I Heart Pandora – Do You?

I must repeat this because it is absolutely necessary that you know and understand my attachment to it. I HEART PANDORA. You are probably saying to yourself…. “What the crap is Pandora? Like the box or something?” Oh no.. not Pandora’s Box, which opens to a whole boat load of badness. Know the Pandora that has taken my new obsession is so much better to open up. I play with Pandora while doing the dishes, or entertaining my children or even when playing with my husband (we used it while playing cards the other night).

So you are still saying “Andrea, what the crap is Pandora?” Well, let me tell you.

Pandora is awesome.

So you go to the above website to access the software and type in any musical person or song. Some examples of people I’ve typed in and created “Stations” of:

  • Elton John
  • John Mayer
  • Michael Buble
  • Don Henley
  • The Eagles
  • Disney Channel

When you type in your choice Pandora then will play one song by that person or band. Then they will randomly (in according to many factors of the music) play other songs that you would like because you like the person (or song) you chose. If you create an account then it will remember your stations so you can go back later.

If I had an Iphone (there is no drool coming down my chin at the thought of it, I swear! ok, maybe a little drool) then you can use it on your iphone. Which is totally cool in my idea. I wonder if it works on the cheap imitation of the iphone which is called the quad band i9.Which I’m hopefully going to convince the hubby to get for me for x-mas.

So do you Pandora? Or do you have a new obsession you can’t stop playing with or thinking about? Share away with me! I love to hear of new things.

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Book Review: Home by Julie Andrews

Grade: A +

I haven’t read many memoirs but every time I do, I typically think, “Memoirs are wonderful – I should read more of them.” But being non-fiction, somehow memoirs are harder for me to get through, even when I’m enjoying them – a good novel I can typically plow through in less than a week, given appropriate reading time. A good memoir will take me at least 2 weeks, probably more. I started reading Home: A Memoir of My Early Years by Julie Andrews shortly after Christmas and finished it two days ago. Being sick with the stomach bug gave me more time for reading (when I wasn’t doing stomach bug things) but it still felt slow going even though it was good.

I’m often amazed reading a good memoir that all those remarkable things can actually have happened to one person. All the same elements of a great book are usually present – comedy, love, drama, tragedy – and it’s all miraculously true. Andrews delivers a powerful punch in her memoir, which tells not only the story of her childhood and first several years in theater, but also the stories of her parents, grandparents, great grandparents and aunts and uncles – not to mention back stories to several of her friends and acquaintances. Andrews reminds me a lot of my grandmother and my mother-in-law, in that she seems to have taken the time to truly know everybody she meets – a quality I greatly admire – and I think it really added something special to her story.

I loved learning so many things about Julie Andrews that I never expected, like about her time in World War II as a child, and her parent’s rocky marriage(s), about how early in her career she thought she’d never be good at acting at all and considered herself pretty unspectacular – a word I don’t think anybody would use to describe The Julie Andrews! She also includes a lot of factual tidbits about voice training, the theatre, history and even housework tips! This memoir really had it all and I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend it.

About the Momma:

Jen is a Stay at Home Mom and Loving Wife. Spends too much time online reading RSS feeds and posting in her blog. If you haven’t heard from her in awhile, she’s likely lost in a good book, sleeping or watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Oh is that me?!

Recently while doing some twitter stalking I found this fun little website called WeightView.com. At first I was mildly hesitant about giving some random website so much information, but I figured “What the heck! This is what I have a crap only email address for.” So I went for it.

Weight View claims that their free service can let you see what your weight goals will look like once they have been reached. On the front page of their site they show pictures of a bunch of people but the visuals I feel are not very “life altering” changes. I figured I wouldn’t see much in my photo’s, until I got them.

I chose my before picture for a few reasons. They recommend that you choose an outdoor photo, that it shows your full body, and that you are at a slight angle. I liked the before of this photo because I “thought” it made my legs look skinny. It is one of the only full body photo’s I had not immediately deleted off of my computer.

I was pretty sure that they wouldn’t use this photo because of my children and the distractions of the background. Oddly enough it worked perfectly.



Within 24 hours I received my very own after photo without me having to do any work. I must say my body looks slammin’ (or amazing for those not used to my language). This is exactly how I want my body to look when I lose the 50lbs.  I’m proud of it, and of my body. Although it looks like they only took me in vertically and didn’t touch my stomach flab which is still out there for all to see.



Now I know what I’m reaching towards with my goals and what I could have in the future. It’s nice to see that body that I used to sport with pride back in my teens. Would you like to see your “After” photo before you do all the work? Then I’d recommend Weight View, click the green “Get started it’s free” button in the upper right hand corner. Please come back and share your changes with us, and let me know what you’ll be doing to reach those goals.

I may just print out this picture and hang it on my fridge for the visual for my goals!

Posted originally by Andrea on Red Knows How

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