Giveaway: Vera Bradley Diaper Bags

I went to a baby shower a couple of years ago and the mother received a Vera Bradley diaper bag (stuffed to the brim with adorable baby things of course) and I can vividly remember being amazed at not only how much it could hold, but how well it could hold it all! You may think a bag is just a bag, but it would seem that where Vera Bradley is concerned, that simply isn’t true. I’ve coveted these bags ever since and was so excited when I got the opportunity to receive a bag of my very own to review! You guys should be excited, too, because we also received two bags to give away to two lucky readers!

Here are some of my favorite things about my Vera Bradley bag:

  • First off, the bag has 11 pockets inside and out, giving everything a place of it’s own, making it ideal for the most organized (or most in need of organization) mothers. You can not only fit all of your baby’s needs inside this bag, you’ll easily be able to find everything inside it!
  • The interior of the bag is lined, making it easy to clean after any of life’s messes. The bag also comes with a terry-covered changing pad with coordinating trim that’s also easily washable. My friend washes her entire bag and changing pad in the washing machine with no problems.
  • Lastly, I love the length of the shoulder straps (12″ drop) and how well it distributes it’s weight. It felt instantly comfortable, even once filled and hung just right over my shoulder.

Want a Vera Bradley diaper bag to call your very own? We’re giving away two bags to two lucky readers (bag styles available are the Cupcake Pink and Cupcake Green). Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. To be eligible to win one of these bags, check out Vera Bradley’s Signature Collection and tell us which other bag style is your favorite in the Signature Collection. You must do this to be entered into the contest.
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This giveaway is open to all US Residents (sorry international readers)! The contest will close at 12:00 p.m. EST on Monday March 2nd.


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Mom to an 11 yr old son & a 7 year old daughter. I'm almost always found behind the camera, in front of the computer, lost in a good book or dragging my family on another new adventure.

465 responses to “Giveaway: Vera Bradley Diaper Bags

  1. Stephanie Plante

    For some reason the Tic Tac Tote really grabbed me. It seems like it would work perfctly for both purse and diaper bag!

  2. Gwen G

    Great prize. Eyecatching bag, what a great way to carry all those baby things!!

  3. Angela Bailey

    I love the Gabby. Thanks.

  4. Angela Bailey

    I follow you on Twitter. I am theladya. Thanks.

  5. Sky

    You know I love pink! The Pinwheel Pink is really lovely. What a great giveaway!!

  6. Sky

    I tweeted!

  7. Leah

    I like the morgan, in the cupcake green.

  8. Toryn Bright

    Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Vera Bradley fan and like just about everything they offer… however, the ‘let’s do lunch’ bag (which is insulated) is great. Also, its the perfect compliment to a diaper bag in order to keep bottles cold while traveling!

  9. Carol

    I like the Large Duffel – $80, and the Libby – $58 now $34.80.

  10. Carol

    I follow you on Twitter (name is cdziuba).

  11. Carol

    I subscribe!

  12. Margaret Smith

    What beautiful bags! I love the Weekender bag. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.

  13. Carol

    I posted on Twitter.

    cdziuba Lovely diaper bag giveaway.
    half a minute ago from web

  14. I adore the Raspberry Fizz Bucket Tote.

  15. I follow you on Twitter. (knittingmomof3)

  16. I am torn between the Audrey and the backpack. I love them both. But I love anything Vera Bradley!!!

  17. SANDY

    Mediterranean Blue Laptop Portfolio is beyond beautiful

  18. I am now following you on twitter. my twittername is zeebabee

  19. christina singer

    I love the large tic tac tote. so pretty and really big!

  20. I just twittered about the giveaway 🙂

  21. Maureen

    I love Vera Bradley. I love the backpack because I would then be able to have hands free when I am with the kids and have their little hands in my hands.

  22. I am indeed a subscriber. 🙂

  23. LaPaula Fyffe

    These bags are so versatile, I need a bag that big for my daily stuff.

  24. Love the Mod Floral Pink Vera! Thanks for this chance to win! 😉

  25. Betty N

    I like the Frankly Scarlet Morgan bag. (There are a lot of bags there that I like either for myself or as gifts for others!)

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  27. i like the white mediterranean betsy the best…

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  31. Amy

    I love the backpack! It’s easily accessible and big enough to store all “mommy goodies”!

  32. Linda White

    the weekender

  33. susan varney


  34. Deb

    I love the laptop portfolio. And the large duffel. Thanks for the chance to win the diaper bag!

  35. Deb

    I just subscribed via Bloglines.

  36. Denise

    I love the villager. They all look so fun it was hard to decide!

  37. I really love the betsy!!

  38. Victoria

    I love the weekender!

  39. Victoria

    I subscribed to your feed through my yahoo.

  40. Amy

    I like the laptop bag in Java Blue!

  41. Amy

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  42. I love the Morgan in PURPLE PUNCH! Oh gosh this is gorgeous! Who would NOT love this?? hahaha.. All Vera Bradley is Fabulous!

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  45. Lorie ONeil

    pregnant daughter would love the weekender

  46. Stacey Brown

    I love the pink elephants Sherry, I don’t have an vera, I would love to own one!

  47. I love the tote in mediterranean white

  48. Lisa

    I love the Gabby cause it’s my neices name.

  49. Diane

    The classic handbag is my favorite!

  50. I LOVE the Morgan in raspberry fizz.

  51. I subscribe to the RSS feed.

  52. I like the “Libby” and the “Gabbie” bags. Such wonderful colors 🙂

  53. Twitter follower: MrsCox

  54. Donated to I heart Tucker a few nights ago if that counts. Erin Cox … if that’s the info you need 🙂

  55. Google reader subscriber : erinstargirl{at}msn{dot}com

  56. Susan

    I like the large Resort Tote. Thanks.

  57. Brandlyn

    The large Duffel in the Mediterranean White caught my eye!

  58. mary simpson

    OMG! where did you get that bag? that color isn’t even out yet, i want one!

  59. I love the Villager style Vera bags. I actually have a few of this style, they are great. Thanks.

  60. susan

    I like the Hipster in Mod Floral Pink.

  61. susan

    I subscribe.

  62. tiffany lane

    The backpack loks real handy.

  63. Large Duffle Cupcakes Pink…love it THANKS

  64. Helene

    The miller bag! I need room to tote both my stuff and the babies stuff… 🙂

  65. mir

    Gabby, Lisa and Morgan are pretty. Love the belt as well!
    Thank you!

  66. Adrienne Gordon

    the Gabby

  67. stefanie

    I love the rasberry fizz print!

  68. Catalina

    Vera Bradley’s Gabby in the Night Owl fabric is fantastic. thanks for a great giveaway

  69. c. clemens

    I love the Morgan bag~!~!~

  70. I am a big bag person so the Large Duffle would be great for me.

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  73. I love the Beach Towel. 🙂

  74. I like the Mod Floral Pink in the Large Duffel.

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  76. Erica R.

    I like the Vera! Oo la la!

  77. Sarah

    I like the raspberry fizz tote!

  78. chris

    i like the backpack

  79. marvin haas, Jr.

    the morgan bag is great

  80. Amanda U.

    I love the Java Blue Laptop Portfolio.

  81. Amanda U.

    I’m a twitter follower (amandatinkerbel)

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    I subscribed.

  83. I love this bag and would be very happy to win it! I checked out the site and I like the Puccini Weekender, thanks for a chance to win!

  84. I am a subscriber, thanks

  85. Grace F

    I love the Baby Bag. It looks really convenient and I like the design and color.

  86. Grace F

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  87. Karen E

    I love the Caffe Latte Large Duffel.

  88. Grace F

    I follow you on Twitter. My name is sandierpastures

  89. i like the terry round beach tote

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  92. Night Owl Large Backpack

  93. I love the On The Go bag…I also love the green cupcake

  94. Cathie F

    I like the Raspberry Fizz Large Duffel

  95. Gina Falco

    I love the bags…they are functionable and stylish all at the same time! WOW!

  96. Sherry S

    I love this diaper bag. I think on-the-go is great too. It is big enough to be a purse and throw a few things in for baby.

  97. Tracey Byram

    Small Duffel in Mod Floral Blue is my favorite.

  98. Kristi C

    I love the Hope Garden Gabby.

  99. Jennifer W.

    I like the Pinwheel Pink Mini Hipster.

  100. Michelle Bardo

    I like the Raspberry Fizz Large Duffel

  101. Amber G

    I adore the Large Resort Tote – big enough to fit all of my odds ‘n ends!

  102. I am a big fan of the Lisa B, Raspberry Fizz pattern.

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  104. Love the Java Blue Mediterranean Blue Backpack, of course so many others I really like as well. Thanks for the great opportunity.

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  107. michelle rosborough

    Large Duffel bag

  108. Susan T

    Great Bag..So much space..I also liked the “Night Owl Super Tote” semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  109. Susan T

    I am a subscriber semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  110. I love the entire Signature collection but Betsy is the one that reaches out and grabs me. However … the backpacks make perfect sense for the amount of ‘stuff’ I end up carrying in a bag!


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  113. Anu

    I really liked the Sherry bag. Who could ever have enough purses!

  114. Nick

    The “Audrey” bag is a classic! It doesn’t even look like a daiper bag!

  115. Diana

    I love the Mediterranean White Backsack roomy, comfy and great pattern. thanks!

  116. Love the Small Tic Tac bag! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  117. I am also now a subscriber!

  118. Melinda

    I love the Weekender bags

  119. Kira

    I don’t think I can pick a favorite from the Signature Collection, but I really like the Super Tote and the Small Tic Tac Tote!

  120. My favorite bag is the On The Go.

    ourniftynotebook at charter dot net

  121. I follow you on Twitter. My name is jennyabby.

    ourniftynotebook at charter dot net

  122. Jennifer Monteiro

    I like the Peacock Libby bag.

  123. Jennifer Monteiro

    I follow on twitter. my twitter name is

  124. I love the super tote, so much room!
    Thanks for this giveaway 🙂
    TRigell at aol dot com

  125. I donated to Tucker. How could I not after reading about him?
    TRigell at aol dot com

  126. Linda Lansford

    Java Blue Baby Bag is my choice

  127. Terri Shank

    I want & need the readers case (in java blue). I have just about everything else I need in the Java Blue. The diaper bag would be for my daughter.

  128. Jenni

    My favorite is the Pinwheel Pink Hipster. This would be perfect for carrying the baby, daiper bag, etc. Thanks!!!

  129. Rose Y

    I like the messenger bag. I like the Yellow Bird pattern.

  130. laura

    love the Audrey in raspberry fizz


  131. laura

    I follow on twitter

    name: addeviant

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    I subscribe via reader

  133. Paula H

    I like the Java Blue Gabby bag.

  134. Rose

    I love the cupcakes green backpack. So many great ones to choose from!

  135. lois

    I love Vera Bradley and would love to win this for my daughter.

  136. Andrea

    I like the Betsy in Puccini. So cool!

  137. Andrea

    I’m following you on Twitter: OctButterfly06

  138. Dev

    I really like the Purple Punch Large Tic Tac Tote.

  139. mel

    I love the Gabby style in Yellow Bird fabric. So cute!

  140. Tiffany S.

    I love, love, LOVE this one – Peacock Libby. Gorgeous bags. I would love to own this or be able to give it as a gift. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  141. Tiffany S.

    I follow you on twitter – tiffanys819 Thank you!

  142. Pat

    I’d love to win this for my daughter! My favorite VB signature bag is the Cargo Sling in Java blue

    thank you

  143. wendy wallach

    I like the large duffle.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  144. Dee

    This would be FANTASTIC! I’m pregnant with number two right now!

    I really like the Lisa B bag!

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  145. Dee

    I’m following you on twitter now! (Twoofakind)

  146. Julia Magrath

    Ooooo, I’d love to win one in Cupcake Pink!

  147. Monique Rizzo

    I LOVE the Large Duffle!! Thanks so much.

  148. Love Vera!
    Good Indiana gal!

    I would like to have the Large tote in Hope Garden.

  149. andrea v

    i like the small tic tac tote.

  150. Kristy Clayman

    What a great prize! Thanks for having the contest.

  151. Mary Casper

    Love these bags especially the baby bag

  152. I love the Clutch Wallet in Caffe Latte!

  153. reva skie

    I like the Hope Garden Gabby.

  154. melissa

    i like the curvy tote!

  155. I really like the purple punch minihipster!

  156. Keitha

    One other item that I adore other than the diaper bag is the Large Duffel bags. The Daisy daisy print is very nice

  157. Heather

    I love, LOVE the Villager. It is my go-to bag. I have two of them!

  158. Heather

    I subscribed to your feed.

  159. Heather

    I donated $2 to the I HEART Tucker fund.

  160. The Riviera Blue Large Duffel bag is my favorite. It is so pretty and roomy!
    smchester at gmail dot com

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  162. Gina Stratos

    I like the Libby bag

  163. Gina Stratos

    Following/twitter (gkstratos)

  164. Megan Chriswisser

    I think the backpack is really cute.

  165. Wehaf

    I like the Curvy Tote.

  166. amandasue

    Wow what a cute diaper bag! I also like the “Morgan Bag” And there is so many beautiful fabrics/patterns to choose from! I love the Mod Floral Pink. Thanks for entering me.

  167. Andrea

    I like the java blue baby bag:)

  168. DEBIJOT

    Love the large tote bag.

  169. DEBIJOT

    google reader subscriber

  170. DG

    the weekender bag is awesome! 🙂

  171. DG

    I follow you on twitter (dreamer08)

  172. I love the Java Blue Backpack. I could really use this. Thanks for the offer!

  173. The ‘gabby’ — love that style!

  174. Maureen

    I love them all, The Gabby style was my favorite but I see the person ahead of me said that also, luckily I have several picked out.I may be back in a bit to buy the Sherry. I love it. I would love to also have the Mediterranean White Vera. Great Bags, Thank you for sharing this giveaway

  175. Dawn

    I love the Amy bag!

  176. Dawn

    following twitter dmcalgaro

  177. I love Vera Bradley bags! I love the new Puccini pattern and I love the Gabby bag style! Thanks!

  178. I am following you on Twitter

  179. I tweeted about this giveaway! @crazymommie

  180. rebecca

    I love the night owl miller bag!

  181. rebecca

    I subscribed to your feed.

  182. callmeabookworm

    I also love the Raspberry Fizz Lisa B. It looks like something I could really put to good use this Spring. It’s breezy looking and so cute at the same time.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!
    callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

  183. Mod Floral Pink Large Duffel

    That was seriously so hard to choose! They are all adorable!

  184. So, I love, love, love these diaper bags. I’m hoping the gods feel generous enough to let one fall into my lap! The best bag style in the Signature collection is the Betsy, hands down. =]

    I started following you on twitter, so there’s an extra entry. Username is tifalockheart — yes, it’s very naked, because I just gave in and signed up for twitter to follow you. I’ll have to find more people soon…

    Another entry … I posted about the giveaway in my blog!

    I also put your syndicated feed on livejournal and subscribed to it, so there’s another entry. (It’s at the very bottom with the other syndicated feed, it’s username is mommasreview).

    So, three extra entries! Take that, fate! I might have a bag fall in my lap!

    My email is ❤

  185. Danielle

    i absolutly love the mod pink floral messenger!

  186. Oops, I have to do a separate post for all three extra entries! They’re explained right above. I got confused.

  187. Extra entry #2 (explained in an above comment… I forgot to post them seperately)

  188. Last extra entry. (explained in an above comment… I forgot to post them seperately

  189. Liz

    I love the Java bag!

  190. Vergie

    the mod pink floral messenger

  191. Marla

    I think I like the “Hipster” style the best. The pattern I’d like would be the Mod floral pink. Thanks for the chance to win the diaper bag!
    mhode79 at gmail dot com

  192. Jennifer

    I love the Purple Punch Large Tic Tac Tote!

  193. ChristieC

    Cargo Sling in Java Blue is my fav…

  194. Jen

    I love the backpack. I have several in different patterns. Thanks!

  195. vickie

    I like the pinwheel pink!

  196. Elissa

    If I had to pick just one, I would have to pick the Daisy Daisy Gabby.

  197. Puccini Baby Bag is my utmost fave ~ just funky enough!

  198. Nadia

    Ooh! I love the Hope Garden Gabby tote! Soo very pretty!

  199. Rhonda

    I love the Morgan in any pattern but then all things Vera are awesome!!!

  200. I love the Laptop Portfolio in Mediterranean Blue (but there is not ONE bag I don’t like!)

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  201. I follow you on Twitter (name: mtejen)

  202. I donated $10.00 to the I Love Tucker fund!

  203. tanya

    I also love the large duffel, it would be great for our monthly trips out of state!

  204. DebbLou

    I am a Vera fan and I would love the Gabby in Purple Punch. What a great giveaway. Thanks

  205. I love the Windsor Navy Bowler. I am sad that the Windsor Navy is being discontinued. I have a pocketbook that matches.

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  207. I donated $2.00 for Tucker.

  208. Janet Carpenter

    I love the Vera backpack style bags.

    thanks for the great giveaway!

  209. Janet Carpenter

    I follow you on twitter. My id is janetmom2maya.

    Thank you for the bag giveaway!

  210. Kathy Griffith

    I love Vera Bradley bags. I really like the Cupcakes Green Backpack. I want one of those for when I travel. Or possible the Large Duffel.

  211. the large duffle is my favorite!

  212. Janet Carpenter

    I donated to I heart Tucker.

    (I couldn’t figure out how to subscribe to your blog, would you post instructions? Sorry!)

  213. kristi blackstone

    Sherry bag is the cutest! Love to win!

  214. I really like the small tic tac tote, and the lunch bag.

  215. Leslie D.

    My favorites are the Lisa Bag and the Gabby bag. Thank you very much.

  216. Leslie D.

    I subscribe to your feed.

  217. Jean F

    i really like the

    Mediterranean Blue Laptop Portfolio .

    I’m partial to blue

  218. I really like the Betsy bag the best.

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  220. Tweeted~

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  222. Bhav

    The Raspberry Fizz Lisa B bag is gorgeous!!

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  224. Marlena U.

    My favorite is the bucket tote.

  225. Marlena U.

    Follow on twitter – socialwork4kids

  226. I just fell in love with the Mediterranean Blue Mailbag!

  227. Elena

    Love the large Duffel size!

  228. Bhav

    I am a subscriber.

  229. Auntie Jane

    Did someone say “Vera Bradley”? I’m in.

  230. I like the small duffel. It would make a cute gym bag.

  231. Rachel

    I LOVE my old Vera Bradley Baby Bag but would LOVE a new one. I love the newer style and patterns…I also LOVE the audrey style bag- very small/cute!

  232. I like her messenger bag.

  233. denice p

    i like the Mediterranean white sherry bag. it looks big and comfy to put all my life in. thanks!

  234. denice p


  235. Marjorie

    Daisy, Daisy Backsak

  236. I love the yellow bird in the libby style!

  237. I like the peacock libby purse.

  238. Kristen

    Love the Sherry!

  239. Jean D.

    One of my fave Vera Bradley Signature bags is the “Purple Punch Messenger.” It’s roomy and wonderful.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  240. Jean D.

    I follow you on twitter (name=nape9393).

  241. Jean D.

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  243. I can’t believe there’s so many styles, I think I like Libby best!

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  246. I tweeted you! (I forgot to leave my twitter name in my last comment, its CaseyDeuce) Here’s my url to my tweet!!

  247. I tweeted again abou this awesome giveaway!

  248. Dierdra Byrd

    Lisa B

  249. groach

    Purple Punch Messenget

  250. I’d love Audrey- in the Night Owl print.

  251. I like the Java Blue Weekender

  252. i follow on twitter

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  254. Helen S

    I like the Mediterranean Blue Laptop Portfolio.

  255. I love the messenger! so Cute!

    I am following you on Twitter!
    I am also blogging about this giveaway!

  256. From the baby bags, I like the Mediterranean Blue one. From the others, I think the laptop portfolio in Purple Punch is adorable!

  257. Follow you on twitter (a i t m a m a).

  258. I am a subscriber.

  259. I am SUCH a Vera fan. My sis has one of her diaper bags in Mesa Red. It is truly the best thing ever. I won’t get any other diaper bag than a Vera. What a great giveaway.

    My favorite style is the large tote in Mod Floral Pink. (I got one for Christmas. I just screamed I was so excited!!)

  260. anne

    the laptop portfolio is beautiful! i think i’d like it more than my laptop!

  261. I’m following you on Twitter!

  262. anne

    following you on twitter: annie88b

  263. Jammie

    I love the cupcake green what a nice gift that would make

  264. Shawn

    I love the large tic tac tote! cute!


  265. I love the Java Blue or Mediterranean White Villager bag. Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  266. Vicky Boackle

    i like the libby bag.

  267. My favorite is the hipster

  268. Jessica

    I really like the look of the large tic tac tote. And I think the name is too cute!

  269. Rosanne

    I like Vera Bradleys Gabby bag

  270. Rosanne

    I subscribe

  271. sabrita

    I could reaaly put the large duffel bag to good use. I love Vera Bradley!

  272. I like Hope Garden on the Go! I would love to have a Vera Bradley diaper bag!

  273. andrea v

    Pinwheel Pink Lisa B is pretty. thanks

  274. I love love love the Pink Audrey bag!

  275. I am following you on twitter.

  276. Just subscribed via Google Reader. (oh and my twitter name is ckachelmuss)

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  279. i like the hannah signature. very cute.


  280. clenna in NH

    I love the Yellow Bird Small Duffel bag.

  281. i like the Frankly Scarlet Lisa B bag! great collection!

    charm 32 @ y mail . com

  282. I love the mediterannean blue bag, and I would love to win the cupcakes green bag! =)

  283. Jodi

    I really like the Gabby bag. So cute! And I love the Cupcake Green print. I would love to win the diaper bag in that print! Thanks!

  284. Aisling

    My favorite is the Yellow Bird Baby Bag.

  285. Stephanie

    following on twitter. twitter user name:

  286. Stephanie

    I like the betsy bag

  287. Stephanie

    I subscribe

  288. Tori

    I like this bag the best, but I also like the Large Tic Tac Tote. Fun!

  289. Sue E

    I like the backpack in java blue. Thanks for the chance to win a diaper bag. I’m still using the one handed out at the hospital by one of the formula companies. This would be much larger and much prettier!

  290. Beverly M

    i like the cupcake green

  291. Beth

    My new favorite is the Morgan, or anything in Mediterranean Blue. I follow you on twitter as bnr1. And tweeted about the giveaway at I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed now and hope to hear about more fun giveaways! Thanks!

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    I love the look of the backpack!

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    following you onward!

  298. patricia skinner

    I like the Libby Bag in Java Blue. I like the Pink Cupcake color if I win!

  299. Nadia

    The Scarlet Morgan bag is really nice!

  300. Shannon

    I love the mailbag in Mediterranean white!

    Great giveaway!!!

  301. I am following you on twitter

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    I like the Gabby one.
    Katrina in AZ
    I tweetied

  303. katrina uffelman
    sorry I forgot to add on my entry:-(

  304. Lori

    I love the cupcakes pink audrey bag! Anything pink gets me!

  305. I donated to I heart Tucker!! What a sweetheart!

  306. michelle

    I love the baby bag!

  307. michelle

    I subscribe

  308. mir

    I like Sherry. And the belts!

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  314. Stephanie

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  316. Jessica

    I love the large bow cosmetic. I actually put my wallet and purse stuff in there to throw in my briefcase and then I can grab it and use it as a clutch after work.

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  319. I like the Bowler.

    I am drooling over this diaper bag though!

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  321. SheilaB

    I love the new Terry Large Beach Tote. Might have to get it when I can.

  322. joanna smith

    I love Vera Bradley and her beautiful fabrics and bright and cheerful designs! One of my favorite items from her collection is the Large Duffel in the gorgeous Frankly Scarlet fabric! I have 3 young children and this is perfect for me to use when we have an event that we are going to where I need to carry lots of kid gear with me, which is quite often in our home! I also have a 6 month old daughter that I would love to have a new diaper bag for! This one from Vera Bradley is my idea of a dream diaper bag! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  323. joanna smith

    I Twittered about your fabulous giveaway! Here is the link to my tweet:

  324. joanna smith

    I am Following you on Twitter. My username is joannaonthelake

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  328. Felicia McTernan

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  329. Heather M

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  330. Shannon B

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  331. Jennifer Hedden

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  333. Christine

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  338. i LOVE the Night Owl Large Duffel, it is just my style!

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  339. Jen

    my favorite pattern is the Peacock. I have the pet carrier. My cat hates to travel, but he actually likes this bag.

  340. Barbara

    I like the large duffle in Mediterranean Blue. Thanks!

  341. Terry C

    I like the Small Duffel in Java Blue. Thanks for the giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

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    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  353. Kaycee


    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

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    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

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  360. Pamela S

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  362. Mark W

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  364. Badams

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  366. Judy

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  367. The Morgan is super cute!

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    I like the Large Resort Tote. It would be great to take on an overnight trip.

  375. I like the Gabby Bag in Cupcake Green

  376. dianad

    The Vera purse was most attractive. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  377. Michelle L.

    I love Vera Bradley! I need to replace my well-worn Villager bag…it’s my favorite! It holds so much. I also love the hipster for running around town, and my daughter loves her mini-hipster.

  378. Tiffany

    I like the Hope Garden Baby Bag.

  379. Tiffany

    I subscribe

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  381. laurie k

    love the baby bag/diaper and the big deep carry alls.
    nice site.

  382. Roseann

    Love to give this to a friend who had a little one recently!

  383. Karen A.

    I like the “On the Go” bag.

  384. kathy pease

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    Mediterranean White Backpack

  387. Heather C

    I love the Gabby bag in Hope Garden! Neat!

  388. Cynthia Hagood

    I love the Morgan bag

  389. Heather C

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  400. Lily Kwan

    I love the Tic Tac Tote!

  401. tweeted

  402. My favorite is the Mailbag in Purple Punch…too cute.

  403. I follow you on twitter.
    username = jessalexander

  404. shar

    the weekender bag

  405. I love the Little Betsy. But one big question/complaint… how about the Daughter’s Apron in a mommy size!! Love the color!

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