the grayson.

  147. Jessica Cote

    I like the Kadence!

  148. Terry C

    I love the Isabella shoes! So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  149. judy brittle

    I really think the Melody shoes are wonderful! Thank you!

  150. judy brittle

    I’m a subscriber.

  151. judy brittle

    I follow on Twitter,kewpiedoll04

  152. judy brittle

    I’m signed up for See Kai Run newsletter.

  153. judy brittle

    I donated.

  154. Holly

    I’d love Grayson in size 6 for my one year old son’s summer shoes- so cute!!

  155. Holly

    I also signed up for the newsletter!

  156. Aisling

    The Sasha shoes from the Smaller Collection are my favorites.

  157. Aisling

    I’ve signed up for the See Kai Run newsletter.

  158. allie

    i love the BENT shoes!

  159. allie

    i’m following on twitter (aplotaxisamomum)

  160. allie

    i subscribed to your RSS feed.

  161. allie

    i signed up for the SKR email list

  162. TC

    The Emilie shoe is adorable!

  163. TC

    I’ve also signed up for the See Kai Run newsletter.

  164. Dierdra Byrd


  165. Dierdra Byrd

    For a fifth entry you can sign up for the See Kai Run email newsletter (sign up can be found on their home page). Post a comment here telling us you’ve done so.

    I did this

  166. jayne

    I love the Isabella’s!

  167. jayne

    I have also subscribed to their newsletter!

  168. sandra wright

    Lindsay from the smaller line in 6-9 months! We are expecting our first in 3 weeks! We are so excited and can’t wait to dress her up! This would be wonderful! Thanks for the chance and for having a great site to keep me entertained while I am on bed rest!

  169. badams

    i like the ocean in 6 for my son

  170. carol

    I love the Sophia pink shoe. So cute!

  171. carol

    I subscribe to See Kai Run at

  172. Rhonda Clemens

    I would so love to win this for my family. Thanks for the great contest & please enter me 🙂

  173. Terra Heck

    My favorite pair is Kaya from the See Kai Run line. Thanks.

  174. Brittney

    I love the peter style. My LO has so many clothes that would match these darling shoes!

  175. Sherry R

    My favorite is Grayson!

    jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

  176. Sherry R

    I’m a subscriber.

    jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

  177. Sherry R

    I’ve signed up for the See Kai Run newsletter.

    jnkrim (at) qwestoffice (dot) net

  178. Stacy

    The Boden are such cute shoes.

  179. Aura

    I like the Melody shoes for my daughter

  180. Aura

    I follow you

  181. Heather M

    Lowena in a 6 are my fav’s! Thanks

  182. Janet

    I heart the dominic boots for my grandson:)

  183. Jennifer Hedden


  184. Paula H

    I like the Spencer shoes.

  185. Ashley

    The Benson style is my favorite.

  186. Ashley

    I subscribed to your feed.

  187. Ashley

    I am a SKR newsletter subscriber.

  188. I adore the See Kai Run Jennae pair…so adorable with the little peekaboo toe!!! Thanks so much :O)

  189. Signed up for See Kai Run newsletter :O)

  190. I subscribe to your RSS feed. Thanks!!!!

  191. Tobster

    I love the astrids.

  192. Erma

    I would love the chance to win, thanks.

  193. I like the Finn shoes from the Smaller collection!

  194. Eileen Burke

    I love the isabella!

  195. I follow you on Twitter (sendtocindy).

  196. Eileen Burke

    Following on twitter–username Leenburke

  197. Eileen Burke

    Subscribed to feed

  198. mir

    I’d love Anne for my baby girl.

  199. mir

    I subscribe to See Kai Run newsletter.

  200. Barbara

    Sophia is very cute!

  201. shawna

    I like the Isabella style!

  202. Jennifer W.

    I would pick the Anne.

  203. Melissa O.

    Becket is my favorite! Thank you

  204. Melissa O.

    I am subscribed to your feed.

  205. Lisa Taylor

    I love the Peggy shoes

  206. Casey Becher

    I love the Jennae shoes!

  207. Candie L

    I love the Bent shoes. Thank you

  208. Kaycee

    I LOVE the Becket! But of course I LOVE so many! These are super cute!! Thanks for the chance- would love to win these for my new baby!

    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  209. Kaycee

    I follow on Twitter!

    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  210. Kaycee


    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  211. Kaycee

    I’m a subscriber!!

    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  212. Sherri B.

    The Holly pair is my fave!!!!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  213. Sherri B.

    I am already subscribed to their newsletter!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  214. Brooke

    The Nancy in the smaller collection has always been a favorite of mine… Perhaps that is why I like the Kadence also…

  215. Mark W

    i like the Isabella

  216. Carla Pullum

    I like the Jayce size 9!

  217. Suanne Giddings

    My favorites are the Kaya from the See Kai Run line. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  218. michelle

    i follow on twitter

  219. michelle

    i subscribed

  220. michelle

    i love the henry shoes

    please entry me to win

  221. Erin Daly

    So many great styles but my favorite is the Kenso.

  222. Erin Daly

    I follow you on Twitter. My username is WMVOSS.

  223. Erin Daly

    I tweeted about this great contest. Here is the link –

  224. Erin Daly

    I subscribe to your feed via Google Reader.

  225. Erin Daly

    I subscribed to the See Kai Run newsletter.

  226. Judy Y

    What great prices on very trendy shoes. I bookmarked this page for my next shoe buying event. I love the Indria sandals for summertime. Size 6 for us.


  227. Heather G

    I would love the Grayson!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  228. Carter are my favorite

  229. Dan

    I like the Lowena

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