Giveaway: The SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer

Imagine a magical world where your grocery shopping list was divided into neat little categories, didn’t have almost impossible to decipher words scribbled by a family member in their worst chicken scratch, and wasn’t littered with items already scratched out because someone bought an item in the middle of the week before your big trip to the store but didn’t buy enough to warrant starting a new list. It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? With all that pre-organization your trip would go by faster since you wouldn’t have to turn around and go back to an aisle you missed on accident and you wouldn’t have to call home and ask, “Does this say bananas or bandannas (I know, terrible example but my brain shut down when put on the spot for two similar looking words, but go with me – maybe lots of people buy bandannas regularly…)?” If this is sounding anything like your weekly / monthly / twice daily trips to to the grocery store, then I’ve got a very cool new gadget to tell you about!

The SmartShopper is a digital grocery list organizer that records, organizes and prints your grocery list for you using voice recognition software, a built in thermal printer (which means no pesky ink cartridges to deal with) and a preloaded list of 2,500 common items found on a grocery list. You can also add a list of errands like going to the bank or the mall. If you can’t find an item you need in their system you can add your own custom items, and you can also train the software to recognize words that it has trouble with.

I had my husband help me test out this gadget, knowing his electrical engineering mindset would think of things to complain about that I couldn’t. Overall he liked this device a lot and was fairly impressed with their voice recognition software – although he did come up with a word that completely stumped the SmartShopper. He tried (unsuccessfully) to teach the SmartShopper to recognize Fage (pronounced “fah-yeh”) for several minutes, insisting on pronouncing it correctly for awhile, then trying “fah-Jay” (which is how I pronounce it, no matter how many times he corrects me) and still no success. But I suggested trying “Greek Yogurt” which also wasn’t in the system and this worked perfectly. After you’ve recorded your new word you assign it a category like baby needs, fresh produce, dairy, errands, etc. so it can organize it along with the preloaded items. So, yes, it was incapable of hearing Fage, but honestly I wasn’t surprised. The fact that it got Greek Yogurt was good enough for me. I also trained it to recognize Joe Joe’s (Trader Joe’s Oreos) which worked perfectly. And really, if it can learn the name of my favorite cookie, then it’s got my vote.

Some technical mumbo jumbo:

  • The SmartShopper takes 4 AA batteries. I’m not sure how long the battery life of the device is but if it seemed to be a problem, you could always use rechargeables.
  • Your list will be printed on small rolls of thermal paper similar to what you’d see in a receipt printer. The box comes with three rolls and you can order replacement packages sold as 3 packs for $7.99 directly from SmartShopper.
  • The SmartShopper device itself sells for $49.99. You can also buy it with an extra package of paper (making 6 rolls in total) for $56.98
  • The SmartShopper has a built in magnet so it can be attatched to your refrigerator. It can also be mounted to your wall using the included mounting kit. The magnet in the device is very strong and felt perfectly safe hanging on our refrigerator.

Would you like a chance to win a SmartShopper of your very own? We’re giving away one SmartShopper to one lucky reader. Here’s how you can enter to win:

  1. Leave a comment telling us your favorite place to go grocery shopping – is it a big chain or a small mom & pop place? Or maybe one of those natural foods stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joes? If you had to do all your grocery shopping one store, which store would you choose?
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This giveaway will run for 2 weeks.  It is available to US residents only. We’ll announce the winner here on Wednesday February 11. Winners will be chosen at random using

This giveaway is open to all US Residents.

Want another chance to win a Smart Shopper? Visit my girl, Lori. She is giving one away too!


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242 responses to “Giveaway: The SmartShopper Grocery List Organizer

  1. I usually grocery shop at my local Hannafords but I also enjoy a monthly run to the Super Walmart and Costco to stock up on some low priced items.

  2. My favorite place to grocery shop…I love Sprouts but go for the fruit and veggies there. For main shopping we go to Tom Thumb.

    I really would like this!

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  5. I love Trader Joe’s most, but there are things I cant buy there. If I had to just do one store for everything, it would be Fred Meyer.

  6. Thought I would let you know that I have blogged about this fantastic prize!

  7. I have also subscribed to you as well.

  8. Megan

    This mom shoppes at Fareway. They have the best meat counter and freshest produce in the midwest.

  9. I want one! We don’t have Trader Joes here we have a Sprouts which I’ve never been to since its clear on the other side of town. I usually end up going to Kroger or Wal-Mart depending on my mood or who has the best deal.

  10. Adriana

    I like going to Costco… their fruit and vegetables are nice and fresh, and shopping in bulk help us save!

    My husband would love this little gadget 🙂 Thank you.

  11. I love shopping at the farmer’s markets! I wish I could do a 100% local diet!

    Enter my cookbook giveaway:

  12. Jenai

    With 3 kids under 3 I tend to do most my shopping at Superwalmart. Can’t beat their prices but once in awhile I will go to Sunflower Market to get some meats that are on sale.

    rosarita242 at yahoo dot com

  13. I do all my grocerey shopping at Super Wal-Mart and I go to CVS for drug store needs…gotta love their extra care bucks! If I could only pick one place it would be Wal-Mart.

  14. Amy

    My favorite store is Hyvee – great generics, but I always have to make a run to Whole Foods too!

  15. Amy

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  16. alitheia8

    Publix is my favorite out of our regular stores. They have great service, a nice atmosphere, and most importantly, they have what I’m looking for most often =)

  17. We go to Cub foods, they offer gas coupons and run great promos.

    I would love this for my mom. Since she has begun chemo, she forgets EVERYTHING!

  18. We shop at Kroger, Dorothy Lane, and Trader Joes. If I could afford it, I would do all the shopping at Dorothy Lane.

  19. I am indeed a subscriber.

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  21. April

    Aldi is where I shop most. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. vickie westermeyer

    I do most of my shopping at Kroger … there is one within walking distance so it’s very convenient

  23. I’d love to win! We do a lot of bulk shopping at BJ’s Warehouse, every day shopping at Shop Rite, and while I love TJ’s we don’t have one in reasonable distance. There’s one near my office so I go there occasionally.

  24. I subscribe to your RSS feed

  25. sheri

    My fav place to shop is Wal-Mart. This is where I would go to get everything if I could!

  26. Kimberly L

    In my immediate area, I really only have a choice between two different stores. And I bounce between the two for different items, however if I could choose only one that had everything that I needed I would prefer to shop at Price Chopper.

  27. I get my basic groceries from Target. The rest is either from Schnuck’s, Dierberg’s or Shop N Save.

    oourniftynotebook at charter dot net

  28. Jennifer

    I do my main shopping at Trader Joe’s and for the few items that I cannot get there I stop into the local Safeway.

  29. Stephanie

    I’ve been shopping a lot at Wal Mart since they take printed coupons, and we buy from local Amish-run stores as well.

  30. There are two grocery stores that I do our shopping at… Krogers and HEB. It all depends on which one has the better sales as to which one I shop at, but I would have to say that I shop at both of them equally. As far as which one is my favorite, I would say HEB. They always have meal deals where you purchase one or two items and get 3, 4, 5+ items for free. I also like that they have the in store coupons and you don’t need a card for the savings. I tend to forget the Krogers card quite a bit.

  31. I subscribed to the RSS feed 🙂

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  33. Nadia

    If I had just one grocery store to go to, I’d pick Ralph’s.
    Thanks for the chance!

  34. angie

    we are a walmart family except for fresh items… then we love sprouts

  35. Lesly Orf

    The best selection and closest store to me is Wal-mart. I like the fact it is a one stop shop. Very easy!!

  36. Christie C.

    My favorite place to grocery shop is Wal-Mart since they accept most every coupon I give them and they also price match


  37. Bonnie Day

    I love Publix I find food there that I cannot find anywhere else and their bakery is out of this world

  38. Right now I do most of my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, though it isn’t my favorite place. The prices and variety are what bring me there. I’d rather shop at Glen’s (a Spartan store), but their prices are the highest in town. Meijer is opening in April; don’t know if I’ll prefer that store or not.

    I’ve never heard of this smart shopper thing before. Very interesting.

  39. Jennifer Barr

    mussers market

  40. Christy Crosby

    unfortunately i do most of my shopping at super walmart… it’s closest and cheapest… i would love it if we had a whole foods but we don’t… i would do alot of shopping there if i could, thanks for the giveaway

  41. Carol

    I shop almost exclusively at Shoprite, I think they have the best deals and prices. I would love to have a Smart Shopper.

  42. Carol

    I follow you on Twitter. cdziuba

  43. I shop at Stop and Shop cause they double coupons up to .99!!

  44. Cori Westphal

    I actually find the best deals at Walgreens. I wish I could get everything there. The small atmosphere is much more comfortable than a big grocery store.

  45. Cori Westphal

    I’ve subscribed via google.

  46. Cori Westphal

    And I follow you on Twitter: coriwestphal

  47. I usually shop at Safeway, just because it is convenient. I do my shopping at one place. I really dislike grocery shopping, but this SmartShopper sounds like a great way to organize and inspire me!

    But if it’s Christmas time, I usually like to shop at Trader Joe’s…but that’s another story (read today’s blog post!)

  48. CGibbs

    I’m a big Kroger shopper. It is right up the road from me and not so big that it is overwhelming. I don’t so well in super wally world situations where I need a GPS device to find the dairy department.


  49. I’m following you on twitter (name: mtejen)

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  51. Summer

    My fave is Whole Foods, but I always spend way to much $ there, so if I had to choose one place it would be Publix or Wal-mart Neighborhood Market. summe21 at

  52. beth shepherd

    Thank you for having this!
    I would love to win. I like to shop at Krogers. They have great sales and double my coupons.
    Thank you

  53. Lori A.

    I normally do my grocery shopping at Super Walmart. Sometimes I throw in Tom Thumb or Kroger (which is a little further away), depending on the deals.

    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  54. Lori A.

    I am a subscriber!

    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  55. brent

    Giant Eagle is our favorite.

  56. Wow, I tend to shop all over, I am fortunate in having a Target, Walmart, Shop Rite, Stop n Shop, CVS, Rite Aid all in and around my neck of the woods. I go where the deals are. I wish there was a whole food store around here, would make shopping for my Celiac son so much easier… I have to head way upstate to do that!

    If I had to do all my shopping in one store, it would have to be Shop Rite – cause they have a larger selection of all the types of foods I need around here, including gluten free. (You should see my grocery lists!!)

  57. We shop at a few places. I love Trader Joes, there’s one just down the street from us. As well as a grocery outlet store {save $$!}. There’s a Top Food & Drug literally a 5 minute walk away. Oh and Safeway. That’s pretty much where we shop 🙂

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    Feel free to enter my giveaway 🙂 Thanks for the chance{s}!

  60. Jason

    My favorite place to grocery shop is Von Hansens meats. You cant get everything there, but you can get the awesome stuff. 2nd I love Cub

  61. angela c

    My favorite place is Aldi’s there isn’t a big selection but it saves me alot of money.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)
    angelacisco at

  62. I wish we had a Trader Joes close!! I do LOVE Publix!

  63. My favorite store is a discount grocery outlet. I get amazing deals.

  64. Paula H

    I’ve been mostly going to the new Wal-mart’s Neighborhood Market. It only has grocery items which is great. Easy to get in and out of and no temptation like in the Super Wal-mart’s.

  65. Most of my shopping is at Aldi, but I go to Hen House to double coupon. I actually love to grocery shop, but I would really love to be more organized with my couponing! Thank you for the chance to win!

  66. I follow you on twitter: JanelleKC

    Thanks again!!

  67. And I just subscribed to your feed. 🙂

  68. We shop at Super Walmart and Sam’s club.

  69. I already follow on Twitter (Mom2Ways)

  70. reeva

    I shop at Giant Food, they double coupons up to .50.

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I’m chosen as the lucky winner!!!

  71. Carolyn G

    I shop at a chain store called Ingles and then a local store called Harolds.

  72. Carolyn G

    I am following on twitter – carogonza

  73. Carolyn G

    I subscribe

  74. Kelly L

    I go to Kroger, or a local store, Hollywood Markets. If I had to pick one, it would be Kroger as they have the online coupons you can link to your membership card. Thanks!

  75. sara l.

    Publix is my favorite place to shop around here…Where shopping is a pleasure! 🙂

  76. Cathy W.

    I usually shop at Kroger (I know, I’m boring). We do have an independently owned grocer that I go to from time to time. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  77. Cathy W.

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    shop at walmart

  81. Yay! I’m glad to see you guys got in on Bloggy Giveaways! I meant to get around to it, but didn’t…

    I shop at a store called Hy-Vee. It’s a regional chain that’s known for it’s cleanliness, friendly associates, and fresh food. 🙂 We’re very happy with it.

  82. Karen

    I live in a small town with not a lot of grocery store choices. My favorite one here is Harris Teeter but my all time fav is Publix.

  83. Destiny

    Stop and Shop is my favorite!

  84. Anita Black

    I like to shop at our Bi-Lo Super Store. They double coupons up to 60 cents. I would love to win this to help get me organized and keep up with the sales and coupons.

  85. Heather H.

    My favorite is Trader Joes but it does not have everything I need and it is 1/2 hour away.
    I love Whole Foods (1/2 hour away) but it is way to expensive.
    If I had to get everything it would be at Stop and Shop.

  86. trishden

    My favorite place is a super Wal-mart, but it’s not the place I shop most often as it’s a bit of a drive. There, really is a one stop shop for all my grocery need and then some. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  87. trishden

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  89. trishden

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  90. I like to shop at Kroger. It usually has some great deals.

  91. Eva D

    I love Sun Harvest it is a local organic store. They have great prices and the freshest foods. I love the cheese counter where I get to taste new cheeses and find a new favorite

    Thank you for being part of the Bloggy giveaway. texasgirl(at)rocketmail(dot)com

  92. Wow, this is such a neat device that I would love to have! I usually do most of my shopping at Albertson’s and Costco. Thank you!

  93. I am a subscriber, thanks again!

  94. My favorite place to shop is our local health food co-op!

  95. Carol G

    My favorite grocery is a local chain (Reasors)–they seem to have the best produce and meat. If money were no object, would do all my shopping there, but Walmart is cheaper for most things.

  96. This is such a cool gadget!!! Our town recently got a super-WalMart and I am in LOVE with their prices. It is also nice to have a one-stop-shop store.

  97. I’m a Kroger girl! Sometimes Walmart if I don’t have coupons.


  98. Fave place, any health food store, we have a new one called Sunflower Market. We also have a huge Harmons store near us which is beautifully done! Then, there’s always Super Target where you can go find goodies for yourself as well, LOL!

  99. xenia

    My favorite grocery store is the Copp’s that is less than 5 minutes away. It usually has everything I’m looking for and I just can’t beat how close it is! Thanks!

  100. Shirley Bishop

    I love to go shopping at Sherm’s Thunderbird Market in Roseburg, Oregon. It is a independent grocer.

  101. My favorite place to shop is Safeway, because they have a lot of gluten free foods. 🙂


  102. Alibi

    I do most of my grocery shopping at Cub Foods. It’s just a regular chain grocery store.

  103. I do all my grocery shopping at Publix. Their store is always clean and everyone is so nice!

  104. Jill Myrick

    Ingles Grocery is my favorite place to grocery shop. They are really close by which is a definite plus. But they also have a large variety of hard to find and even gourmet foods from which to choose.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway !

  105. If I had to pick just one. it would be Whole Foods. I like Trader Joe’s just as much, but Whole Foods has a much large fresh produce section. Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. Cathie

    My favorite place to shop is our Super Walmart because they have comparison pricing so I get ALL the sale prices in one store.

  107. Cathie

    I subscribed to your feed

  108. I usually go to Price chopper or Aldis to do my shopping.

  109. Leah

    Kroger, because when the sales match the coupons–look out!

  110. Amanda B.

    I mostly shop at Wal-Mart. It is the easiest one for me.

  111. Amanda B.


  112. Amanda B.

    I subscribed.

  113. Amanda B.

    Following you on Twitter. username: ajbeede

  114. kelly

    We go to Shaw’s simply because it’s closest – less than 5 minutes away. There’s a new Hannaford’s in the next town, on the way to my son’s school, that I *might* start trying to go to, but it’s still farther away, but I’ve heard their meat and produce are great.

  115. Chantelle

    i love publix! What a great prize! Thanks for sharing.
    chantellesabino at mac dot com

  116. Suzanne Lewis

    I usually shop at HEB. I know it’s a big chain, but there aren’t any local shops near my house.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  117. Tamara B.

    I love to shop at Publix their bakery is the best and I do all of my shopping there.

  118. Tamara B.

    I am a subscriber through RSS feed.

  119. cari king

    I shop at Meijer. It is the closest grocery store to my home and it is on the way home from work. I wish they doubled coupons….but they are still a good place to shop.

  120. mindy

    it depends on what i need for every day things i go to the larger chains for specialty items i go the smaller ones thanks for the giveaway

  121. Claudia

    almart,Target,Aldi,$ Store … really depends who got a good Deal going on 🙂


  122. We only have Wal-Mart for shopping here in our area. So I do all our shopping there.

  123. subscribe via feed demon

  124. dorothy l

    I like to go to the local independent store they get so really good deals

  125. Susan T

    My favorite place is Publix..They have a wonderful bakery and the freshest produce..semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  126. Jenna

    Publix is my fave! It’s a chain, but has great customer service. I love it!

  127. Renee G

    My favorite shopping trip is usually to Fred Meyer. I can get the groceries, plus a little bit of anything else I might need (or think I need).

  128. A Casson

    We shop at Sav-a-lot because of the prices but if we had to shop everyday on a consistent basis I’d take my choice of Shop N Save. Thank you much would love to own one of these for sure! skyxsky27(at)

  129. A Casson

    I justt subscribed, thanks. skyxsky27(at)

  130. Maureen

    I actually tend to shop at more than one store a week. I visit a store here in our locality mostly for the bread. It is ran by a local Amish couple and it is called the B&D which actually stands for Bent and Dent. They have homemade baked goods along with all kinds of other things. They get a lot of the bent canned food from big chain stores and sell it there. The bread they have it the best. I also This smart shopper is the best thing ever invented from the looks of it. I love that it will hang on the fridge and you can make your list and be out the door. I am impressed.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  131. Rebecca

    we shop mostly at kroger. i like it, but i wish we had more locally owned shops.

  132. We have 3 grocery stores here and I shop all 3 for different things. We have Ralphs where I love their produce and deli. We have Vons where I love their selection of everything and we have Albertsons which has the best bananas.

  133. My favorite place to grocery shop is Publix. I love the bogo’s!

  134. kim f

    I shop mostly at a Super Walmart. Living in a small rural area, we don’t have a lot of the choices big city dwellers have.
    This would be a great device to use. Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. We do our major grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Groan!- I know. But it’s so much easier to get all the shopping done in one place. When we just need to pick up something we run up to the Bi-Lo 5 min from our home. I would love to win this item and thank you for the chance!

  136. I shop at Kroger. Great prices and good deals…

  137. My absolute fav place is Trader joe’s. I only wish it was closer. Our weekly shopping is usually done between Freddies, Safeway and thriftway depending on the sales.

  138. Crystal

    My favorite place to shop is Harris Teeter.

  139. Crystal

    Following you on Twitter (ctb0520).

  140. Trader Joes is so yummy and cheap with great deals and free samples but there is not one close to me so I am stuck at shoprite!!!

  141. Brenda

    Mine is a local IGA store, they still have their own meat cutters and package it, I can’t seem to find meat anywhere else that I care for as much as here, we even have people come from neighboring towns to buy there meat here. plus they still have carry-out boys, thanks for the great giveaway

  142. I love to shop at HyVee. They have a great selection, however if I could only shop at one place it would be Walmart. They have the best prices and they price match competitor’s ads.

  143. Susan Smith

    We shop at Hy Vee and Walmart

  144. Jessica P

    We recentlygot a trader Joes and right now it ismy favorite place to shop- I love trying all the different products.

  145. Jessica P

    I follow on twitter as pestkaj

  146. Jessica P

    I subscribe via yahoo rss reader

  147. K. Cleaver

    My favorite grocery store is Harris Teeter.

  148. I’d love to able to shop at Trader Joes all the time but there isn’t one near me. We shop at big retailer stores.

  149. Terra Heck

    My favorite place to go grocery shopping is County Market.

  150. Jennifer

    I shop either at super walmart or food lion

  151. Maria P.

    I shop at a local grocer…it’s not a mom-and-pop, but I don’t think it’s a chain store, either. I’m not quite sure what it is – but their prices are great! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  152. My favorite place to shop is Shop Rite. I wish we had a Super Walmart or a Super Target and then I could do all of my shopping in one store.

  153. I’m following you on Twitter, I’m valmg

  154. I’m subscribed to your feed with Google feed reader.

  155. Samantha R

    I love to shop at Reams – a local chain – they have amazing produce prices!

  156. Chi

    I like Wal-Mart for their prices, but Target and our big Hy-Vee for their more exotic selections 🙂

  157. How neat!! My favorite place to shop is a small local chain store. I’d go there if I had to choose one place to do all my shopping. Everything’s clean and the store is well stocked and carries a lot of different types of food (organic, small brands, local, etc.)


  158. I shop at our new Super Wal-mart and love their prices! This would help me shop much faster and with 3 boys the faster I can shop the happier my helpers are 🙂

  159. Milcah

    I have to go with Walmart too. Pretty much one stop shopping.

  160. Milcah

    Subscribed to RSS.

  161. Cindi

    The name of the grocery store that we shop is Schnuck’s.
    I know it is in our area and the next state. I am not sure how much of a chain it is. This Smart Shopper is fabulous!
    Please enter my name in your fabulous giveaway drawing.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  162. Cindi

    I am subscribed via my Yahoo Reader Page!
    Again, thanks…..Cindi

  163. LT

    I do most of my shopping at our King Soopers (Kroger), the kids get cookies and a horse ride and I shop mostly their sales for the week. If I could only go to one store this would be it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  164. Jennifer M

    We’re limited on grocery store options here in San Antonio, but the monopoly HEB does have a store called Central Market that has a great wine selection, gourmet cheeses, and great meat options that I’d love to shop at more often than I get to.

  165. it’s a chain, but a local chain that you probably wouldn’t recognize if you aren’t from the area

  166. I love to do my shopping at a small chain near here called Rego’s, but if I need to do major shopping(and want to get my fuelperks) I shop at Giant Eagle! Shamrocker99 at aol dot com

  167. I want one of these so bad I can taste it! I tweeted! Shamrocker99 at aol dot com

  168. I am a subscriber! Shamrocker99 at aol dot com

  169. JOhn Redding

    I live in Maryland and have found that Mars Supermarkets have great buys. They offer great generics and prices and are a hometown chain.

  170. we like grocery shopping at walmart. it’s very convenient there.

    i hope to win this giveaway!

  171. following you in twitter (charm32)

  172. Amy

    I love shopping at Sunflower Market. Its like Whole Foods but not as expensive and they have silly specials. My husband likes Walmart. So if I had to get everything in one place it would be there. I also like Shoppers – you can really do the coupon thing.

  173. michelle rosborough


  174. We do a lot of shopping at Walmart now. Since our twins were born money is tighter and the mom and pop shop we were shopping at was just getting to expensive for us.

  175. Twittered:

  176. I follow you on twitter..

    Username: momfuse

  177. Subscribed to your blog through Live Bookmarks

  178. Margaret

    My family shops at Costco and Walmart.

  179. My favorite place to go shopping is probably Sams Club. I have to shop at five different stores because it’s impossible to get all my allergy-friendly products at one store… but if I had a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods in the area, that would eliminate a TON of my running around…

  180. following on twitter (loveolamb)

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  182. mary w

    i have found that even though i really don’t like walmart they have the best food prices for my money ,so i go to walmarts.

  183. ellen cunningham

    I would say my favorite place would be Shaw’s and then in a close second place would be Walmart. Thanks for the chance.

  184. ellen cunningham

    I am a subscriber.

  185. Andrea

    I love shopping at Trader Joes but I can only shop there when I drive to the large city near me. At home most times I shop at Fry’s

  186. Andrea

    I’m a subscriber.

  187. Claudia

    i love to go grocery shopping at our local store Allens & second Aldi …

    thanks bunches:)

  188. Beth

    I shop at a local chain – Fareway -thanks for the great giveaway

  189. Corrie R

    Oh without a doubt our favorite place is a farmer’s market by the river. Such great selection and wonderful people.

  190. Cheri

    In my little town, there is only one chain grocery store, City Market. I love Trader Joes and Whole Foods when I get to a city! 🙂

  191. we shop mainly at Wally World because they have it all in one stop. then anything special we pick up at Publix.

    thanks for the giveaway

    yelowflower at yahoo dot com

  192. I love to shop at Save-a-lot.

  193. I would love to do all my shopping at the co-op and Whole Foods if I could afford it!

  194. I’m following you on Twitter. (My username is @ThriftyJinxy)

  195. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed.

  196. Karen

    I have two favorite stores. I love Publix and Whole Foods equally but for different reasons. If I had to pick one it would be Whole Foods but since it’s no where near my house (over 40 minutes away) my default is Publix.

  197. Karen

    RSS Feed follower!

  198. Dina

    I shop for groceries at several stores, all “chains” – Costco, BJs, Kroger, Publix, Super Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s. If I had to just pick one – Kroger it is.

  199. Dina

    Follow you on Twitter (a i t m a m a).

  200. Linz

    Interesting gadget.

  201. Reva Skie

    Strange as it sounds, I love to shop at Super Target, the have an awesome selection.

  202. My favorite place is by far and away Walmart Supercenters. I’m obsessed. I told my husband that when we buy a house, it’s a prereq. that there’s a supercenter within 10 min. I can’t beat their prices overall, I get it ALL done in one quick trip, they match prices to competitors…I LOVE THEM!! This would help me organize my trips before I go! RIGHT up my alley!


  203. Carie

    Walmart would have to be my fav.

  204. My favorite place to shop is Reasors but we normally shop at Walmart!

  205. I am following you on Twitter.

    Username: wastebasket

  206. Sheila

    I shop at Walmart alot!

  207. Sheila

    I follow you on twitter, mom2anutball

  208. I live in a semi-small town, and end up shopping at Wal-Mart for everything. The grocery store that I’d like to shop at is WAY overpriced, and I typically don’t have time to go to 3 different stores…so Wal-Mart it is.

  209. I follow you on twitter.

    jessalexander is my username

  210. The store I do the most of my shopping at is BJs, but I also love Newark Natural Foods, our local co-op.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  211. laura

    When I can get there – Sam’s Club. If I can’t Giant Eagle is 1/4 mile away!


  212. Publix bakery rocks! Ingles produce is the best! Kroger has great bottled water…so I need something like this to help me know where I buy what!

  213. I love Food 4 Less. It is a new chain store in the Chicagoland area similar to a Jewel or Domincks. Very big and cheap, they actually compare their prices to other stores all over the store!

  214. wendy wallach

    Ilove going grocery shopping in Stew Leonards, although I always wind up buying more then I need.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  215. Tweeted:

  216. Following you on Twitter: lisasamples

  217. I do my the majority of my grocery shopping at WalMart. We are a family of six, and it is the cheapest place for us to get our groceries and cleaning/paper products. Thanks!

  218. I just tweeted about your giveaway. Thanks.

  219. I am following you on Twitter.



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